Here are 10 Reasons Why Most Ladies Will Never Remain Virgins Till Marriage

It is widely believed that finding a virgin bride these days has become more difficult than ever before. These are some of the reasons why ladies can’t keep themselves for their husbands.

1. Pressure from Boyfriends

Most guys are ambassadors for deflowering ladies so that they can add to their CV the number of ladies they got deflowered in their lifetime. These guys will always mount pressure on their virgin girlfriends who refuse to give in to sex. However, they nag at any radius and quarrel over irrelevant things just to show their disinterest in her. Ladies who cannot withstand this pressure will give in, at the expense of making him happy

2. Peer group Pressure

Some of their friends who got deflowered before them will always bash them by telling them that men no longer care about virginity. These friends will put them in suspense by telling them the pleasure of missionary and reverse cow-girl styles. This may lure them into engaging in sex so that they can also experience the sweet sensation they have been missing

3. The Urge to have S*x

Whether you believe it or not, most ladies fantasize sex as much as men do even though they will never admit it. When konji torment the hell out of some them, they will do the needful and will later lie that they were molested by their Vice Chancellor

4. High rate of f*ck Boys

The rate of fucck boys has so much increased that one can barely find a guy that will agree to a no sex relationship. In fact, guys like Tosyne2much have gone into extinct in this world of morale decadence. This is one of the major reasons why we have high rate of deflowered girls

5. Watching of Pornography

Exposure to filthy images and porn videos also lure ladies into using intimacy gadgets and also self servicing. Many ladies have reportedly broken their hymens during the course of self servicing.

6. Careless Parents

Some parents are also not helping matters as they will be moaning loudly right from their bedrooms to their daughters’ bedroom. These girls might be forced to also give sex a trial so as to know why their parents are always disturbing them with moans.

7. Token of Appreciation

As funny as it sounds, some ladies may give out their virginity as a token of appreciation for ridiculous things such birthday gifts, data subscription, job assurance, transport fare, examination marking schemes and so on.

8. To have bedmatics skills

Many ladies have been brainwashed with the notion that no man wants to marry a log of wood as a wife. Therefore, they engage in sex so that they will become badoo and relegate their husband to 6 feet during love making.

9. Wrong Orientation about Sex

I don’t know if this is medically proven but all I hear from Nigerian guys who are not even medical experts, is that when a lady loses her virginity she will start having painless menstrual flow. Many ladies believe this poo and will give out their virginity

10. Acquaintance with Deceitful Guys

Most guys always complain to women that they will die of stomach pain if they go into romance section with a lady without penetrating. These ladies may be forced to have compassion on these sons of Solomon so that they will not die


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