Tapping Wike, Fayose’s phone call is unconstitutional , but… – Lawyers

After the alleged tapping of Governors Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State telephone conversation, by security agencies, some lawyers have responded, condemning the action.

It would be recalled that the audio recordings of a phone conversation allegedly made by the two governors was recently released by an online news site. Speaking on the development, a vice chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Barrister Monday Ubani condemned the act, describing it as an infringement of their privacy.

“The 1999 constitution as amended, gives every Nigerian citizen some fundamental rights, which includes the right to privacy,” he said.

Ubani however pointed out that the same constitution which gives citizens the right to privacy can also be changed for the sake of national security.

“Security agencies have the absolute right to invade the privacy of citizens when that conversation borders on the issue of national security.

“ I believe that there is nothing wrong in taping their conversations so long national security risk is involved. Security agencies can’t know about a purported conversation which might be a major risk to national security and decide to keep quiet. I believe that they are doing this for the overall interest of the state. I strongly believe that national security and interest supercedes anybody’s privacy,” Ubani stated.

Ubani also added that this can only happen when the security operatives had marked such persons as security risks, otherwise it would be wrong to listen in on their conversation.

Also commenting on the issue, human rights lawyer and activist, Ebun Olu Adegboruwa, frowned at the development describing it as a move by the presidency to subject citizens to harsh and unjust practices.

“I am quite surprised at the Gestapo like movement by the security operatives. We live in an era where judges’ homes are raided at midnight and private phone conversations are made public. It has become an era of civilian dictatorship by the government against the citizens,” he said.

“ The right to privacy is enshrined under the constitution. I have not listened to the conversation but if what the DSS did is true, then I find it highly unprofessional, that such a conversation would be leaked to social media. This singular act is contrary to our constitution.

“The DSS should understand that these Governors cannot be prosecuted while they are still in office. If they have any meaningful investigation to do, then they should wait until they leave office before they start prosecuting them.

“ This singular act just goes on to show that the DSS is just out to scandalize the reputation and images of these people. You don’t just go out and about doing things anyhow. We live in an era where anybody who is perceived to be an enemy of the state is targeted unduly, “Adegboruwa said.



  1. The simple fact that the leaks Tape quickly found it way into the media stations rather than the security agency’s office itself, have more to abhor than to desire. Secondly, the fact that the said conversations were also edited before being sent to the media stations was yet another unwholesome and disservice acts of the DSS to the nation. All these are an indication of decree “4” of 1984 seeking reincarnation through various available mediums: eg the intended hike in data price, the proposed social media regulations bid by the national Assembly in recent past, and the recent hacking into private conversations of perceived enemies of the government of the day. There is no doubt that we are already gotten deep into a tyrannical regime with this government. Everybody should rise up and register his or her own disapproval now before it gets out of hand.

  2. Tapping the two executive governors because of election, why did they need to know their strategy for the election and are the DSS INEC officials or are we in the military era where coupe exit? Please let democracy work

  3. These so called lawyers that has no briefs always look for cheap money and attentions from the likes of fsyose or if not , is it legal for fayose and the rogue called wike to be planning how to kill Nigerians? If this is what it means to be lawyers then I don’t my children to be one

  4. Mr Akomolafe pleas don’t send your children to school at all not only because they will be lawyers. I think you are the most unfortunate Nigerian who is backward in knowing the right of freedom and liberty of every citizen in a democratic society. It is also unfortunate that you are the most rogue of this century who doesn’t know his right if you do .I don’t think you will be saying such things like an uneducated person which I believe you are. Till you die you will never in your life reach or get the CV wike and fayose have reach in life. So bear your head in shame because you can’t compare yourself with them come to talk of. …. please learn to accept things they way you see. We are in democracy in this nation please not in a military ko aboki. Go and please check the full meaning of democracy. I don’t think you know.

  5. The honest question is why is the DSS only interested in tappping the fone conversation of those in opposition and not those in the ruling party?Until viable reason is given I want to believe that the DSS is acting out a script.

  6. Governor wike and fayose are taking over from the struggle of our founding fathers. The likes of Late Aminu kano , chief S D Lar .Alh Abubakar Rimi, Alh Sule lamido And lost of those who fought for Democracy in Nigeria. And wike and fayose are saying there labour Will never be in vain. To God be the Glory for wike.and fayose. We stand with you.

  7. Why is d play game one sided? The change mantra preached much about impunity as if they were against it, surprisingly dey are doing it worse dan wat PDP did. Change should be total & not moving from bad to worse

  8. Bad lawyers are always helping corruption. Violence and impunity in the nation for their selfish interest, who told you their utterance is not against the national interest, people that are planing evil against the nation and indeed Nigerians need to know what they did so that lawyers like you would not come out with another gimmick headlines

  9. @@Tijani which PDP are you referring to.? Looters indeed. Please don’t tell me that you are part of those that apc are still feeding With feeding bottle. Are you a Nigerian at all.? Government fighting looters are caught looting. .your chief of staff caught collecting money from mtn .ok your own is not looting. SGF king of saint. The one you put to fight corruption become corruption looter.( Magu ) Come back to your party of saints apc. Founded by saint Nigerian. Ameachi was 16 years elected under PDP who finance apc is not a looter. But yet he is one of the powerful minister in apc party of saint saints. Solomon Dalung a former local government chairman under PDP now a strong boy of mr president. The found spended was properly spended. (Chai) Chief Audu Ugbe second PDP chairman who was forced to resign by president obasajo for Corruption now a senior minister.Dr Ngege a former governor in PDP now a minister.your budget minister was a senator for 8years under PDP. Your presidential adviser on national assembly was a Senate committee chairman on rules and business under PDP for 8years. Now advising you incorruptible government. Minister of state for agriculture was elected under PDP from bayelsa. Come to talk of your governors can you name them please . Bauchi .plateau .kebbe. sokoto.benue. Adamawa .kano. jegawa. Kwara. Kastina.kaduna and so on who is not PDP? Saint tijjani.now national assembly apcs leadership is still under PDP so tell me who are the looters? Saraki and Dogara enjoyed the 16 years of PDP so who are you fooling. Now all those who looted the public found are now getting safe heaven in apc government. Is Senator dariye now a PDP senator or apc? Uzo kalu now is he a PDP member saint tijjani.? These are people facing corruption charges against .now runaway to apc for cover . yet apc party of saint celebrating this same people. Kai sannu mr Tijjani. Continue to full and deceive yourself not Nigerians please. You can say that to your brothers the almajiris not educated Nigerians like us ko yaro.wake up and shin your eyes.

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