Trump Inauguraion: American flag burnt in Philippines

Trump Inauguraion: American flag burnt in Philippines

Demonstrations against Donald Trump took an angrier tone in the Philippines, were protesters burned an American flag outside the US embassy in Manila.

More than 200 activists called for an end to American troops in the country, demanding President Rodrigo Duterte keeps his promise of charting a foreign policy independent of the US.

Mr Duterte called Barack Obama the “son of a whore” last year for criticising human rights abuses and has sent his national security adviser and press secretary to attend the new President’s inauguration.

Protesters, prevented by troops from getting close to the US embassy’s gate, were alarmed by the cordial relationship between the two leaders.

“Obama sugar-coated imperialism but Trump has shown an in-your-face kind of imperialism,” said protest leader Renato Reyes, of the left-wing Bayan group, adding that Mr Duterte “should stick to his independent foreign policy”.

Hundreds of protesters, most of them expatriate Americans, held an anti-Trump protest in Tokyo on Friday.

Some people held up electric candles and others carried placards reading “Love Trump’s Hate” and “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights”, as they marched along a central street.

A woman holds a banner during a march to thank outgoing President Barack Obama and reject US President-elect Donald Trump before his inauguration at a park in Tokyo, Japan, 20 January 2017. (EPA)

“The Trump presidency gets my blood boiling  …everything we value could be gone. It’s time to speak your mind and concerns and to do our best to salvage the values we cherish in America,” Bill Scholer, an art teacher, told a Reuters reporter.

“I grew up in the 1960s, and it feels like we are going backwards, and am very worried that we will lose all of the advances we have made over these years,” said Holly Thompson, a writer.


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  1. The poverty ridden Phillipines should focus on their retched nation and leave the affairs of US for the Americans decide
    The Americans have chosen their president and this is official

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