Chorister refuses to sing for Trump

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has again been rejected following the refusal of Jan Chamberlin, a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to sing during his inauguration.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir 

Chamberlin is quitting the group and saying that she could never sing for Trump after she sent a resignation letter to the choir president this week.

“I’ve tried to tell myself that it will be all right and that I can continue in good conscience before God and man,” Chamberlin wrote in a Facebook post. “I only know I could never ‘throw roses to Hitler.’ And I certainly could never sing for him.”

One month out, Trump inauguration lacks star power

Chamberlin said she has concerns about the choir’s reputation after performing at the inauguration.

“Looking from the outside in, it will appear that Choir is endorsing tyranny and fascism by singing for this man,” she wrote.

“Tyranny is now on our doorstep; it has been sneaking its way into our lives through stealth. Now it will burst into our homes through storm,” Chamberlin added.

The choir did not return a request for comment. Boris Epshteyn, a spokesman for Trump’s inaugural festivities, simply said, “We’re honored to have the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform in the 58th Inauguration, their sixth time participating in inaugural ceremonies, and we look forward to their uplifting performance.”

Phoebe Pearl, a dancer with the Rockettes, reportedly had previously protested on Instagram about the group being chosen to perform at the event. Her post has since been deleted.

The Madison Square Garden Company, which operates the Rockettes, previously said the dancers would not be compelled, by MSG or their union, to perform at next month’s inaugural festivities.

The committee for Trump’s inauguration has not yet publicized any major celebrities performing at the event — a change from the past two events.

The inaugural committee has announced The Rockettes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and 16-year-old “America’s Got Talent” star Jackie Evancho.(NAN)



  1. The silly choir lady should leave US and migrate to Africa if really she cannot put up with Trump
    She is just killing herself slowly with stress, for Trump will soon take over as US president and no one can do anything about that

    • @Sunny, everybody have right to their own opinion. In the USA, they are not conquered and coward minded people like you and your money driven society. Saying going back to Africa shows how ignorant you are about the history of the USA. You are writing from a country where only Fulani cattle rearers are tormenting your family life in a daily basis without solution.

  2. Charles, thanks so much for giving me a good telling off according to your own understanding of the situation
    I can clearly see that you are really raging which has made you to become confused
    I say that because you hugely contradicted yourself
    You said that people have the right to express their opinion in the US
    If I may ask, if that choir lady could express her own opinion to reject Trump that is the president elect, why can’t I express my own contrary opinion to condemn her absurdity
    You are in order words castigating me simply because my own opinion run contrary to what you and your malicious likes want to hear
    You or anyone in US or anywhere the world over can hit the roof or even go higher for all I care, Trump will be sworn in as US president in few days time
    Live with it or get lost and never come back
    As for the Fulani that you mentioned, you must be living in a fool’s paradise if you think you are better than them
    After all they have ruled you for decades and people like you can only call them all sorts of derogatory names and there it ends
    In case you forget, Buhari is Fulani and he is your president
    You can only bark but cannot bite

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