Some years back, a Successor—Emperor and Frontrunner was born amidst Crème De La Crème.

A Fella of honour, who have witnessed trial and subjugation. Perhaps, still going to witness more pang and quell at last.

A Bloke who never backpedal, with missions and never disillusion.

Lad who has been chosen, adored and cherished by his architect perchance, more than any mortal on dirt.

HE’S AL-WAREETH (The Heir, The Inheritor of all) but he, is ABDUL-WAREETH (Servants of Inheritor) HE ordered Abdul-Wareeth to comply with HIS promise. “And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed if you are grateful, I will surely increase you (in favour): but if you deny, indeed, my punishment is severe.” Abdul-Wareeth prefers to heed to HIS decree, since he can’t bear HIS harsh hammer.

HE furthers: “And He gives you of all that you ask Him and if you count Allah’s favours, you will not be able to number them; most surely man is very unjust, very ungrateful.”

In spite of being unjust and ungrateful to HE, the most high, opt to sanction he: Abdul-Wareeth with HIS plenteous riches, blessings and HE conserve him, because of his sublimity to HE and he takes HE as chaperon.

AL-Wareeth inquires Abdul-Wareeth, which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?”

TA; AL-WAREETH for another year being witness.


On behalf of AdeLove Team, Home & Abroad… I wish you a Special Happy Birthday! Where’s Da Party @? Send my Pizza via Bluetooth Biko!

Best Wishes,




    • That’s right @Onyekachi. If you read the Latest News/politics, you will know about Wareez. I presume he handles that Department with other team.

  1. Happy birthday to one of my best colleagues Emperor Zukney! Shine brighter than the moon itself!!

    Just read this… Afro guys are players; What’s your jersey number man? lol…

    Have fun, man.

    May you stop dragging us into political arguments at the office…hehehehehe

  2. For the age
    Dedicated to Emperor Wareez Adekunle Odunayo

    If I were born,
    Like this, the story
    Will change, and this impetus,
    I think will aster, the dawn
    Of my new birth.

    Long time,
    Infant was born
    To take the breeze of earthling
    Joy toward his companion;
    And he begins to see—the righteousness
    Of glory

    Age ago,
    The revelation spilled,
    At his mother, and she cried
    On this day. This cry gave birth
    To an emperor of Arabian tale.

    His joy begins,
    As he water the oyster
    Of life between his heart;
    Because this Life is cruel.
    Indeed, he is mongrel
    When he gives his waltz
    To December 27.

    Oh! I feel to measure
    This lad, which his evitable to sins
    Oh! I squawk: HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    To Wareez Odunayo


  3. Happy birthday to our own Wareez. the politics man himself, he can argue for Africa Lol… bigger you i pray. we are really rocking the birthday here!!!!!!!!!

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