(Episode 9) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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It was the initiation night of the second guy whose partner had been initiated a day before. Henry was to follow the next day. Presido summoned him and he walked up to the spot where he was ordered to,

Presido: “come here”

The man stood shivering; he seemed to be running temperature. Henry sat in his corner with a black eye and bandaged rib, staring. He was getting used to the pains even though it made him feel numb.

Presido and his disciples were laughing at him. They seemed to be warming up for the initiation ceremony.

Presido: “what’s your name again?”

The man with a shaky voice said,


Someone said, “Dodonatus!” everyone started laughing,

Presido: “which kin name bi dat?”

Another cried, “Dodo” another round of laugher was.

Presido: “You don ready abi?”

The man shook his hand and placed his hand on the butt,’

“I dey purge! I no well!” they all started laughing. Henry couldn’t help but broke into a smile even Donatus friend who was in pains giggled.

Presido: ok, I go free you if you can answer this question!

Dodo: What’s the question? He asked in a shaking tone

Presido: You are on a hot seat to answer this question that goes for your freedom “What is the Yoruba name for CHARGER?”

Dodo: Sajaa! He answered quickly but he failed the question

Presido: Oloshi ni eee! You are too dull to be freed.”Everybody was thrown into uncontrollable laughter

Presido beckoned on him to come closer so the ceremony would start but the man broke down in tears and started crying- he pleaded too. Presido  signaled two men and they came and picked him. He was thrown to the ground on his stomach as Presido quickly pulled down his trousers others pinned him down.


Shola sat on the bed with a heavy heart. Tears ran down freely from her cheek. She was in pains,

Shola: “why would a woman be so wicked?” she said thinking of the day’s event with First Lady, “and keeps insisting Henry attempted to rape her but I know it’s a very big lie!” she used her hand to support her chin,

“And they wouldn’t let me see him!”

She covered her face with her pillow sobbing. She was in need of company and Bola had left that evening on the claim that her uncle had sent for her.


Chairman laid on the bed with his rounded belly pushing out of the singlet as the girl with him stroked his chest- he seemed to be enjoying it as it kept a blurry face like one who was feeling sleepy,

“Chairman, when am I going to get the money now?”

Chairman: “ I’ve told you marry me you’d have more than just the cash you asked for. I’ll build a complex with your name on it!”

She stood up, gathered her hair in a ponytail and covered a net on the head. She returned to her position her head on his laps as she continued stroking his chest,

“When would you bury this marriage issue,eh,Chairman!”

Chairman: “Because, I am tired of this hide and seek. I want to have you all to myself!” he sat up and stared into her face, “let’s marry, please baby!”

The girl with Chairman was Bola. They had started dating three months ago. They met at a wedding reception where her beauty caught his eye and he asked one of his aides to get her number and since then they spent most weekends together.

Bola sighed,

Bola: “Just be patient, you hear?” she pecked him on the cheek. Chairman playfully wrestled her to the bed tickling her as she laughed quite loud, “stop,baby!” she pleaded.

He removed his singlet that held his sagging stomach and flung it away,

Chairman: “let the action begin!”

He laid on her as his sagging stomach rested her body, she was almost unclad with just a see through nightie on. It didn’t hide anything.

Bola: “Remember I told you that I’ll be the one to rock you tonight!’” he giggled.


Chairman: “Okay?”

Bola: “But I need to discuss something with you!” she gently pushed him off.

He landed on his back and asked,

Chairman: “what?”

Bola: “Henry!”

Chairman: “and we are back to this issue?”

Bola: “ Yes oo. My best friend is suffering because her boyfriend has been detained for a crime you and I know he didn’t commit,” she looked away.

Chairman sighed,

Chairman: “But you know…”

Bola: “I know nothing. For the last time I’m asking when is he going to be free?”

Chairman stuttered,

Chairman: “soon baby, please, soon I promise!”

Bola: “sure?”

He nodded and like a child they were in each other’s arms cuddling.


Shola sat in her shop looking distraught and frustrated. She couldn’t attend to customers Blessing did,

Blessing: “ Any news, aunty?”

Shola shook her head, “ Don’t worry God will fight for you!”

She managed to whisper an “amen”.

Blessing: “lemme go and get food. What would you like to eat?” Shola shook her head,

Shola: “I’ll eat later!”

As Blessing  stepped outside she screamed,

Blessing: “Jesus!”

Shola rushed out and she stood frozen as tears trickled down. She didn’t know if to cry,jump or pass out.

Question: What did Shola and Blessing see that made them scream? Who can help Dodo out, the Yoruba name for CHARGER? LOL

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  1. I think blessing must have seen henry…he must have been released…
    As for dodo…God help him

  2. I think its henry they both saw o,most likely henry should b d 1 to make dem froze and not firstlady or bola. Hahahaha,o ga o. Sorry ehn dodo,me self no knw d yoruba name 4 charger o. Even me too wan learn am here ni jus incase. Thump up adelove.

  3. Shola and Blessing saw Henry. He has been released by the Chairman. As for Dodo, God will save him. Good morning every body.

  4. Good Morning ALC&Fs,

    Here’s us all a fulfilled day and quick recovery to the sick and recuperating fans.

    The morning black tea is on, I am feeling mine…..

    They must have both bumped into a battered disheveled returning Henry, whose freedom to civilization has just been brokered by bola, Shola’s buddie – I can imagine chief under compulsion put a call across to the DPO. ( It really does smell like it)

    Yoruba for charger ……………beats me, would like to learn it if it’s on the study radar…..Adelove, huh!

    Catch you!

    Up & Forward.

    What did Shola and Blessing see that made them scream? Who can help Dodo out, the Yoruba name for CHARGER? LOL

  5. I think they saw Henry, as for Dodo, it can only take God’s intervention. Homosexuality inside cell. And the police are aware. It is indeed a corrupt system

  6. Woooow I just can’t get enough. Is it because is getting more intresting that makes it look like the episode is not long enough???? Adelove am dyeing of Oloju kokoro for this your story ooh.

  7. I dnt think like odas am very sure it Henry dy saw.
    It’s is bruises nd swallowed face dy saw make dem scream.hmm bola is indeed a good friend.and as 4 dodo God help him

  8. It’s Henry and his condition is not pleasing that’s why she screamed. For Dodo I think is only God that can save him oooh

  9. Henry is back. I just hope Bola will not demand anything from Shola and Henry, because this kind of sacrifice is too good to be true.

  10. Henry is out!!!!….Thanks Bola,you are a friend indeed!!!!Abeg Yoruba pple help us with d Yoruba name of charger,am interested too…lol

  11. They saw Henry, he has been released, but his site is pathetic.
    Yoruba name for CHARGER is sharger.
    Next episode please.

  12. Henry was back that’s why blessing scream….. but shola u ar lucky having a good frnd like Bola who lay down her body to chairman in other to release ur boyfriend Henry, chai what a world we ar living….Yoruba name for charger is Aaro phone lagbara lati maje ki o Ku,lol

  13. Henry has been released nd he’s back, thanks to Bola. As 4 Dodo, may God save u oooo. Charger is Saaja in Yoruba. lol

  14. Sola and Blessing saw reformed Henry, let’s hand Dodo’s case over to God, yoruba name for charger is “oun elo igbana sara ero ibanisoro” lol.

  15. Hmmm I think they saw henry,power of a woman bola thumps up,wat are friends for? aH! If not for inconvenient. Thanks Adelove its getting though.

  16. They saw Henry Dodo may get help From out side interruption from the officers or officer who brought in somebody or who came to take him out to see who came to visit him or better still for his bail out

  17. Women & secrecy. So Bola was dating chairman without the knowledge of her friend. Anyway let her just use her womanly power to get Henry released.

  18. I believe it was Henry they. One can never underestimate the power of a woman, Bola’s contribution toward her friend’s worries. As for Dodo! Hmmm… Na only God go savam ooo….

  19. Wow! I think they saw Henry,he is probably free all thanks to Bola. As for Dodo he is in for big trouble. But wait oo .. What is actually d Yoruba name for charger?

  20. Shola and Blessing see Henry so they both surprise. It is only God that can help Dodo out ooo. Yoruba name for charger is Sara. LOL, Good morning adelovoe

  21. Shola and Blessing saw Henry so they both surprise. It is only God that can help Dodo out ooo. Yoruba name for charger is Sara. LOL, Good morning adelovoe

  22. I think it Henry they saw. n as for dodo, Henry will b d one to fight for him…the Yoruba name for charger is still charger jare!! we Neva give am name.lols

  23. They must have seen Henry, he has been realised but his sight made them to scream. Nobody will help Dodo because charger is shaja

  24. Only God can help dodo cause henry who was suppose to be the next person to initiate as been released. Nd the yoruba name for charger is chaja nd dat is a borrowed language in yoruba.

  25. dey saw henry…….. as 4 donatus only God can save him frm presido nd his gang……..next episode…….

  26. Henry is back. Dodo am sorry ur purge can’t stop presido and his evil fellows from performing their atrocious act on you.

  27. They saw henry… dona/dodo sorry o,put aboniki there just in case,they must feel your pain. there are so many first ladies like her in this country…

  28. adelove you with this your suspence,I think shola might see henry in a very bad condition,and Yoruba name for charge is
    oun ti n fun ero alagbeka ni agbara.

  29. Blessing and Shola saw Henry, Bola has succeeded in convincing chairman, d Yoruba name for charger is ” ero amuna wole ” lol

  30. They saw Henry, but he is not in good condition due to the beaten he received from the cell. As for Dodo, hmmm, I think the officers (police) will prevent Presido from having sex with dodo. When they (police) will come to bring out Henry from the cell their presence will spoil show for Presido. hahahahaha…

  31. Henry is back so they were surprised. Ha! Not everyone believed first lady? Even her husband? She must be very wayward and careless about it. Thanks Bola for being a true friend in need.

  32. i sure it was Henry that they saw, the episodes are too short and it is delaying in up load. I can’t wait for the next episode.

  33. Shola and Blessing see Henry and that made them scream. i dont know who can help Dodo out, not even the yoruba name for Charger becos he didn’t know it.

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