7 great tips that will help you get pregnant quickly and easily: A must read!

Are you a woman who is worried about delay in getting pregnant or a man who is getting worried about your inability to get your woman pregnant? Worry no more!

Age and infertility issues are two of the greatest problems preventing women from conceiving when they want to. These problems can be solved by simple treatment methods and in some cases stringent tests and treatments are required. However, the tips below will help you get pregnant easily and without stress.


1. Go for medical checkup: Infections and other sexually transmitted diseases can frustrate your effort to get pregnant. It is important therefore that you get tested in the hospital and complete your treatment as untreated infections can have adverse long term effects on your reproductive system.

2. Healthy eating habit and maintaining correct weight: Couples need to eat healthy if they must avoid delayed conception. Diets rich in vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 acids, fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, foods rich in folic acid like greens and broccoli are recommended as well as the consumption of at least 2 liters of water per day.

3. Avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeinated beverages: Oh yes, you need to cut down on alcohol intake if you want to be called a parent soon. Research has shown that smoking reduces your fertility by 50%. Also, ongoing research says that caffeine rich food reduces the flow of blood to the uterus and penis.

4. Have sex on your fertile days: Yes, you need to form the habit of being intimate with your husband on your fertile days. Ovulation occurs between day 9 and 14 of your menstrual cycle, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have an ovulation prediction kit, we just gave you the days to watch out for.

5. Avoid Cycling or Biking: Men should avoid or cut down the hours they bike or cycle. Research has proven that too much rubbing of the groin and pelvis on the bicycle seat may lead to difficulty in getting and maintaining erection.

6. Avoid the use of some Vagina Products: Are you one who loves to use vagina products that contain chemicals such as lubricants, glycerin, vagina sprays, scented typhoons, vagina tightening soaps etc? Then you need to stop as they are potential sperm killers. Also, avoid douching, it hinders tactility of sperms.

7.Ideal sex position: there is no sex position that guarantees pregnancy. But, it is important that you opt for positions that will guarantee that the semen stays in the vaginal and cervical tract for some minutes.

Others reasons are: ensure that you always have morning sex always with your partner as sperms are said to be most potent in the morning. Avoid pressure sex, sex should be fun. Do not fret over sex, avoid stress and other strenuous activities, engage in the right exercises and avoid medications that can delay your chances of getting pregnant. Also, do not forget to pray, this is the most important!


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