See how Jihadi Parents brainwashed their daughters for suicide mission (Photos+ video)

Disturbing footage has surfaced online showing Jihadi parents lecturing two children named Islam and Fatima, aged 7 and 9, embracing them, kissing them goodbye, before the kids walk into a police station where their body-worn explosives are detonated, killing themselves while wounding three police officers in Damascus, Syria.

The Jihadist holds the girls and brainwashed them while they sit behind a black and white flag, then both young girls shout ‘Allahu Akbar’. Then on December 16, one of the girl was pictured strolling to a Damascus police station where she blew herself up.

In one video, a man behind the camera asks the woman why she is sending her daughters to jihad without considering their young age. She replies that ‘no one is young when it comes to jihad as every Muslim is supposed to participate in jihad.’

The man then prays for Allah to accept the sacrifice the woman is making

In another video, the man, believed to be the father asks one of the girls what she is ‘going to do today’ before she replies that she is going to bomb Damascus.



  1. The parents are just wicked, why use the innocent girls. If they believe so much in what they are doing and the supposed reward that comes with the action, why don’t they carry out the act themselves. Nobody,under whatever guise, is allowed to cause the death of another!

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