Donald Trump releases epic and childish New Year message to all

People have been referring to the President Elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump, as a petty man and he doesn’t seem to care. If anything, he seems to be doing his best to live up to that reputation as can be seen in the new year message he sent out today. America is in for an interesting four years if he continues this way.



  1. Is that supposed to be your business? Talk about the mediocrity of ur own President before you talk about Trump. Ur own President said he on live TV that he can only work for those who voted for him and u don’t seem to care about that

  2. Wether Trump is childish, petty or whatever several several idiots would like to call him, the fact that his is the US president elect can never change
    God made him president, in the first place, as a result of his being open hearted and straightforward, as against many who will say one thing but mean another thing
    Malicious write up like this one does not change anything
    Trump is the next US president, signed and sealed by God almighty

  3. Donald Trump should know that election is over. He should be talking like a president that God has made through his fellow Americans. His tweet is very childish!

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