Bulgaria gets new president, Rumen Radev

Bulgaria gets new president, Rumen Radev

Bulgaria’s new President Rumen Radev swore an oath of office in the country’s parliament on Thursday, January 19, before formally assuming the post in three days’ time.

Radev, 53, ran with the support of the opposition Socialist Party and defeated the rival backed by the then governing conservative GERB party in a Nov. 13,2016  election run-off.

He replaced GERB’s Rosen Plevenliev, who declined to seek re-election.

Radev’s triumph triggered the fall of the government, with no new coalition emerging, Bulgaria is heading to early elections.

A former air force general, Radev is seen as far more friendly toward Russia as his strongly pro-Western predecessor.

Bulgaria is a part of both NATO and the European Union.



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