(Episode 8) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

(Episode 8) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Shola couldn’t see throughout the night; she was running temperature,

Bola: “Ore mi, stand up and take something!” she had brought a cup of tea and snacks for her.

Shola shook her head,

Shola: “I don’t feel like taking anything!”

Bola insisted, Shola left with no choice sat up as she ate gently. Bola sat watching her friend eat,

“Is it true?” Shola asked.

Bola: “what?”

Shola: “Henry attempt to rape Madam,” she took a gulp.

Bola heaved,

Bola: “That was what I learnt!” Shola shrugged and bite from her snack.

They both sighed at the same time,

Bola: “What do you think? Do you think it’s true?”

Tears rolled down from Shola’s eyes and she shook her head,

Shola: “Henry isn’t capable of doing such! He can’t hurt an ant. I trust him!” Bola placed her hand on Shola’s head and said,

Bola: “stop crying the truth would definitely come out,” she hugged Shola,

Shola: “Thank you,” she whispered.

After some minutes silence, Shola asked,

Shola: “what do you think I should do?”

Bola: “Let’s live one day at a time. By morning tomorrow solution would present itself.”

Shola sighed and rested on the bed using her hands as pillow; Bola put off the light,

“Good night, dear!” Bola faced the opposite direction and in no time she dozed off.

Different thoughts trudge into her mind; it was hard for her to sleep. The pain killer she took didn’t seem to work at all. It looked like her head was going to explode,

Shola: “Oh God! I need your help. Henry I’ll fight for you!”

She had made up her mind to look for a way of seeing First Lady so she could plead with her.

The sight of Sule made the cell  calm the only noise heard was the clicking of the keys. As he opened the door, he yelled,

Sule: “Where’s that bastard Henry?” Henry looked up, “come here!” he said in his Jigawa accent.

Henry stood up staggering at first but later regained his stamina, “Follow me, Dan iska!”

He dragged Henry into a small room. It was the torture room. Henry was forced down a small chair as Sule stood facing him with his hands on the table,

“So are you ready to confess?” he said folding his sleeves as he watched the dangerous objects for torture ,Henry’s roving eyes moved from the objects laid bare before him and the officer.

Why shouldn’t he just confess? He thought. To a crime he didn’t commit? He shook his head impossible.

Henry: “sir, I swear to God I didn’t do anything! I’m innocent!”

Sule shook his head and gave out a nefarious smile,

Sule: “inn agama da ka do le ka fade gaskiya,”he said in Hausa and repeated in English, “When I am done with you you’ll have no choice but to confess!”

He landed him a slap and Henry burst into tears,

Henry: “I didn’t do anything I swear!” he said holding the cheek writhing in pains.

Sule dug a sharp object into his ribs and he let out a yell.

Henry fell to the ground crying. Blood smeared the floor and the hands of Sule. He picked Henry up and started beating him until he passed out,

Sule: “Bastard!”he spat on him and sat on the edge of the table, asked for them to bring water to use to resuscitate him.

Bola escorted Shola to a plaza named after the chairman. First Lady had a supermarket there and it was the biggest in town,

“The only thing they don’t sell there is human parts,” Henry joked.

On their way, Shola said,

Shola: “Let’s pray we meet her at the shop.”

She wasn’t always at the shop. She had workers there. Bola slide the glass door opened, Shola followed behind. A lady was at the desk she greeted them,

Lady: “Welcome!”

They smiled back too,

Bola: Ïs madam around?”

Lady: “ehm, yes,”she quickly picked up the phone and dialed as it rang, “who should I say is looking for her.”

Before Shola could say a word,

Bola jumped in and said,

Bola: “her hair stylist!”

Lady: “Madam your hair stylist…”

Bola: “…Shola” Bola chipped in.

Lady: “…Shola!”

They entered her office and greeted her. She was sitting on a very comfortable couch going through a fashion magazine,

First Lady: “Shola,” she dropped the magazine down, “have your seats,” they sat opposite her.

“To what pleasure do I owe your visit,” she smiled but Shola wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries she threw herself at First Lady’s feet crying,

Shola: “Please ma, I know you’re a good woman. Have mercy on him,please!”

Bemused first lady asked,

First Lady: “ what’s wrong? Why are you pleading with me?”

Shola raised her head up,


Shola: Ït’s about my boyfriend, Henry!”

First Lady: “Henry your boyfriend?”

Shola: “Please ma! Have mercy on him,” First lady stood up, sighed and walked towards the window.

First Lady: “what do you want me to do?”

Shola: “order for his release,please!”

First Lady: “Do you know what he did?” she didn’t wait for an answer and she added, your boyfriend tried to rape me!” she yelled.

Bola joined Shola on her knees as they both pleaded. First lady felt guilty as they were sobbing and pleading. Her conscience pricked her.

First lady shook her head,

First Lady: “the matter is beyond me! My husband took it up! I can do nothing right now!”she turned and looked at them.


Sule entered the DPO’S office and saluted,

Sule: “he has admitted to the crime!” he played the recorder in his hands.

DPO shook his head,

DPO: “We would use him as a very good example to the rest of the animals on the street! Tomorrow he’d be taken to the maximum prison at Kuje.”

Sule: “Yes sir!”

Questions: Did Henry truly admit to the crime in the recorded audio? Do you think First Lady would change her mind and trigger Henry’s release?

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    • This is really really sad!First Lady’s conscience is pricking her but to keep up the appearance she’ll keep telling that lie!But the truth will come out eventually

  1. I not sure Henry confessed the crime he didn’t commit.someone is just trying to play smart.with the way first Lady’s conscience is disturbing her,might just plead with the chairman

  2. He might plead guilty because of d unending torture but I believe first lady might listen to shola dem and help release Henry……Henry do oooooo!!!!

  3. May be Henry admitted to the crime he didn’t commit due to the nature of torture they gave him. First Lady will change her mind and trigger for release of Henry

  4. The tough was just too much for Henry I think he admitted to the crime to save his life. And as for first Lady, he conscience will keep judging her, so she will trigger Henry’s release by pleading with her husband.

  5. Henry might have confessed under duress, but this is not admissible in Nigeria. Nevertheless, the first lady seem to have a good heart, she might find a away to get him out.

  6. Henry might have confessed under duress, but this is not admissible in Nigeria. Nevertheless, the first lady seem to have a good heart, she might find a away to get him out.

  7. Just a suggestion adelove crew instead of shorter stories 4 times a day make it longer and 2ce a day say 6am and 6pm.

    Just thinking though. You guys are doing a great job making us addicts. Keep it up pls

  8. This isn’t fair one bit on d part of d first lady,anyways karma I know for sure is a bitch,nice one am enjoying d story,thumbs up adelove

  9. woow…..I really hope d first lady will change her mind on time before it is too late cos it seems sumtin has been framed against Henry.

  10. O my God, its due to d severe torture that makes him lie on himself if truly he admitted guilty on d audio record and its not that sule did some trick on him. Yes,I think wit shola&bola pleads,first lady will intercede on d case 4 henry’s release.

  11. @ Adesola..Nah real alagbara aye she be o……donno y some people are just being wicked…..May God deliver henry oo.

  12. yes henry have admitted to the crime he didn’t committed because of hardship. first lady will have mercy on him pls

  13. hmmm….well, may b Henry admit he’s guilty jst to free him self from d torture he was receiving, he may only think highest they will sentence him to prison so that he won’t b tortured again….but am sure first lady conscience won’t allow her to rest I guess she will help him out

  14. Dont think Henry confessed to crime he didnt commit, as for First lady, if she still has conscience, she’ll trigger Henry’s release.

  15. Yepa this is a serous gbega o.abeg henry no confess to anytin o but d torture too much this is how innocent helpless people would just be punished unjustly.

  16. fine Evening ALC&Fs,

    Henry could not have naturally owned up to a crime he was innocent of if any such thing happened he must have been coerced into recting a script under unbearable torture.

    Fortunately I am of the opinion that First Lady will not rest until she finds a way to clear up the mess and help Henry regain his freedom.

    We are here now.

    Wishing us a fine night rest.

    Signing out….

    Up & Forward.

  17. I am sure Henry didn’t admit the crime.That Wicked First Lady will surely pay for this.Adelove and crew , well done but the episodes are getting shorter oo.

  18. I don’t think Henry admitted to the crime.they must have recorded some conversation using his voice. I believe First Lady will have a change of heart and ask her husband to release him

  19. Please Adelove this is getting trouble oooo may God save Henry bcos it’s getting complicating, kudos to u guys u are doing a great job. But Pls be fast with d story can’t wait to read d rest. Smile.

  20. I don’t think Henry admitted to d crime, maybe dey just trying to frame/ set him up… First Lady please do something biko.

  21. Henry probably confessed to d crime he did not commit due to d pressure and torture in d cell. As for d first lady,I think she will change her mind bcos she has feelings for Henry and also she is a gud person deep down.

  22. maybe Henry admitted to the crime cos of the nature of the tutore
    first lady may order for his release
    she may beg her husband

  23. Hmmm…., No wonder this country is still in darkness.. Countries no longer use this type of torture on criminals, the state of the prison is nothing to write home about..

  24. Why would henry confess to a crime he didn’t commit…no 2 ways about this ..he has been framed …as 4 first lady…she might plead with her husband

  25. If he did admit to the crime that’s very wrong of him cuz he didn’t commit it. Is wrong to admit what u didn’t do.
    As 4 d 1st lady i knw she will definitely meet her water lo

  26. Poor Henry, may God vindicate u. The first lady is heartless, the same thing happened to Joseph and God vindicated him. He didn’t confess what he didn’t do

  27. Hmmmm.. this is inhuman, Henry might have confessed under duress. because as we can see the torture no be here o. First Lady even though she might be feeling guilty, she will not admit the truth because of her marriage. If she do, that will be the end of her marriage to chairman

  28. I’m sure he was forced to admit to the crime. Or the officer in charge just said so to save him the stress of beating and eventually killing an innocent man. By the time first lady hears of Henry’s transfer; she might have a change of heart.

  29. No, I don’t think so, not after all the torture and pains, he didn’t agree to the crime. Yes I think the First Lady will have a change of mind and trigger Henry’s release

  30. Here is wishing your son a quick and sure recovery mam, @adasoloudo.

    Fine Evening ALC&Fs,

    Henry could not have naturally owned up to a crime he was innocent of if any such thing happened he must have been coerced into recting a script under unbearable torture.

    Fortunately I am of the opinion that First Lady will not rest until she finds a way to clear up the mess and help Henry regain his freedom.

    We are here now.

    Wishing us a fine night rest.

    Signing out….

    Up & Forward.

  31. He will admit to the crime he didn’t commit for them not to kill and first lady will change her mind to plead unbehalf of him.

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