President Yahya Jammeh lambasts ECOWAS Mediators, Insists he won’t step down

President Yahya Jammeh has hit out at regional mediators urging him to step down, saying he will not be intimidated.

The West African regional bloc Ecowas had called on him to honour his initial pledge to accept electoral defeat.

Mr Jammeh, who subsequently said the December 1 poll was flawed, added that he would defend his country if need be.

Ecowas had said military intervention might be a possibility if diplomatic efforts failed.

Mr Jammeh has lodged a case before the Supreme Court to annul the vote after the electoral commission changed some results.

The commission insists the outcome was not affected by an initial error and property developer Adama Barrow defeated Mr Jammeh.

On Wednesday, the chief justice had to adjourn the Supreme Court hearing until 10 January, eight days before Mr Jammeh’s term in office officially ends, because there were not enough judges to hear the case.

Mr Jammeh seized power in the tiny country in 1994 and has been accused of human rights abuses, although he has held regular elections.

In a 45-minute speech at the African Bar Association on Tuesday night, Mr Jammeh defended his position, saying West African leaders had violated the Ecowas principle of non-interference.

“Who are they to tell me to leave my country?” he said during his televised speech.

“I will not be intimidated by any power in this world. I want to make sure justice is done.

“I’m a man of peace, but I cannot also be a coward. I am a man of peace but that does not also mean that I will not defend myself and defend my country and defend my country courageously, patriotically and win.”

BBC in the capital, Banjul, said it was his first public reaction to last week’s intervention by Ecowas leaders, and he reiterated his call for fresh elections as the only way to resolve the impasse.



  1. People like jammed is the reason Trump regards Africans as stupid. He should be chased out of office to serve as a big lesson to others that may want to stay glued to office like Mugabe.

  2. He who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad
    Jammeh is obvious set to recieve the Gbagbo treatment, all as a result of his daftness

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