Excitement in Oghara over Ibori’s release (Photos)

Some people in Oghara, the country home of Chief James Ibori, former Delta State governor, are seen in the photos below jubilating over the release of their son, Ibori, who had been in prison in the United Kingdom for money laundering.

Ibori was sentenced by a UK court to prison for 13 years, served out his term midnight of Tuesday and was released on Wednesday.



  1. Glorifying a thief extraordinaire! No wonder Prof Woke Soyinka said he is embarrassed to be sharing the same space with imbeciles and fools!!! What a shame!

  2. So, pathetic, when are we going to get it right as citizen of this country? Too bad, don’t be surprised, many public office holders who are suppose to be men and women of integrity will be at his welcome party when he returns’ and the welcome party will also be publicized for the world to see how we celebrate criminals, but I believe some day we would get it right.

  3. Celebrating a criminal as a hero. Don’t be surprised he will one day contest as a minister or senator even president. Blind people in a blind kingdom. Shameless people.

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