God bless the First Lady, Aisha Buhari -Archbishop Magnus Atilade

Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Southwest Zone, Archbishop Magnus Atilade has said that First Lady, Aisha Buhari deserves some kudos for airing her views on her displeasure with her husbands government.

Atidale said that things were not really right in the country, hence Aisha’s boldness to speak out against her husband’s government.

Speaking with Punch, the cleric urged President Buhari to be careful with the ongoing violence in the country so as not to escalate beyond control.

He asked Buhari to take urgent action concerning the delivery of dividends of democracy to millions of Nigerians who he noted were presently going through hard times.

He said, “God bless the First Lady, Aisha Buhari. It is God that spoke through her the minds of millions of Nigerians. She deserves kudos. She is a woman that doesn’t want her husband to fail, and that was why she was able to display that rare courage in speaking out.

“If I were Buhari, I will not trivialize what Aisha said. I will not gloss over issues she raised in that interview. Rather, I will take steps to be sober and reflective. Aisha obviously knew what she was saying. She is the president’s wife and ver Nobody is perfect. Buhari is human. Therefore he should not feel bad that Aisha granted interview, what Buhari should address are the issues the woman raised.

“Buhari should know that as an elected leader, he is under social contract to fulfill his electoral promises to Nigerians.

“Just like I said earlier, almost one and half years into his administration, has Buhari been able to tackle problems of hunger, poverty and unemployment? He should do something very urgent on these three areas.”

“Secondly, the issue of a cabal holding him ransom or hostage in Aso Rock. This is an issue we should not dismiss with a wave of the hand. We know that in Nigeria, for any government in power, you will always have these cabals. These are few men and powerful women who surround themselves around the president – some call them kitchen cabinet – they wield enormous influence around the corridors of power. Any president that is not vigilant, these cabals can hijack such president, preventing him from what is good for the collective interests of Nigerians. They are very selfish and often are responsible for the downfall of some leaders.

“Buhari should be reflective and after a thorough self-examination and examination of those closely surrounding him, he should carry out a purge. He should purge the so-called cabal and dismantle them. He should only recruit and get the best hands to work with him to make him succeed. What Buhari should remember is that the buck stops at his table”, he added.



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