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Senate instructs FG to suspend ban on car importation through land borders

The Senate has ordered Nigeria Customs Service to immediately suspend the policy which has place embargo on importation of vehicles through land borders since the beginning of the year.

In a motion by Senator Barau Jibrin representing Kano North Senatorial District alongside four others, Senate maintained that the ban will lead to over 500,000 job loss if government should implement the policy.

In his lead debate, Jibrin explained that economy of border villages and towns that depend on importation of vehicles through land routes will crumble.

“Distinguished Colleagues, lets take note that the ban would lead to the loss of about 500,000 jobs by people engaged in the business of vehicles importation and handling services in border areas and around the country,” Jibrin said.

Contributing to the debate, Senator Sam Egwu lashed at the federal government’s decision on car importation ban, saying it is anti-people.

He further maintained that the APC-led government has always created hardships for the citizens through unpopular policies.

Dino Melaye on his part, encouraged the Nigeria Customs Service to muster capacities to manage land borders so that there will be no leakage in revenues.

Shehu Sani maintained that interest of other nations having border lines with Nigeria should be taken into consideration, noting that those countries depend on car exportation to Nigeria for their revenues.

He added that the ban will create economic crises in those countries, while urging NCS to strengthen their services to curtail smuggling activities which was their fear.

“Mr. President, we have other countries who have been friends of Nigeria that depends on exporting cars to Nigeria and it will affect their economy if the ban is allowed, ” Sani said.

In his ruling, Ike Ekweremadu asked the Federal Ministry of Finance and Nigeria Customs Service to suspend the policy banning car importation.

5 Comments on Senate instructs FG to suspend ban on car importation through land borders

  1. Nice one


  2. I really don’t understand these our senators, most times I just wonder how come we the type of people we have there now, it hasn’t been this bad before now. From their activities and utterances, I strongly believe that they are not interested in helping Mr. President and his executive team to repair and grow this our economy to the benefit of all of us. Some of them are talking as if they reside on the planet Mars. Sani is telling his fellow Nigerians that if smuggling of vehicles through the bad is injurious to our economy, the smuggling should continue because citizens of other countries will be adversely affected, another one, Dino is there in the cozy and cool red chambers “encouraging” the Nigerian Customs to “muster capacities” (whatever that means) to manage the borders so there won’t be leakages in revenue. And I ask: Has Dino been in Pluto all this while, are these Customs officials not his/our brothers and sisters, what have that his senate done to help the Customs “muster capacities” or he is talking just for the sake and fun of it, his usual game of always playing to the gallery. If they don’t have any meaningful contribution to make for the good and sustained governance of this our country, they should just shut-up, sit down there and be collecting salaries and allowances for doing nothing!


  3. Great decision from the legislative chamber; at least they’ve done something meaningful for once.


  4. Nice decision from the Senators, FG doesn’t want the poor masses to live


  5. Truth be told the president careless about the sufferings his unpopular policies has brought untold hardship on Nigerians. God will deliver us.


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