Zambian government announces holiday for women during menstruation

The Zambian government has reportedly announced a mandatory one day break for women during their monthly menstrual period.

The country’s labour law allows female workers to take off one day a month known as Mother’s Day during their menstruation period.

BBC is reporting that the law applies to all women, whether or not they have children.

The development has, however, sparked some controversies as some think it is a good idea while others see it as uncalled for.

One Ndekela Mazimba, who works in public relations, told The Television station: “I think it’s a good law because women go through a lot when they are on their menses (periods).

“I am neither married nor do I have children but I take my Mother’s Day every month because of my gruelling period pains.

“You might find that on the first day of your menses, you’ll have stomach cramps – really bad stomach cramps. You can take whatever painkillers but end up in bed the whole day.

“And sometimes, you find that someone is irritable before her menses start, but as they progress, it gets better.

“So, in my case, it’s just the first day to help when the symptoms are really bad.

Meanwhile, on her part, Mutinta Musokotwane-Chikopela said, “There are already too many holidays in Zambia and this one is uncalled for as women in Zambia do not need to make prior arrangements to be absent from work, but can simply call in on the day to say they are taking Mother’s Day.”



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