Fayose's Empty Stomach Infrastructure! By Tope Michael

As usual Governor Ayo Fayose has condemned President Mohammadu Buhari for the rate of hunger in the land including Ekiti state.

Does this guy think at all before blaming President Buhari for the problems that other governors are solving? Ekiti state was once a proud producer of Igbemo Rice. Incidentally, Igbemo Ekiti is the next town to Fayose’s village, Afao Ekiti. So he should tell Nigerians why his government of stomach infrastructure has failed to revitalize the Igbemo rice factory which was once a pride of the Ekiti people.

Has the governor of Ebonyi state not increased rice production to the extent that the state is selling rice to other states right now?  Is the lousy governor of Ekiti state not aware that the government of Governor Akin Ambode of Lagos State decided to partner with Governor Bagudu of Kebbi state for the production of rice? Is Mr. Fayose not aware that the partnership has created opportunities for Lagosians to buy a bag of rice in Lagos at N12,000 while it is sold at N20,000 in Fayose’s  land of empty stomach infrastructure?

Incidentally, Mr. Fayose is one of the governors who have been campaigning for true federalism. Can we have true federalism when an agrarian state like Ekiti has to depend on the federal government to feed its people? Simply because  Governor Fayose is bereft of ideas of good governance? In any case,  if Mr. Fayose seriously wants the federal government to feed the Ekiti people let him refund the N2.5 billion traced to him through the ex-minister of defense, Mr. Musiliu Obanikoro.

From that sum, the federal government can invest N1 billion in agriculture in Ekiti state.



  1. Great comments there! We need critical and objective analyses to correct the absurdity of governance in Ekiti state and elsewhere. Unfortunately some people will still see reasons to castigate this writer because of their myopic and uninformed perspectives about things.

  2. GOD must have decided to punish the Ekiti people by allowing Fayose and his cohorts to be at the Helm of affairs in the state for all intents and purpose; particularly for holding on to an erroneous “belief” that no governor, (no matter how good he is); would be allowed to do two straight terms in office.

    Otherwise, it could be to make them suffer for the inordinate ambition of some of their politicians like Opeyemi Bamidele who thwarted the second term contest of Fayemi

    We sincerely need to ask GOD for forgiveness and quick Restoration of our lost Glory. Fayose is a real curse.

    ‘OLORUN ‘o s’ebi’. GOD does not want the death of sinners anyway.

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