Babcock university student allegedly commits suicide (PHOTO)

Unokyur Verishima, a Babcock Universityan undergraduate allegedly committed suicide recently. Husband of actress Foluke Daramola, Olukayode Salako, who runs a school where the deceased passed out from, shared the sad story online. He wrote;

“Sadly this boy committed suicide So sad! What must have made this boy to take his own life?! What?! He was from a very responsible and financially comfortable home. He was getting good care from his mother?! He was a very good, brilliant and quiet boy, who had the best of education! Mrs. Unokyoh has been a very good woman to her children, who has committed everything she has to their full support. Oh! God! Who did this to my friend and buxom sister?!

Who did this to the Bosworth College community?! Who did this to Babcock university?! Who remoted this boy to cause this widow this terrible pain?! Who?! Who?!! Who?!!! Who did this to my friend?! Ah! Africa! A fi ika! It is only God who can console you Pat! Good bye, my boy! May God accept your innocent soul! Bosworth College International will miss always miss you!



  1. This is such a sad story but am not sure the family will appreciate putting their business on the street even mentioning names and posting pictures. It is ok if Mr Salako did this with their consent. Asking “Why” will help look beyond someone must be responsible. There may have been other factors.

  2. No its not possible for him to rest in peace, why lying and deceiving yourself that May His soul rest in peace.
    He’s already in hell. Final the guy is a gay and he was tired to life. Someone had been molesting him. He wanted to stop bit the demons of suicide deceived him.
    Oh what a wasted soul. Another soul won to the Kingdom of darkness. It’s forever and ever in hell. The torment is forever, no water, no food and no rest day and night, it’s blackness of darkness. So many are still walking in the path of destruction

    Better be prepared and be serious to work for your eternity.

    Come to Christ and accept his free offering salvation. So you can be free from.eternal torment

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