Assassinated Man’s Wife Accused of Killing Husband Decries the Accusation

A Nigerian man who hails from Owerri, in Imo state, by name  Chuks Okebata  was assassinated in broad day light on Saturday and since then it has been a battle on Facebook, as the wife is being accused of masterminding the assassination. Chuks who is survived by two sons and his family was abducted and shot when he came to Nigeria from the United States where he is based.


Since then, the sister of the deceased has been on Facebook, crying for justice for her dead brother. She, known as Ada Mbaeri on Facebook, has posted videos of the altercation between her brother and his wife, which became a norm during his lifetime. Watch video after the cut…

Many comments have been flying, as people say the wife is capable of arranging the assassination of her husband, because she sounded heartless in the video, paying no heed to the cries of her sons begging for their father to stay.

But things took a turn when the wife of the assassinated US Army veteran, spoke out in a statement to a blogger. She cried out that she did not kill her husband. Read her statement below;

“Amanda, I once came to you about my husband and his incessant abuse and cheating. Yes I am the wife of the man who was assassinated, and I am just distraught.

I do not even know where to start but it is only right I tell my own side of the story. I am innocent, God is my witness that I did not kill my husband or the evil that my husband’s family is portraying me to be, yes my sister in-law posted that video to make me look evil but the part she did not tell anybody was that I was calling the police to save me because he always beat me up and I was told to call the police whenever he started and that was exactly what I was doing, from the video you would see that I did not fight him or answered him.

Should I have allowed him to kill me?

We have been married for 13 years since I was 19, it has been beating upon beating, I have gone through surgeries because of beating he gave me. How can I kill my husband, we live together, till the day he left for Nigeria, I packed his things , how could I kill him. Who do I know to order a hit on the father of my children?

I have no interest in his properties as suggested after all we built every thing together. God knows I am innocent. I know who I am married to, he is a show off and he went to Nigeria and was going to club spraying dollars and showing off, revealing his locations . They want to pin my husband’s death on me, my husband was not assassinated.

He was kidnapped, because he is a military man he is always with a gun and when he shot to death one of the kidnappers,they shot him. Why is my family leaving out information about what happened and pinning it on me?

I never threatened him to kill him, I am a working woman with a paying job and have no reason to kill him because of properties . All I just want is peace to mourn and raise my children. You can confirm my story from those people in my home town.

My husband was careless in a country with high rate of crime and was kidnapped, if he had not shot one of the robbers all we would have been talking about is paying ransom not death. Why would I kill the father of my kids, why would I choose his death over a divorce if things were that bad.

I have two boys, who will help me raise them? I am completely innocent of all the allegations. I have endured all this years through his beating and cheating and I did not leave or kill him, why would I do it now? All I ask is that I am left to mourn in peace and the killers found and prosecuted.
See pictures of my husband spraying dollars at the club in Owerri.He even live streamed it showing his exact location

Nne biko help me
I’m an innocent victim here
I love my husband and I’m still in tears
I’m mourning him and people are accusing them wrongly.My children are crying daily.”

The police are still investigating, and the family of the deceased has put a 2.5 million naira bounty on whosoever will bring information about the culprits, so that justice will be served. Meanwhile, the case is in the court of public opinion; What do you think, is she guilty or not?



  1. Whatever she was facing, do u for once consider what the man could have been facing in the marriage? Anything is possible, she could arrange the killing from there, all that is needed is enough money to execute the “project”!

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