(Episode 10) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

(Episode 10) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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At last Shola found her voice and she cried out,

Shola: “Help!” Shola tried lifting him as Blessing went to call for neighbours and he was rushed to a clinic nearby.

It was Henry, he had collapsed in front of Shola. After been released he didn’t have anywhere else to go and besides the first person he wanted to see was Shola. He had learnt that she had come to see him at the station. The loud mouthed Kadija  told him time before one of the everyday torture session,

Kadija: “ Your babe come find you but we no gree you see em cos na di instruction be dat! But you sef why yhu go do dat kin tin. Which kin Ogbomosho igbo you smoke wey no gree get sense eh? You no see wetin to do but na to try rape your madam! Na wa oo. Di jazz way dem use for your head strong sha. You for beg em na make una run sugar mummy parol!”

He knew Shola would literally kill herself because of worry. Throughout his stay in cell he kept thinking of her. It was her thought that preoccupied his mind even he was tortured. Chairman was responsible for his release, Henry was surprised himself. He had bowed to the pressure of Bola. He wasn’t ready to lose her. That morning he had called the DPO,

DPO: “Good morning honourable, “he giggled, “Thank you my oga I just received an alert. I’m so grateful!”

Chairman: “ Noo. It’s nothing at all.”

DPO: “I’m so grateful, my oga,”he bowed as if he was talking to the Chairman face to face.

Chairman: “It’s just for all the stress you’ve gone through. I want you to release that Henry boy my driver.”

DPO surprised by request,

DPO:”Are you sure about it,sir?”

Chairman: “Yes. My wife and I have decided  to let him go!”

DPO: “ Ah, my oga you’re a good man ooo! I really wanted to teach him a lesson of his life.”

Chairman: “Nah,just let him go!”

That was how Henry was released on the day he was to be transferred to the jail at Kuje.

Henry was giving a bed. Doctor talking to Shola after cross examining Henry,

Doctor: “who is he to you?”

Shola sobbing,

Shola: “My boyfriend!”

Doctor shook his head,

Doctor: “I won’t lie to you but he is in a very bad shape. He has lost a whole lot of blood!”

Shola: “Doctor just do anything you can to help him. I am ready to pay anything.”

Doctor sighed,

Doctor: “was he involved in an accident?”

She shook her head,

Shola: “No sir, “tears trickled down her cheeks.

Doctor: “stop crying madam. Take it easy.”

She wiped her eyes and continued her narration.

Shola: “he was arrested and brutalized by police officers!”

Doctor: “for what crime? Is he a criminal?” he looked agitated.

She quickly jumped to his defense because she could sense fear in the voice of the Doctor- who wouldn’t want to get himself involved in anything shady.

Shola: “Noooo. He didn’t do anything!”she started crying, “he is just the victim of a wicked rich man who wanted to show off his power and affluence.”

Doctor stood up from his seat and came to where she was sitting calmed her down,

Doctor: “it’s okay,madam! We would do our best please. He would be fine!”he handed her a face wipe and she wiped her tears with it. He returned back to his seat after some minutes of silence he said,

‘Doesn’t he have any family relation around?”

Shola: “his mother and brother,”she said bemused.

Why was the Doctor asking? Was Henry not going to survive?

Doctor: “Do they stay around here?”

Shola: “Not really. In the village in Niger state.”

Doctor: “I’d advise you get them informed.”

She was really worried. The Doctor sounded as if he was indirectly telling her Henry wouldn’t make it,

Shola: “Doctor,please talk to me. What’s happening? Isn’t Henry going to be make it,”she said in a crying tone.

Doctor shook his head,

Doctor: “I never said so. I’m just saying it’s good to have family around!”

She nodded and excused herself, brought out a phone and dialed a number “mama -1”that was Henry’s mother.

Chairman came into the room looking exhausted. He yawned a countless time. First Lady had just come out of the bathroom, she sat close to her make up mirror with just a towel on,

First Lady: “Welcome,sweerie!”she stood and went to him.

Chairman: “How’s my angel doing,” he dropped the suitcase and held her by the waist and planted a kiss on her lips.

First Lady said as she helped him undress,

First Lady: “how was the meeting?”

He yawned,

Chairman: “fine!”he lurched himself to the bed as he was down to boxers, “I’m so tired. All I need now is a very sound and good sleep!”he yawned again.

She followed him to the bed and she sat on him and was stroking with his hairy chest. He gave her a smile,

“Felicia, I’m tired!”he said that knowing what she wanted.

First Lady: “That’s the more reason why we should do it. Science has proven that the best time for sex is when one is tired. During orgasm an enzyme in the body secretes and helps the body relax ,”she pouted her lips at him  but he was unresponsive-he was truly tired as Bola had left no fight in him- he was drained.

Chairman: “abeg, I don’t have that strength for now!” he turned and she fall on the other side of the bed,

First Lady: “what’s wrong with you? What have I done wrong?” she feigned a cry, “are you seeing someone else?” he didn’t respond all she could hear was snores, she hissed and turned to the other side of the bed sulking,

“I know he is seeing someone else. I’ll find out soon, “she looked at him as he slept happily, “wicked man, how would he starve me of my marital right for more than three months, eh?”


Mama, Henry’s mother and Shola sat beside Henry. He has been talking to them for close to thirty minutes,

Henry: “You’ll shouldn’t worry. I’ll be fine soon. I’ll be alright!”he tried to smile with his battered face but his head ached instead, “ ah!”they both rushed towards him.

Mama: “what’s wrong again?”

Henry: “my head! My head aches!!”he started tossing on the bed.

Shola ran out to call the Doctor and he came in with a nurse following. Henry was still tossing on the bed in pains when Doctor asked the nurse to quickly get an injection for him. Before she could return Henry had stopped tossing, he was calm but his eyes were shut. Mama and shola exchanged glances and they both started sobbing. The Doctor heaved and turned to them,

Mama: “what’s wrong doctor?”she said sobbing,

Shola was shaking Henry’s body,

Henry: “baby! Baby! Baby!! Please! Please!”

Doctor had tears in his eyes. He shook his head,

Doctor: “He is gone!”

The nurse in tears covered a cloth over his body.

Mama broke down in tears, crying bitterly while Shola passed out and was rushed to an emergency ward by the Doctor and nurses.

Mama stood by Henry’s bed wailing,

Mama: “Henry this was not how it was supposed to be ooo. I was supposed to be buried by you not the other way round. How would I cope eh?”she shook him, “are you truly gone? My husband, my first of my sweat. Where are the grand children you promised me? Don’t I have the right to rejoice like the women of my age? Eh, don’t I? I didn’t ask for too much from the lord ooo. Just two and he gave me two handsome men even though the one has decided to go his own way and you that have been the reason why I am alive and happy want to leave me?” she shook her head and started shaking the body, “Henry come back! You can’t leave me!”

A nurse came in and held her as she struggled to be free refusing to be consoled,

Nurse: “mama,please! Take heart!”She dragged her to the side of the room,

Mama sobbing,

Mama: “I want to die with my son! Please let me die!”she flung herself to the ground crying.


Shola had revived but she was tossing on the bed yelling,

Shola: “Henry, baby! Don’t go please! Stay with me. Promise you’ll! Please, promise!”

The doctor injected her with sedate her. A nurse ran in,

Nurse: “Doctor, the patient is moving. He blinked his lashes!”

Doctor: “Matron Come and help out here,” he handed over to him and ran out. As he entered Henry’s room he saw Mama sitting by her son rubbing his head. He was breathing very fast,

Mama smiling,

Mama: “I know he wouldn’t break my heart and leave me all alone in this world!”

Doctor smiled back at her,

Doctor: “Mama let’s quickly attend to him!” she excused them.

Doctor and the nurses around attended to Henry as his health began to stabilize.

Bridget and First Lady were in their favourite hideout hanging out,

First Lady spoke in  a moody tone,

First Lady: “I really don’t know what’s wrong with my husband!”

Bridget: “why do you say so?”

First Lady: “for months he has refused to look at me not to talk of touching me!”

Bridget sighed,

Bridget: “Na wa ooooo! Why now?”

First Lady stood up flaunting herself,


First Lady: “am I losing my groove. I know set again? Babe check me out now.”

Bridget giggled,

Bridget: “You set die, babes! See as front dey standard, “she turned her back, “ah ah, see as back set!”

First Lady giggled and they did a hi-five as she sat,

First Lady: “I really don’t know why he has avoided me. I wear that nightie we bought from Dubai most times he is around but he is always coming back tired and sleepy!”

Bridget took a gulp of the wine and made a sound with her lips,

Bridget: “Ah!”

First Lady: “what?” she poured some of wine into her cup.

Bridget: “Can’t you see the hand writing on the wall? It’s boldly written!”

First Lady turned around but could see nothing,

First Lady: “Where’s it written? I can’t see anything”

Bridget giggled,

Bridget:  “I mean your husband has a mistress. A young one for that matter.”

First Lady: “Really? How do you know? Have you heard anything?”

Bridget: “Nooo but from what you’re complaining of it’s obvious. That’s the reason  why he is starving you. That’s why I always tell you to look for a very fine and strong smallie that can always tickle you when it’s needed,” she smiled and drank from her cup.

First Lady sighed,

First Lady: “Can’t you see how it went with Henry?”

Bridget: “Well, try another. He isn’t the only small boy around!
First Lady: “Babe, you know as e dey do me ooo! I just can’t get my mind off him.”

Bridget giggled,

Bridget: “My first lady is in love oooo!”

First Lady: “Go joor!”

Bridget: “How’s the poor boy doing?”

First Lady sighed,

First Lady: “He should be fine! Most times I feel like checking up on him but you know it’d be suspicious in a way!”

Bridget: “Don’t even think of it ooo!” she poured more wine and gulped it at once, “so, what do you wanna do?”

First Lady: “Do as in?”

Bridget: “Your husband now!”

First Lady: “what’s your suggestion?”

Bridget: “I think you should go and demand for your right and if he refuses bring hell down to your house!”

First Lady smiled. Bridget had given her the solution to the problem.


First Lady quickly had her shower and put on her expensive nightie. It was a do or die affair that night,

First Lady: “He must have me this night,” she quickly ran to the bed and sprawled her legs exposing her curvaceous thighs as she heard his voice from down steers.

“Welcome,baby!” she gave him a seductive smile.

Chairman was taken aback, he grunted, and his eyes ran down her seductive body but he was in no mood,

Questions: Do you blame first lady cheating on her husband? How can she win back her husband’s attention?

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  1. Wow,am the second to comment,First lady has no right to cheat,but in getting her husband back is going to be tough on since he is seriously distracted.

  2. It’s not really her fault but didn’t she hear d part of her marriage vows that said ‘for better or worse’. . Should v stuck to it even though her husband behaves like a rabbit

  3. Of course…..dat chairman abandoned her 4 d past 3 months doesn’t mean she must look outside for a replacement. Nah Bridget go push her to fire with her stupid advice.Thank God henry will be fine.

  4. Thank God 4 d life of Henry. its not good 4 1st lady to cheat on her husband, buh husbands too should be careful of wat dey do to dere wives. How cld Chairman not touch 4 3months!?.Let’s hope she will seduce him 2day.

  5. i blame ha for cheating on ha husband bt i dont think she can hv ha husband back bcoz chairman has been behaving somhw to ha…..

  6. I dont blank her for trying to cheat on her, how can chairman be denying her of her marital right, its not fair…… She should just keep trying, one day he might look her way again….. Thanks to God Henry didnt die…

  7. Wait o is that the end. To me I don’t blame her for cheating on her husband. It’s one of the problem of the rich. She can still win her husband love if she becomes more caring, liking cooking for him herself

  8. Even thou are husband is notcheating on her,she will still want to find a young guy to b @ her service. That’s wot happened to most of d politicians/influential people,they alwz have a problem one way round. So they are both to be blamed bcus she is is young dats y chairman married her and bcus chairman has money that’s y she also agreed to marry him. They neva marry 4 love and now she is in love with another gurl man. If she really want to have her husband back,she should confess her sin against henry and also to leave her bad ways.

  9. Gdpm ALC&FS,


    Thank God for Henry and thumbs down for First Lady.

    It would be understandable why First Lady would cheat on her husband given the circumstances. Marriage though is for better for worse…hmmmn.

    She has got to nip in the bud whatever brewing romantic relationship distracting the husband who seemingly still find his wife very irresistible.

    Next episode please. Super.

    Up & Forward.

  10. I’m so happy henry is alive and well.I don’t blame first lady for cheating but there is a way to walk your way into your mans heart no matter what.

  11. I don’t blame first lady for thinking of adultery, but she has no excuse whatsoever, its just that she isn’t prayerful. Admin, kindly edit and re-edit ur stories before you post, too many avoidable errors. Pls. Thanks.

  12. It is bad for first lady should cheat on her husband, but only listen to Bridget advice, she might also have plans for Chairman who knows?. She should try hard in seducing him, pray it works out.

  13. Yes I blame her….for cheatin on her husband at de first place and lyin at de same time unless she confess then things will go normal she and her husban

  14. Thank God DAT Henry survived, if not wot wld be been the fate of shola and as for d first lady Ur hubby might be one reason or two for cheating on you buh as a woman it’s wrong to cheat on one’s hubby.

  15. Nothing is worth cheating on her husband,and she can’t win him backoooo cox its not jazz and he is even talking about marrying her,hmmm my Henry kpele, thumps up Adelove.

  16. Why will the chairman deprive his wife of Sex, is she a log of wood, of course the next thing is for her to cheat but she can win her husband back when the both of them sit down and talk about it like two mature adults. They lack communication in their marriage and its done destroying their home.

  17. First lady Felicia must have done something for chief to have abandoned her like that.
    Henry coming back must be for a purpose. I suspect he’ll pay Chairman, first lady and the police back

  18. First Lady did not have any excuse to cheat on her husband., instead of that she should have call her husband to talk about it and pray to God. It is only God that can win her husband back for her and which I think she is ready to tell God about it but her friend which is going G to mislead her.

  19. am most glad that Henry made it back to life. both first lady and the chairman are fit for each other, they are both infidels.

  20. Henry is a strong guy dats y he survived coupled with his mother’s plight as for first lady and chairman their issues just began.Getting more interesting can’t wait oo

  21. No, but she should try more to win him, as for Henry he must make it, This is what is called love (Shola) I love her action towards Henry, that is true love, Girls should lean this type of love

  22. I don’t really blame her shaa. But no matter the reason one doesn’t have the right to cheat on his/or partner. Sin is sin.
    Good one at Adelove and crew.

  23. it is not first lady fault. she can win her husband back by asking him the problem then she will have to find the solution.

  24. if we are looking at first lady alone is not okay, what abt chairman that is cheating on his wife. first lady should do what I t will take for her husband to stay with forever without having extra affair.

  25. Even if the Chairman is cheating, First Lady should not cheat, she should find time when he is in a happy mood and talk with him about their sexual life… and am happy for Henry, he went through hell and come back

  26. Thank God Henry didn’t die ooo
    If they like let them starve her for years she deserves it and thanks to Bola too for helping out

  27. Thank God henry come out of d ill treatment melted out to him by those wicked police…nd thank God he didn’t die..nd as for d first lady…it’s karma getting back at her…I dnt care if she’s able to win her husband back….nd thank God for bola relationship with d chairman at least… If not dey will just finish henry…nice one adelove

  28. I knw Henry won’t pass out just like that…chairman and first lady is issue is like a saying which says “if ur boo cheats on u just call me let’s cheat on ur boo” bcos even ur boo get a boo…. lol

  29. The Chairman must have found out that the wife told him lies about Henry and that is part of the reason why he is avoiding her. I suggest she humbles herself and ask Henry and the husband for forgiveness, so that all will be fine with her again.

  30. actually I don’t blame first lady for cheating on chairman but though chairman do starv her via sex,its not a right reason to cheat on him
    as for winning chairman back,I think her friend Bridget will gv her suggestions but it may be really difficult to win him

  31. Nd for d chairman not wanting to have anything with d first lady…I think dere is more to it….becos d way bola nd chairman talk abt it DAT henry is innocent……hmmmmmmmmmm…still waiting for d next episode though!

  32. Thank God , Henry didn’t deserve die, as for the first Lady she can go to hell and burn to ashes.After all she put Henry through. She better confess her sins oo.

  33. I blame Chief for starving first lady of her matrimonia right but dat is not enough reason why she should cheat on her husband.

  34. Thank God , Henry didn’t
    die, as for the
    first Lady she can go to
    hell and burn to
    ashes.After all she put
    Henry through. She better
    confess her sins oo.

  35. This is suspense filled . Adelove thumbs up. Bad friend /company(Bridget ).she will put first lady in trouble. Thank God for Henry’s life & because of the lie against Henry,karma will soon find first lady out. She shouldn’t cheat on her hubby but look for a way to win him back to herself.

  36. she is not to be blame… n she av to go beg her husband n ask him where she as gone wrong in his hands for a man won’t just change like DAT without a reason.

  37. Two wrongs can never make a right, I blame the two that weren’t contented with each other, she should just go on her knees and pray to God and he can be changed for good

  38. Thank GOD Henry revive….. Mama: “Henry this was not how it was supposed to be ooo.
    I was supposed to be buried by you not the other way round.
    How would I cope eh?”she shook him, “are you truly gone?
    My husband, my first of my sweat. Where are the grand
    children you promised me? Don’t I have the right to rejoice
    like the women of my age? Eh, don’t I? I didn’t ask for too
    much from the lord ooo. Just two and he gave me two
    handsome men even though the one has decided to go his
    own way and you that have been the reason why I am alive
    and happy want to leave me?” she shook her head and
    started shaking the body, “Henry come back! You can’t leave

  39. she should have thought it well over b4 involving in politics na, she should have surely know that her husband would have an affair na. ……
    it’s also gud she’s reaping d fruits of her unjust treatment of Henry……

  40. Well is not her fault for wanting to cheat on her Husband,and she shuld try and settled with Henry and ask him for his forgiveness so it shall go well with her

  41. Bridget is a bad influence. Yes of course! First lady should be blamed for cheating on her husband. Glad Henry didn’t die completely

  42. Thank God, Henry came back to life, I was almost in tears. First lady doesn’t have to cheat on Chairman even though he’s doing it. She should had more spices to her marriage to make it work.

  43. In a way she should be blamed…because as a woman/wife/mother, you should have all it takes to keep your husband/ family. She’s not a wise woman. Running after small boys for sex isn’t the solution either. She should seek God first and every other thing shall be added unto her.

  44. Ah Adelove! you no go kill person with nice nice story ooooo… if she cheats on him na him cause am now…. cox body no bi wood na. She must enjoy her womanhood na.

  45. I blame her cos dia is no justification for a spouse to chratvon her partner. I think she can only win back her husband through prayers. Nice one.

  46. She dont have to follow the step of her husband ..yes I blame her….she wont be able to win her hubby back..karma is working on her

  47. Its obvious that truely,”a servant cannot serve two servants.He must hate one and love the other”.Henry cannot die o,wooo.

  48. It’s 50-50, dont blame first lady for cheating on her husband, she should use both physical and spiritual(prayer) to win her husband back, thank God Henry is back.

  49. hmmmm d chairman is really responsible for d attitude of his wife well d both of them should go for counselling or better still d first lady can go for d counselling alone in other to knw wat to do so DAT her husband will come back pleading to have her

  50. Good Evening Adelove Crew & Fans,

    I am so ecstatic and grateful for your kind gesture once again as I confirm receipt of my lucky winner star prize of #3,000.00. To think it’s coming in this time of recession. God truly bless the hands with which you have given and congratulations to everyone here as i know we are all winners in our different rights too. I celebrate fellow star lucky winners as well.

    Up & Forward

    Stannis Eimie Ehimuwa aka Seeker

  51. No matter what is happening in her home cheating is not the solution, she can only win her husband back by becoming a better woman, she had wrong someone, she had to make a confession about what she did and then talk all her problem to God Almighty.

  52. Thank God Henry didn’t die,I dunno when I started shedding tears
    As for Lady Fel,if her husband don’t stop denying her of her marital right,she won’t stop looking else where.

  53. Just bcus chairman is getting it outside doesn’t mean he shud deprive his wife of sex..first lady..dia re ways to get ur husband attention o

  54. she has to be blame maybe she was carried away by friends and money forget to give her husband attention that is way her husband started looking outside for her to win back her husband she has to be a wife not a first lady to her husband

  55. I personnally blame Firstlady blc evenif, the husband is cheating on her, she has no right to do likewise rather to pray abt the situation.

  56. I thank that Henry did not die oo
    No,I won’t blame her for cheating on him at all,most of d men are d one causing some ladies to go astray
    Yes she can win her husband’s love back but not by fighting or shouting,they just need to understand each other

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