Germany men die younger than women – Report

Germany men die younger than women - Report

A new study on causes of death in Germany has revealed a gender gap in the population’s health, with men less likely to reach old age than their female counterparts, a study showed.

Germany’s Federal Statistics Office on Thursday, January 19, said almost half of women who died in 2015 were aged over 85, whereas only a quarter of men made it to that age.

“The most common cause of death remains cardiovascular disease, which can lead to heart attacks or strokes and predominantly affects people aged 65 and over.

“Of the 21,000 people who suffered a fatal heart attack in 2015, 57 per cent were men,’’ the office reported.

Report says cancer also remains a major killer in Germany.

According to the statistics, one quarter of deaths were due to cancer in 2015, making it the second-biggest cause of death.

It said unnatural causes, such as injury or poisoning, accounted for 4 per cent of deaths.

Over 10,000 people took their own lives in Germany in 2015, with men almost three times more likely to commit suicide than women.


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