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President Obama serves as a groomsman at his aide’s wedding (PHOTO)

US President Barack Obama on Saturday served as a groomsman during the wedding ceremony of his aide.

His longtime aide, Marvin Nicholson, married his lover, Helen Pajcic, at a private residence in Jacksonville, Florida, last weekend.

Secretary of State John Kerry officiated the ceremony.

First Lady Michelle was not in attendance.

Wedding Planner Lorna Meehan of Amelia Weddings & Events provided some photos from the wedding, which were shared on the WJXT4 Facebook page.

Both the bride and groom have worked in the Obama administration.

The groom is White House trip director, personal aide and golf partner to Obama, while the bride works on policy for the U.S. Department of Education, according to the Washington Post.

8 Comments on President Obama serves as a groomsman at his aide’s wedding (PHOTO)

  1. i love his tie


  2. cool


  3. Good of him


  4. OMG! How i wish to be obama’s baby mama


  5. This man called Obama knew this world is vanity, so he does not hold tight to it or allow his position and status to get into his head…… God gives more grace to the humble, thats why he keep flying high….

    He is such an inspiration


  6. Queen you are an idiot!!!!


  7. To all of you condemning Queen, I have seen a lot of comments here from guys wishing some ladies be their baby mama or simply just wanna sleep with the ladies in question and never a condemnation from any of you. That’s hypocritical of you.


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