Near Fatal accident along Lagos-Ibadan expressway leaves 15 People critically injured … (PHOTOS)

An accident  involving a fifteen seater bus and a minivan  occurred along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway on thursday morning, January 5th, 2017 at about 8:40 am.

An AdeLove Correspondent who witnessed the incident reports that the mini-van which was heading towards Lagos lost control and rammed into the bus , causing serious damage to both vehicles and injuring many.

No life was lost in the accident but sources say all the injured victims have been taken to Victory Clinic and Maternity, Itabadore Square Off Oja Ale Square, Ogere Remo by Road Safety Officials for medical attention.

brake failure is said to have been the cause of the accident.



  1. Praise God for delivering these people o! I pray the govt does something real fast to the Sagamu-Ibadan stretch of that road. It’s a serious death trap!

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