(Episode 15) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

(Episode 15) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Immediately Chairman came out of the bathroom, he met his wife, who was standing with an angry countenance,

Chairman: “what’s it?” he stared at her noticing her countenance he quickly looked towards his phone maybe she might have gone through it but it looked untouched.

What was the reason for her anger? He thought.

He tried to pass but she stood in his way. She was just sighing and not saying a word,

“Let me pass,please.”

First Lady: “John! John!!” to have being  called him by his name he knew there was trouble. Has she found out about his affair with her friend? He quizzed himself. He avoided looking into her eyes- there was fire in there.

“I’m freezing lemme put on something!”

She heaved and moved away but followed him as he wore a night robe,

First Lady: “ Is it true that  Henry is free?”

Chairman wasn’t expecting that question. He wanted to be the one to tell her himself and not her finding out on her own. He stammered,

Chairman: “I was under too much pressure so I had to order his release, “he said then sat on the bed,

She stood before him with hands akimbo,

First Lady: “what nonsense pressure? From who? One of your numerous girlfriends?”

Guilt sprung on him and he sounded defensive,

Chairman: “what nonsense are you talking about? Have you been listening to gossip?”

First Lady hissed,

First Lady: “what nonsense gossip? I swear, I’ll kill anyone I discover you’re sleeping with! All of them!”

He stood up in anger,

Chairman: “Something is wrong with you!” he quickly changed into a polo shirt and Chinos,

First Lady: “You aren’t going anywhere! You must stay here tonight, “he held him.

Chairman: “See you’d better behave yourself oo! Don’t tempt me!”

She held him fiercely and out of anger he pushed to the ground and she fell helplessly. He hissed and took his car keys and fled out of the house. One of the policemen, his aides, called on a driver,

“I’ll be home. I want to drive alone!” he called Bola,

Bola: “Yes!”she sounded sleepy. It was eleven thirty at night

Chairman: “I’m coming to your place!”

Bola: “what?”

Chairman: “You heard me right!”

Bola: “But it’s late!”

Chairman: “I am the one paying that damn rent don’t forget!”

Bola, a stubborn person, didn’t react as she would always do. She knew something was amiss Chairman had never spoken to her in that manner before.

Bola: “Okay”.

As he left for her house, a car trailed him behind.


Henry drove quite fast; his passengers didn’t complain. Everyone was eager to get home. Prof had given him three missed calls. His heart beat had increased and it seemed as if his blood level was getting pretty high,

Henry: “Shola is my only solution here!”

His plan was to lend some cash from Shola and pay back after a few days of driving around. As he entered town Prof called him again,

Had he seen him? He thought in fear. He had to pick.


Prof: “You should be terminating business for the day I suppose!”

Henry: “I’ll be back soon!” Prof didn’t allow him finish when he ended the call.

As soon as he dropped his passengers, he sped off to Shola’s shop. By the time he got there, it was locked. He was calling her but she wasn’t picking. He was worried because. She usually didn’t close that early. It was six thirty. He stood in front of the shop confused chewing his fingers whenever he was tensed he chewed his fingers. He decided to ask anyone around if they knew her where about. Checked the shop next to hers- it was a barbing saloon called “Softwork Barbing Saloon!” the owner was called Softwork.

Henry raised the curtains. Softwork was attending to a customer,

Henry: “oga soft, how far?” they shook hands,

Softwork: “ Bros Henry I dey ooo!”

Henry: “Abeg I no see my person for her shop. E dey locked!”

Softwork sighed,

Softwork: “Dem dey station oo!”

Hnenry: “Station?” Henry was confused; what station?

Softwork: “Police station na, thief attack them and ran with money. She go report the case!”

Station? Robbery? The words kept jumbling in his mind, he threw a “thank you” and ran off.

When Shola saw him she ran to him crying, Henry put his arms around her,


Shola: “Baby, we were robbed!”she said crying.

At the police station, it was from one unnecessary process to the other.

One of the officers asked,

“You fit recognize any of them?”

Shola angrily answered,

Shola: “No!!!”she had been asked that question many times.

The officer in charge told them,

“Una fit dey go! We go call una in case of any development!”

They left for the house Shola complaining of how they had made them write report for countless times.

Shola: “There is no hope in our country’s police. They don’t even know what they are doing!”

The robbers had come in a group and wheeled away with all the money they made for that day. With the ill happening Henry couldn’t tell Shola anything even though she kept insisting to know how his day was he just kept her shut with “Fine!”

He had put his phone on silent by the time he got home when he checked his phone he saw twenty missed calls from Prof. He was confused on what to do,

Henry:  “I’d go tomorrow to explain to him!”

Henry felt things are not going right well with him. He summoned courage to chase the devil outta his life and invite Jesus for redemption. He stood up to face the devil. He never saw devil in anyways but could feel it. He started a declaration of prayer war against the devil

“I don’t know where you are Devil, but I know you can hear me. You have played with my mind long enough, and you’ve had your way long enough. Now I say “No MORE”. You are done devil” Henry brought out a Bible from the cabinet, it was dusty. He raised it up and continue his declaration …

“Jesus is the Lord of this House. And that means there’s no place for you here anymore devil. So take your lies, your schemes and your accusations and get out in Jesus Name. This House is under new management, and that means you are out. I am so sick of you stealing my Joy, my Happiness, my Breakthrough. My Joy doesn’t come from you but from the Lord! Yes, it is found in Jes…

Shola had just got in to shower when he heard a brash knock on the door during the prayer session, “robbers?” she whispered.

He quickly rushed to the door so Shola wouldn’t hear and get more agitated. And when he opened the door, he was face to face with Prof and his boys.

Henry: Errmm.. eerrm.. Good day Prof…

Prof: What a parliomental garmadoism? You need to be enveloped in a bin of hogamorgah

Henry: Huuuhh???

Is Henry facing the right direction by accepting JESUS into his home? Would Prof and his boys kill him? Should he plead? Was he wrong to attend to his girlfriend instead of reporting to Prof? Who was following Chairman?

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  1. What a pity that he has to pass all this. But one thing that is sure for Henry is that he will laugh last. He should just hold on to God. He is able.

  2. Yes.That’s the best step now. Prof won’t kill him. He did the right thing attending to his gf first. The person tailing the chairman is first lady’s hired spy.

  3. Ahh henry in a big trouble, but I know for sure dat God will intervene and there is nothing wrong for him attending to his woman wen he knows her condition

  4. Henry did the right thing accepting Jesus in his life and also did the right thing attending to his girlfriend cos she would have done same for him….. Prof wouldnt kill him….. As for chairman, it might be the first lady that is following him….

  5. He’s making the best decision ever.. He needs Jesus more than anything else… There’s always a way out. Tho things might get rough with Prof. The fact that he attended to his gf n neglecting Prof, wasn’t intentional..

  6. Henry is on d rite track wit Jesus, but he should have at least cald prof. Chairman is been trailed by his wife or som1 she hired. Nice one adelove and ur war room prayer points make sense.

  7. Henry needs serious prayer.I’m sure prof won’t kill him.on the hand he has to attend to shola cos she was there when he was arrested.the car trailing chairman might be first ladys spies

  8. Turning back to stay by his woman was a good decision…
    turning to Jesus is the best solution of course he is the WAY,TRUTH and LIFE AND HE HAS ALL SOLUTION BECAUSE GOD CAN ONLY BE ACCESSED THROUGH HIM

    First lady or Bridget might be the one following chairman

  9. YES.. HE DID THE RIGHT THING TO KNOW GOD.. GOD WILL SURELY HELP HIM OUT.. Prof won’t kill him. He did the right thing to see his girlfriend. The person tailing the chairman might be first lady thug.

  10. Yes,accepting Jesus into his home was the best. Prof and his boys will not kill Henry, he will definitely plead. I think First lady or one of her aide was following chairman.

  11. Henry, u shld ve gone to prof to explain f situation of things to him. Accepting jesus as ur lord and saviour is d best fin for u to do, prof wnt kill henry d worst fin to do is to collect his car frm him. Chairman i dnt knw who is trailing u buh God ll help u out.

  12. Henry turning to Jesus is d best thing for him, prof nd his boys might torture him bt wnt kill him koz he needs to repair d vehicle bt as for chairman… Hmmm i think d wife sent sm1

  13. Too much question adelove o,let’s take it step by step biko. Henry is doing the right thing he suppose to v done since his release frm d police cell by inviting Lord Jesus to take control of his life and he hasn’t done anything wrong by attending to his girl for he thought all will be well and also he will be able to repair his car bt he finds out only bad news more. He should jus plead wit prof,I bliv he can’t kill him bt worst he can do is to torture him physically nd grammar torture. Its either first lady or bridget trailing chairman o…

  14. Henry it is well, you have taken d right part by Accepting Jesus things will start working out for d best for u, Adelove love u scatter

  15. Henry is right to accept Jesus into his life, Proff cant kill Henry, he’ll plead, Henry was right to attend to Shola because a friend in need is a friend indeed, Chairman was trailed by Firstlady or her agent. Weldone Adelove and crew.

  16. Henry is right by accepting Christ in his life. No pro and his boys will not kill him. He was right by attending to his girlfriend first. I know he will make it in the end.

  17. hmmm Henry is doing the right thing by accepting Jesus and he should have at least told Prof the situation of things on phone although he was scared Prof might order his boys to beat him up for refusing to pay but shola will come to his aid by giving Prof the 4k, one of first lady spy is trailing chairman hmmm Bola is in for some hot soup, Bridget next in line.

  18. Of course I said it times without number Bible says ” how can a young man cleanse his way ? By taking heed to the word of God” Psalm 119 v 9. Henry has done well by remembered his Creator now. My worry is the devil incarnate heading to Bola with his wife’s agent trailing him, it should have been Bridget house I would have love it most. Any it’s well & good Mr Prof take it easy first timers bound to goof… Cudos to the crew AdeLove the best. Like father like son thanks for keeping the memory of our icon fresh in us. The great Adelove.

  19. Henry is facing d right direction by inviting Jesus into his home.Prof and his boys will not kill him instead he should plead for forgiveness. He was not completely wrong for attending to his girlfriend instead of reporting to prof. At dt point he didn’t have much of a choice. I think Bridget or d chairman’s wife is probably trailing him. Nice one adelove. Next pls.

  20. He really needs Gods now, because all this calamities befalling him is out of dis world, abi na only am waka come….. First lady might hv Sent ppl to trail chairman

  21. Henry is certainly on the right track by accepting Jesus Christ into his life. Am very sure prof and hid boys won’t kill him, but it was very wrong of him to attend to his girlfriend first before telling prof all that happened earlier in the day, although; he was thinking of getting some money from SHOLA so that he can pay prof. First Lady is the on trailing chairman from behind just to know where he’s heading to.

  22. Henry could have gone to see Prof to explain what happened before now but he can still plead.i believe he will not be killed but might be beaten up and he took the right step by accepting Christ.Chairman is being trailed by the ppl sent by his wife

  23. Wow he accept christ into his home………..he made d ryt choice by going to shola…………..i believe d chairman would not kill him or even beat him…………….. I believe t s first lady following d chairman……..

  24. Wow he accept christ into his home………..he made d ryt choice by going to shola…………..i believe d prof would not kill him or even beat him…………….. I believe t s first lady following d chairman……..

  25. Yes..he did d right thing, nd am sure Jesus will set him free nd make a way 4 him. Hope itz not Bridget dat was trailing chairman. next episode plz.

  26. Henry is facing the right direction by accepting Christ into his home. Prof and his boys will not kill him, he will plead. He suppose to report to Prof first but because he has no money left, he decided to see Shola first. First Lady is following the Chairman

  27. Yes, Jesus is the only one who can save him. He made d ryt choice going to Shola. The prof won’t kill him. I believe it’s a spy that first lady assigned to trail his husband

  28. Henry has done the right thing by asking God to intervene in his life!, prof will not kill him and first lady is the one trailing chairman.

  29. Henry did the right things by accepting Christ the Author and finisher of our faith.He also did well attending to his girl friend.prof may harras him and finally retrieve his taxi.Agent of the fist lady is following the chairman.

  30. Henry is doing the right thing by accepting the lord into his life… Proof issue can be settled with peace… I guess the first lady has assign someone to trail the chairman

  31. He did the right thing by inviting Jesus into his life,I don’t think he that chairman will kill him, those trailing chairman might be one of the people he wronged.

  32. Chaiiiiiiii Henry …….. misfortune upon misfortune……. Adelove pls save this poor boy ooooo. I dey cry for him oooo.

  33. Evening ALC&Fs,
    Still having tech issues with my wordpress mobile log in………….

    Well, well, well, Thank God Henry has finally turned to Jesus, never a mistake – that.

    For Prof & his crew, they will have to spare Henry eventually, Henry will be fine.

    For Chief, his trophy wife has started picking up the trails on him – it appears Lady Fel has succeded in putting big chief in a spot……..she trails him.

    Up & Forward.

  34. Accepting Jesus into his home is the best decision.
    First lady has hired people to trail Chairman in order to know who he’s dating

  35. Jesus is the best he can ever accept, he did it right. Chairman might be trail by his wife, It is not bad attending to his wife first before Prof both are critical case.

  36. Of course, Henry is doing the right thing by accepting Jesus that is if he trully accept him throughout his entire life not only for that day, I know will not kill him at worst he will give him d ultimatum to repair the car thou after much beating

  37. He isn’t wrong to accept Jesus cos life is war room, but for chief, he is being followed by Bridget. I And prof boys can’t do more Dan chief’s boys n d prisoners

  38. Yes ooo, is right by accepting JESUS into his life, because that is the only person that can save him. Prof will not kill him and he should plead. He should have call prof and inform him what is happen. May God save him.

  39. Henry isn’t mistaking by inviting God into his life n home,Prof won’t kill him as for chairman it’s Lady Fel who sent someone to trail him.

  40. turning to Jesus is the best thing for him to do at the moment, prof wont kill him,he will only ask for explanation. i believe first lady is the one trailing chairman’s car

  41. Henry is doing the right thing by accepting Jesus into his life. But he should have reported to Prof or at least told his girlfriend how his went, she would have given him from her saving. Bridget is the one following Chairman

  42. This prof oyinbo sef…no be joke ooo. Buh prof will be dissapointed. + Henry should’ve collected some cash from the man that bashed the car

  43. Henry did the right by inviting Jesus into His life and chasing devil away. I pray Prof listens to him and have mercy on him.

  44. Yes. Henry is taking the right direction by accepting Jesus into his home, No they will not kill him but he might receive a beaten of his life from prof boys. No he wasn’t wrong to have attended to his girlfriend but he should have report to prof after he might have drop his girl at home. i think is bridget his wife friend that is following Chairman.

  45. Adelove and crew, thank you 4 always giving us beautiful stories but please pay attention to how you use these two words ‘been and being’. Love you guys

  46. Yes he is facin the right direction by inviting Jesus into his life….proff and His boys will not kill him. He was wrong by reporting to his girlfriend instead of proff. Because it is his first day he is working with the proff. He should have report and explain things to him…. and I think the car trailing chairman is the handwork of his wife… she wants to find out who is behind his unfaithfulness.

  47. First lady is trailing chairman. Henry should explain to prof and promise to settle him. he did no wrong by accepting Jesus into his home. dts very important. prof won’t kill Henry. God is on ur side Henry, u will surely prevail.

  48. Henry is choosing the right decision to follow Christ.prof n his boys will beat him up but will not kill him.it was not the best decision to attend to bolas need. Felicia is the one trailing chairman.

  49. Henry did the right thing by inviting Jesus into his home and I’m sure God ll have mercy on him n prof and his boys ll not kill him

  50. Accepting Jesus into his life is the best decision he has made so far. Prof and his boys won’t kill him but maybe he should have just gone to pack prof car first.

  51. I think first lady or bridget was following chairman
    Henry would have attended to prof first before attending to shola
    I think henry should appologis
    am nt sure Henry wil die

  52. this is very important, i notice something from episode 13 of this mr henry story, the comment appear only 25 instead of more than 100. Meaning that it is only 25 people its display their comment. Please adelove and crew you people should something about it.

  53. This henry realy need deliverance, all he needs is to explain everything to prof and plead with him and its good he is inviting Jesus in his home

  54. Henry did the right thing by inviting Jesus into his life. Prof won’t kill him as for chairman a spy is tailing him

  55. Henry did the right thing by inviting Jesus into his home. Prof and his boys will be kinda harsh to him for not reporting after d days work and I think Bridget is the one following chairman.

  56. Henry made d rite decision by inviting Jesus into his life,prof nd his boys will listen to henry.he was wrong not reporting to prof @first.Bridget was d one following chairman.

  57. Accepting Jesus was the best decision ever made by Henry because all the things happening to him are not normal. He should have gone to prof to explain to him in details before coming back home. First lady was following chairman.

  58. Accepting D Lord Jesus is d best thing, Prof nd his guys will not kill him buh dey myt injure him buh b4 Prof do anytin, Henry should meet d Prof with pleading, minds changes tru pleading.. Nd he’s not dat he doesn’t want to report to d Prof, buh he met somtin else in Shola’s PLC….. I think 1st lady has hired som1 to trail d Chairman or she’s doing dat herself.

  59. He made the right choice. Prof. and his boys might consider him. He was wrong to have attended to his girlfriend instead of Prof. I think first lady was the one trailing Chairman.

  60. All your actions are justified, you did the right thing by accepting Jesus and attending to Shola, just plead with Prof, they might beat you up but can’t take your life, Chairman someone maybe not your wife is after you.

  61. Prof and his thugs might beat henry and collect the car key.
    Henry is doing the right thing by accepting Jesus and also for staying with Shola after what happened.
    The people chairman might be from his wife.

  62. Henry has taken the right decision by accepting Christ, he should plead with d professor, he’s made the right decision by going to see shola,because she’s gone through a lot for him too,first lady is trailing chairman I Guess’s or maybe first Lady’s friend

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