Shocking!! I killed my mother because she wanted to have s*x with me, Man confesses

A 33 year-old man, Segun Ogunlusi, said that he killed his mother over her persistent sexual demand from him.


Ogunlusi, who was one of the 24 suspects paraded by the Police in Ogun State, on Tuesday, at the Command headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta, said his action was out of provocation.

The suspect, told newsmen that he stabbed his mother in the stomach, last Tuesday, at their Ogijo residence, as a result of threats on his life.

Ogunlusi said, “I was once an Okada rider. Constant threats by policemen made me quit commercial motorcycling. Later, I stopped riding motorcycle and started selling provisions.

“Yes, I killed my mother. I killed her because of her persistent sexual demands. She said if I have sex with her, I will be at liberty. Usually, she issued threats stating that I wouldn’t be free.

“I stabbed her once in the stomach while she was cooking in the kitchen. After stabbing her, she died. Due to the odour that the lifeless body would pass across to the community, I poured kerosene all over her body and burnt her corpse.

“Minutes after, I discovered that the body didn’t burn completely; I dug a part of our house, buried her and later dumped her in a soak away in the house.

“The house was built by my mother. I lived with at the house built in Ogijo, Sagamu. My father died many years ago. I am not married. I am a born again Christian. My mother provoked me into killing her.”



  1. Story for the gods! This idiot can say that now because the poor woman is not there to defend herself. I am 100% sure he’s not saying the truth. Two offences: murder & lieing against the dead.

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