Checkout this alluring pre-wedding photoshoot at the desert

An African couple have decided to wow social media users with a pre-wedding photo-shoot far from the usual.

This is Abi Adeyemi and her handsome Ghanaian future partner, Adu who decided to purposely set a standard on pre-wedding photos that have become the latest craze in town.

The amazing couple showed us another side to the current trend in wedding world with alluring photos professionally taken with a touch of fashion and class.

Instead of going to the studio, village or lovely areas in the city, the couple instead choose an old location which is the desert just to make the needed difference.

The photo-shoot was done at the hot Dubai desert and the photography was expertly directed by a Nigerian named Dotun Ayodeji.



  1. Nice. But they must work to make their marriage work. Tiwa and Teebilz had wedding in Dubai but the abracadabra after tells us it is not just a fancy pre-wedding or wedding that makes the difference but two folks who love each other living in peace and happiness

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