Bride to-be stabbed to death by her cook at her home in Lagos (photos)

Beautiful Dayo Adeleke, 33, was stabbed to death by her Cameroonian cook at her home in Parkview estate Lagos.

According to a former member of the Presidential Advisory Committee On National Conference, Tony Ipriye Uranta, who shared the sad story online, the sad incident happened on Tuesday night December 20th. The deceased was set to get married next year. So sad! RIP, Dayo!



  1. I am sorry to say this but it’s better ladies/women deal with females than males as staff, when you are married and ur husband LIVES with you then you can cautiously have a male staff seriously

  2. Very Sad. No one deserves to die in such a manner. The houseboy must have felt frustrated. I wonder the cost of the meal she sent him to buy from Astoria and how much increase in salary he was asking for? That comparison might have led him to turn animalistic. If only our people can direct their frustrations at those who cause mass poverty while stealing our commonwealth. It is well. RIP young lady. A word to the wise; you can never know the capability of the people around you if pushed to the wall. In fact we can’t even know what will push anyone to the wall. Treat everyone with kindness and if you are not able to grant requests to those God has placed in your hands to take care of as they help you be careful the kind of lifestyle you live in their presence lest they blame you for their unfortunate situations in life and seek to do you harm. RIP Dayo, God Bless Your Soul

    • The houseboy was a refugee from Cameroon who was sleeping in church. As she is a worker in church she decided to help out by giving him accommodation and offering him a job as her steward. She lived in her family home with her mum

  3. The guy lost his mind. There must have been series of events before this death. May her soul rest in peace. He should have taken the money and disappear rather than kill her.

  4. The guy is a demon and he has accomplished his purpose. RIP… the joyful.thing Is that if her name is written in the book of life, then she’s resting with Christ or orderwise where ever she is I hope she won’t regret of coming to this world.
    Be warned make sure you prepare for eternity, death can come anything. Death is a sure thing. Death doesn’t understand I shall not die but live. We all have to pass through death. So it’s better we prepared ourselves for eternity so that it won meet us unprepared or unaware

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