(Episode 4) Two Hearts with Twisted Destinies

Nadia was unable to sleep, she felt uncomfortable in the midst of Kaylah’s family. She also was unhappy with the way things were going. She had done all she could to get the spotlight on herself, but it just followed Kaylah wherever she went. The press was not interested in anything she had to say, they were interested more in capturing Kaylah as she giggled and played with the children. She had gotten a gig to wear Lavini clothing Label, and they were already complaining that she was not getting enough camera time, and they would drop her, if it continued.

Nadia: “That Kaylah, she is such a witch” she grunted. Kaylah was eclipsing all she did, and the only way to save her career was to get Kaylah out of the way.

Nadia: “First, you stole my crown, now you steal my spotlight, and because of you, my career is going down the drain. I am sure Lavini cannot wait to drop me, so they can bring you onboard. I won’t let that happen” she murmured, with her fist clenched. She heard the sound of footsteps and turned abruptly…


Abasiama stretched as she got up from her bed, she felt the weight of the pain she carried these twenty years, but the idea she just had carried her when she wanted to give up. She was weak, both in body and spirit. She had her bath in the shed beside her hut, and dons her best clothes.

Abasiama: “Where do I start from?” she thought to herself as she walked the long distance into the village. People starred at her as she walked past, it was not often they saw her, sometimes she was believed dead. She walked to the market square and began to ask questions.

Abasiama: “Where does the Kwa river lead?” she asked.

Market woman: “And why are you interested in knowing?” the woman asked, looking at her with disdain. Once a queen, was now the scum of the earth, Abasiama smiled bitterly as she thought of how her fortune had changed.

Abasiama: “I want to know because my twins are still alive, and I want to look for them” she replied in a low tone. The market woman burst into a fit of laughter, as she called the other women to come hear what Abasiama was saying.

Market woman: “Your queen before the war is looking for the abomination she unleashed on us, down the river.” She said between bursts of laughter.

Another market woman: “Mbok, carry your curse down the river, I wonder why you are still alive, you should go with your husband and your cursed twins” she said and pushed Abasiama away from her table of wares. Abasiama wouldn’t give up, she kept asking as she went through the market, but the reaction was same. People concluded that Awasi had struck her with madness. She was walking back, the way she had come, dejected. The burst she had felt when the idea of looking for her twins came to her was finally fizzling away. She walked with her head down, as tears trickled down her eyes. She heard a voice calling out to her, it was a woman, but she was dressed in an English wear.

Woman: “Madam, the Lord sent me to you. He has a word for you”

Abasiama: “Can he tell me where my twins are, if they are dead or alive? If he cannot, then I have no business with that Lord” she replied in annoyance and turned to leave, but the woman held her hand.

Woman: “What are you talking about, perhaps I could help anyway I can?”

Abasiama: “Where does the Kwa river lead to?”

Woman: “I do not know… but, hold on, I can take you to someone who can help” she replied with a smile. Abasiama followed the woman as they walked through the village, to the church. Abasiama felt a sense of nostalgia as she stood before the church building. The building was more modernized now, it has stucco walls and stained glass windows, whereas before, it had been a construction of woods. She had come here twenty years when she was looking for a child, and now she was back, looking for her long lost children.

Abasiama: “Hey Whiteman God, I hope you are not angry that I only seek you out when I need your help” she said aloud. This brought a smile to the woman’s lips; she had meant to share the gospel with her, because there had been a quickening in her spirit to talk to the woman, but if the woman needed help because she accepted the gospel, then the church would help her. She pulled her gently as they stepped on the threshold of the church. The Presbyterian Church was the first and only church that came to Essien town, after opening a church and school in Creek town. But Essien town had refused them in every way, where they had been received by Calabar chiefs in Creek town and Duke town, Essien town fought to preserve their culture and tradition. The resultant effect was that, they were left behind. While other communities embraced education and technology, Essien town was still stuck in the Stone Age. Mary Slessor had come and abolished the killing of twins in the whole of Calabar, but here, the villagers still threw away their twins, but this time, they did it discreetly, without the knowledge of other villagers. What had happened to Abasiama and her husband was still fresh in their minds like it was yesterday, and they did not want to be called “cursed” or stigmatized.

As they entered the church, they were welcomed by the ministers in the church hall, who gave Abasiama water to drink, as a sign of welcome.

Woman: “This woman needs help. Madam please tell them what you told me, perhaps they can help you”

Abasiama: “I am looking for where the Kwa river leads, my twins were thrown in there twenty years ago. I want to find my children”

Minister: “Alright” the middle aged man, with his big spectacles, said, with a shake in his voice that showed his doubts. He turned to the woman who had brought Abasiama, for help, but the latter shook her head. They didn’t know how new born babies thrown into a big river like the Kwa river would survive. Even if they did, how would she find them, they would be grown and unrecognizable. They wondered about the sanity of her mind.

Abasiama: “Are you all going to stand and stare at me, or answer my question. Here is another question; can your God tell me if my twins are still alive?”

Minister: “All secret things belongs to God, He will reveal it to you if He is willing”

Abasiama: “What kind of a reply is this?” she sighed and turned to go. She had hoped for answers at the church, but once again, her hopes have been dashed.

Minister: “If I cannot tell you about your twins, I could tell you where the Kwa river goes”

Abasiama: “Alright, tell me now” she said impatiently.

Minister: “Come into my office, I will consult the map of Nigeria” They all walked into an office, where the minister spread the map on the table.

Minister: “The River runs through Calabar and drains into the Kwa ibo river that runs through Abia and Akwaibom. If your twins were alive, they would have been found in either Abia or Akwa Ibom” he explained, running his large hands across the map.

Abasiama: “Thank You” she said and rushed out of the church. She was walking back to her hut by the river bank when she saw a group of men chanting and carrying leaves. They were walking towards her hut, and her instinct told her they were coming for her. She ran and hid herself in the bush. She stayed still, not moving a muscle as they passed by.

Abasiama: “Why won’t they leave me alone? What have I done and what do they want from me?” she fidgeted as she hid in the bush, the leaves wet with evening dew grazing her face.


Nadia turned abruptly and saw Malcom, Kaylah’s brother. He was a handsome hunk of a man.

Malcom: “What are you doing out here, are you not cold?” he asked as he approached her.

Nadia: “Just needed fresh, natural breeze helps clear my head”

Malcom: “I can relate to that, I do that too” he guided her to the garden seat.

Nadia: “How was your stay in America?”

Malcom: “Was all good, bagged another masters degree. It has been three years, but it feels like it has been decades. My little pup of a sister is all grown”

Nadia: “What’s with all the degrees, are you going to be an academician like your parents?” she said, the look in Malcolm’s eyes as he talked about his sister was not lost on her, and she wondered what was up with that. Malcolm laughed in reply, as he stood up and dusted his butt.

Malcom: “Alright Nadia, I will go in now, do come in soon. Ibeno is not really safe” he said and trotted inside. Nadia paced up and down the garden, her head was filled with thoughts of Kaylah. She found herself being obsessed with her. She was looking for a chink in her armor; she needed to bring her down for her to be seen by the public. She decided she would become so close to Kaylah, like a second skin, so that she could watch her. Suddenly, a hand covered her mouth, and she felt a cold metal on the small of her back.

Question: Who was behind Nadia covering her mouth? Do you think Nadia was in safe hand? What do the men intend for Abasiama. 

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    • The village men intend kill Abasiama, they believe she is a witch. And I guess Nadia mouth is held by one of those men, tho I doubt they will abduct her. Even if they do, she may fall in love with Stringer

  1. Morning ALF and ALC. Pardon my insolence. This morning coffee is so hot that i forgot to say ‘morning’ lol.. Have a Blessed Day *kisses

  2. Hmm… Nadia could bargain with the kidnappers to hunt for Kayla if she was truly kidnapped. I’m beginning to panick here oo. I hope my Kayla is going to be safe biko ooo

  3. Good morning adelove nd Crews thanks 4 the early morning coffee itz very good in this hamatan season. itz malcom he came back to tell Nadia s sumthing.

  4. Stinger or one of his group member is behind Nadia covering her mouth, not in safe hand because they kidnap her, townspeople are on the mission to destroy Abasiama for they thought and believe she’s evil. Good morning guys.

  5. They want to kidnap Abasiama so that they can receive ransom from her people. I think Nadia is safe, it look as if she know those people

  6. I don’t think Nadia is in safe hands, it might be stinger…those men at Abasiama’s place might be there for cleansing and to totally get rid of her

  7. Nadia the evil girl has been kidnapped by evil doers also(stinger and his gang).its just that its kaylay family will be worried.good morning all

  8. Nadia has been kidnapped, but she wld help d kidnappers get to Kayla since Nadia is not Dia victim. The men want to bring Abasiama to know God

  9. I think Stinger boys are behind her and she is about to be kidnapped. Maybe the men want to kill Abasiama for enquiring about where the river ends because they thought if they don’t stop her now, she might bring back the twins to them.

  10. Stinger and his team are behind Nadia. She has fallen a victim of abduction but she will help them to get Kaylah her headache. The men’s ambition is to kill Abasiama or chase her away and burn her hut. Good morning every body

  11. stinger and his group has kidnapped Nadia. the Men want to throw Abasiama out of the hut because she went to the whiteman God.

  12. Stinger or his men were covering Nadia,s mouth…Nadia is not safe..Those men were sent to chase Abasiama away..Thanks Adelove..

  13. The men covering Nadia’s mouth are stinger and his men.
    The villagers may want to punish Abiasama for wanting to search 4 her twin babies

  14. it must be stinger or one of his men who have just abducted Nadia and i wont be surprised if she bargains with her abductors to get Kayla. Abasiama is surely in danger, those people might want to banish her from the town or throw her into the river. feeling really edgy about this

  15. Indeed stinger struck gold. Nadia walked straight into their hands effortlessly. Thank God Malcom left her before this happens. I pity Abiasima. Life has not been fair to her. May she find God

  16. Nadia isn’t safe cos stinger and his gang r about to abduct her which will make kaylah and her family worried, and Abasiama is about to b thrown out of d village permanently by those men. I pray Abasiama finds her twins soon enuf. Gud morning ADLC ND FANS

  17. Who was behind Nadia covering her mouth? Stinger and his team

    Do you think Nadia was in safe hand? In the first place, No – but she will make a way for herself and set trap for Kaylah

    What do the men intend for Abasiama. Burning her house along with her

    Good morning all.

  18. That’s Stinger, Abasiama will locate her twins but it’s just a matter of time. Good morning to you all, do have a beautiful day.

  19. Stinger’s men or stinger himself is behind the covering of Nadia’s mouth. Nadia now has an ally as I foresee her working alongside Stinger’s group to get Kayla out of the way. Those men will possibly burn down Abasiama’s hut.

  20. Nadia is in the hands of stinger boys…and the youths are coming to Abasiama demolishe and send her away.

  21. Been unable to comment for sometimes now and can’t tell why? All the same, thank God I got the space now. Stinger SNF his squad has mistaken Nadia for Kaylah. Thumbs up adelove for this explosive episodes

  22. Stinger and his men are responsible. I think it’s a mistaken identity. They thought she is the rich one. She will b dealt with. Abasiama will b thrown out because she went to a Whiteman church

  23. I guess stinger would be behind it, and yes, she’s in a save hand. And i think a new king has been elected and he has sent for the former queen to be banished.
    Hmmmm interesting

  24. I think stinger and his men has abducted Nadia thinking she was kylah and ad for Abiasama,I think the men wants to banish her entirely from the kingdom

  25. Nadia is being kidnapped, she’s not safe and the men are coming after Abasiama…they want to kill her and burn down her hut

  26. Nadia has been kidnapped by Stinger and his men.The villagers want to deal with Abasiama since she has started looking for her twins but nothing will happen to her, she will seek solace in God through the Church.

  27. Nadia is not in safe hand I belief she has been kidnap and for abasiama they want to finally chase her away from there land and I belief that the white man God people will now accommodate her

  28. good morning ALF. Nadia is not only jealous she is also evil. Hope she is being kidnapped by stinger and his group.

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  30. It should be one of d kidnappers. But she will end up working to get kaylah kill or something. The villagers are angry for d step abasiama has taken to look for d twins so they want stop her with any means

  31. Good morning pals. It’s like Nadia has been kidnapped by Stinger’s group and she is not safe. I think those men working towards Abasiama’s hut want to burn down her hut if possible lynch her. May God grant her safety amen.

  32. Stinger and his gang are behind Nadia covering mouth, she is not in safe hand but might later be nd those men came for abasiama and if they did not see her,they will burn hee hut into ashes….

  33. Nadia if u av abhored good intentions u wnt av bin kidnapped bt I’m sure if it’s stinger and his men who did this I guess dats a means Kayla and stinger gets to find theirselves

  34. Morning AL & Fs,

    Thanks for the ongoing series. as exciting as ever.

    In answer, Stinger should be the one standing behind Nadia in the attempt to abduct her. Nadia could not possibly be in safe hands under the circumstance. Finally the men’s intention is to execute Abasiama once and for all.

    Waiting next episode.

    Great day!

  35. They think she want to bring back the twins which is an abomination, so they want her dead. Nadia was kidnapped thinking she was kahlar.

  36. Good stinger nd his men have kidnapped nadia…..Abasiama will not b hurt d men want to send her out of the village becos they heard from the market women dat she is looking for her lost twins

  37. Stinger will kidnap Nadia but because of her hatred for Kayla, she will join stinger in kidnapping her.
    AdeLove, weldon

  38. They will not kidnap Nadia, she will only lead them to kaylah. And I think those men are about to deal with Abasiama because they heard that she is still looking for her twins.

  39. Abasiama shld be left alone, I mean she going tru a lot, a agony of a widow is enormous, as for Nadia, she is a big betrayal but her antics will be exposed soonest, May God deliver us frm enemies dat looks like friends.Kaylah and stinger are on d verge of meeting eachoda again. Wat a reunion, one a superstar, the other a criminal

  40. Morning ALF…. Nadia is the one being held from behind to be kidnapped, she isnt safe and i think she might conive with stingers team to hurt kayla. D villagers probably think abasiama is mental for looking for her twins of 20yrs ago thats why they want to kill her before she brings curse upon them.

  41. Stinger’s men are responsible for covering Nadia’s mouth. She may be kidnapped but may liaise with them to get Kayhla for them in exchange for her life since she wants her out of her way.

  42. Stringer is the one behind Nadia, at first she might not be safe but she will be when she helps stringer to abduct Kayla. The villagers want to banish Abasiama as they believe she is bad luck.

  43. Hmmmmmm, a case of mistaken identity and Kayla will do anything to save Nadia.
    God’s helping Abasiama as the men wants to destroy her

  44. Its stringer that covered Nadia mouth, the villagers want to burn down abasiama hut, because she talked about her twins which is an abomination. Nxt episode plsssssssss

  45. Stinger is behind Nadia n i think Nadia wud be the one to lead them on to kidnapping kaylah. The men meant to kill Abasiama

  46. Stringer and his gang are behind Nadia.
    she won’t b safe but due to her jealousy she will bargin wit them to abduct Kayla.
    Abasiama should run for her dear life bcos does men will try 2 kill her bcos dey believe she is a witch.
    Gudam Adelove

  47. Yes yes dats it she had been kidnapped by stinger’s boys evil dat men do lives wt dem. I think d men has come to chase Abasiama away n burn down her hurt bcos she is still looking for her lost twins. Morning all

  48. Either stinger or his men covering her mouth,hmm nadia might not be safe after all,also the youth wants abasaima out of the village.

  49. Nadia’s mouth is covered by one of Stinger’s boys who had come for a kidnap. Abasiama is about to be rebuked by those approaching her hut, for talking about retrieving her twins which were sacrilege

  50. Nadia has been kidnapped by stinger…. Is possible that is Malcolm that cover her mouth after discovering the footsteps of the militants….. The men might want to destroy her hut.. Morning Adelove and crew with all ALF

  51. Stinger and his men covered her mouth. She is in safe hands which will in turn help her to nail kaylah quickly. People came for Abasiama because they believe she is cursed and deserves to be sent away.

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  52. I have said it earlier in episode 3 that Nadia will b kidnapped instead of kaylah….but am still curious on what will happen next, still waiting for d nx episode though

  53. Nadia is being held by Stinger and his group, and she’ll lead them to Kaylah. And Abasiama should go back to the church, I don’t think she’s still safe in that village. It’s either there’s a plan to kill her or ostracise her from the village.

  54. Nadia hv been kidnapped and only a reasonable amount of money will ransome her. The villages wants to do away with Abasiama cos dey believed dat she is evil n seeing going inside d white man church will aggrevate their annoyance on her.

  55. Stringer is d person behind it,they have come to carry the ‘cursed’ abaisama maybe to kill her or drive her out of the village

  56. it may be stinger n his team dat r behind Nadia’s mouth covering by trying to adduct her. n the villagers want to send abasiama away for trying to look for her lost twins..kudos to u adelove..now next episode!!

  57. Stinger and his men caught Nadia. I feel she will strike a deal with them and lead them to Kaylah. As for Abasiama, I feel they want to kill her or drive her out of the village.

  58. Stinger is the one that covered Nadia’s mouth. I think she will plan with the to kindnap Kaylay. Maybe the men after the ex queen thinks she will bring abomination into the land as she started asking after her cursed twins.

  59. Stinger is the one covering Nadia’s mouth. She will gladly lead them to Kaylah. The men would want to drive Abasiama out of the town completely.

  60. Oooh what a mistaken identity, I think one of stinger men is behind d covering of Nadia mouth. The men want to kill Abasiama for entering the white man church.

  61. Stinger n his men took Nadia away. Abasiama should just keep praying n beliv in the white man God she surely find her twins one day. Good morning guys

  62. is either stinger or his men covering Nadia’s mouth, nd d villagers want to kill abasiama or throw her to d river. next pls.

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  63. stinger and group are the ones covering Nadia’s motuh,as for abasiama I think the men are looking for her to kill her

  64. Abasiama I believe will run back to d church for safety and Nadia will be kidnap but later negotiate on how to get back to Kaylah. Morning ALF

  65. Nadia has been kidnap by Stringer and his men, so she is not in safe hand. They are looking for Abasiama to cast her into the Kwa river for the misfortune she has curse the people by giving birth to twins and asking about them.

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  66. Nadia cannot be in safe hands as Stinger and his men are around the house in search of their gold fish. As for Abasiama i think they want to threw her out of the village as they think she’s awitch

  67. Nadia is d scape goat, she wld be abducted, kayla wld come into the picture to negotiate Nadia’s release, there kayla wld meet stinger face to face and wld recognise him as his friend in d orphanage home.
    For abasiama, she would escape n go on search of her twins.

  68. Stinger is responsible for covering Nadia’s mouth. She has just been kidnapped. The village are there to totally get rid of abasiama from the village.

  69. Nadia’s mouth was covered by one of stinger’s men. Nadia will be taken hostage in place of Kaylah. The men looking for Abasiama intend to kill or banish her from the village forever.

  70. Nadia is being held by one of the kidnappers, she’ll probably lead them to kayla. The villagers r coming to get rid of the old queen due to her inquiry about the kwa river

  71. Stinger and his gang has just kidnapped Nadia. The men of the village want to cure her madness because they believe she is now insane.

  72. Stinger’s men are responsible for covering Nadia’s mouth. Nadia will cooperate with them by leading them to Kaylah. Kaylah will be abducted and Nadia will now carry on as the Queen in the absence of Kaylah. Nadia is evil.
    The villagers are out to kill Abasiama but they will fail.
    Ride on Adelove and crew. More grease to your elbows!

  73. stinger tot it was kaylah dey kidnapped oooo… I just hope Nadia is safe sha
    afternoon everyone have a blessed day ahead

  74. Stinger or one of his men..
    I doubt Nadia is in safe hands.
    The men want to get rid of Abasiama because of the enquiry she’s makin of the kwa river

  75. stinger has mistaken kayah 4 nadia,i pity abasiama,dose men might burnt down ha hut,jus becoz she was makin enquiry abut d end of d river dat flow ha twins aways,nd wanted 2 bring curse 2 d people.wel don ade love,keep it up.

  76. stinger has mistaken kayah 4 nadia,i pity abasiama,dose men might burnt down ha hut,jus becoz she was makin enquiry abut d end of d river dat flow ha twins aways,nd wanted 2 bring curse 2 d people.wel don ade love,keep it up.

  77. stinger has mistaken kayah 4 nadia,i pity abasiama,dose men might burnt down ha hut,jus becoz she was makin enquiry abut d end of d river dat flow ha twins aways,nd wanted 2 bring curse 2 d people.wel don ade love,keep it up.

  78. Nadia is d know all, telling the press that everything is her idea. With her evil intentions she might end negotiating with her abductors to kidnap kayla or even tell them to eliminate her. But that wld jst end up uniting kayla n stinger.

  79. Stinger or one of his men.
    I doubt Nadia is in safe hands.
    The men want to get rid of Abasiama because of the enquiry she’s makin of the kwa river.

  80. Stinger was the one that covered Nadia ‘s mouth and she is not on a safe hand cos they just kidnapped her for ransom. The men came for Abasiama bcos the women in d market must have told them about d way she came asking for the river ends and they want to destroy her once and for all to avoid her bringing back d twins

  81. This life is a small place but greed and deception has destroyed alot of things. Nadia was flunting herself at camera in orphanage when she should be watching out for her friend Stinger thinking wen he thought she was d gold fish.

  82. Sniper’s guys. Nadia will b kidnapped or leaf dem to kaylar’s room. They want Abasiama out of d village. God is in control

  83. Nadia is been kidnapped by stinger n his gang,their deal will lead dem to kaylar. The villagers taught abasiama is upto something that can bring curse to d town.

  84. The men intend kill
    Abasiama, they believe she is mad and she has brought them bad luck. And I guess Nadia mouth is covered by one of the kidnapper.she is in big trouble

  85. Good afternoon guys, hope your day has been going on well??
    Can’t wait to read the next episode.. I think abasiama will be save though the villagers sees her as a witch, Nadia won’t be harmed but would support them kidnapping kyalah..

  86. It is obvious that the Stinger and his gang are responsible for Nadia surprised visit, and no she is not safe.
    Abasiama is wanted because of her presence in the village which the Essien Town people consider as sacrilege

  87. Stinger’s men are those that want to abduct Nadia & that’s not safe for her @ all. The villagers want to destroy Abasiama so that she’ll just go with her curse

  88. Lol I just hope they kidnap her for good! Abasiama I feel your pain, the villagers are ready to cast you out of the village but thank God you have met with the lord even though you’ve not accepted him fully.

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  90. Nadia is being kidnapped by Stinger militants. They may ask her to lead them to Kaylah at gunpoint. The villagers are going for Abbsasima because they thought she has run mad and cursed

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  92. That should be Stinger groups, one of them covers Nadia’s mouth… But with the way things are, she ll be happy to help the kidnappers if help ll be needed from here

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    This prospect for hope for a genuine dialogue and negotiations have been dashed and rejected. The world knows that PANDEF as team of critical stakeholders was mandated to engender a genuine dialogue and negotiations process that will be made of apolitical committed Niger Deltans to engage with the government and people of Nigeria, representatives of the International Oil Corporations and neutral observers. But this government decides to go around to politic


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