Checkout these S*xy Photos of Alex Iwobi's Girlfriend

Checkout these S*xy Photos of Alex Iwobi's Girlfriend

Photos of Alex Iwobi’s beautiful girlfriend have taken over the internet and they have gotten many people talking.

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Alex Iwobi is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a winger and a striker for Premier League club Arsenal and the Nigeria national team.

Although the footballer is widely renowned for being one of the of the most handsome Nigerian stars on the pitch, he is also thought to have one of the most beautiful girlfriend out there.

20-year-old Alex Iwobi and his girlfriend, Clarisse Juliette, 19, have been dating for over a year now and they seem to be so into each other. The model is always seen at match grounds whenever Iwobi is playing, and both of them always hanging out and professing love for each other on Instagram.



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