Sad Story! Mother Whose Son Was Killed By Her Husband & Co-Wife Opens Up On The Death Of Her Son (Graphic Photos)

Sad Story! Mother Whose Son Was Killed By Her Husband & Co-Wife Opens Up On The Death Of Her Son (Graphic Photos)

The biological mother of 7-year-old boy, Joshua Zikeme who was tortured to death at Akaba, Bayelsa, by his father and stepmother  has spoken out about the death of her son.


29-year-old Erueke John revealed to newsmen that her son was tortured after a mushroom church in Yenagoa alleged that he was a wizard.

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This led to him being tied to a stake and chunks of his flesh were sliced off in an attempt to exorcise him, thereby leading to his death. She said that though her son was stubborn, that did not make him a wizard.

“They killed my son in cold blood. i was told the suspects used sharp objects to slice all parts of his body in an attempt to exorcise him.

“I left the father’s house while i was pregnant with the boy, because he was beating me and was also into illegal sales of hard drugs.

“If he had come alone to seek the child’s custody, i would have objected because he is too violent. but the step-mother pleaded and i agreed. many people, including the aunty in school, warned me but i allowed them take the child and they have killed him for me.”

Joshua Zikeme was brought dead to the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Yenagoa, his body covered in bruises. This led the hospital management to alert the police who then arrested the couple. The boy’s father, Idiesy Zikeme, and his step-mother, Eunice Zikeme have been transferred to the homicide section of the Bayelsa state Police Command for further interrogation.

Mrs. Julianna Isaac, the proprietress of Dominion Success Academy where Joshua, a Nursery 3 student, schooled before his death, spoke to vanguard, revealing her shock.

“We are shocked at the death of the boy. that a child showed signs of stubbornness does not make him a wizard and be killed in cold blood. we know him and we even missed him during the last exams.” Mrs. Isaac said.



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