(Episode 17) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

(Episode 17) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Shola: “Would you eat egg and noodles!” he nodded she kissed him and  rose from the bed to go and make breakfast.

Henry jokingly,

Henry: “Ï have told you that early in the morning kiss without brushing can cause cancer,” she giggled.

Shola: “Really?” she dived on him and tried to kiss him but he buried his in a  pillow and she tickled him, he laughed out loud and turned her over and tickle her too,

“Sorry….so…wie,So!” she kicked and fought but he kept on doing until she was exhausted. She kept on saying, “I’ll bite you! I’ll bite you!!”

He laid back on the bed gasping for breath. Should he tell her about Prof and the threat? He thoughts but shrugged the idea away. He didn’t want to get her worried.

Henry: “Would you go to the shop today?”

She nodded,

Shola: “ I thought of staying back at home to get over yesterday’s event but I’ll just go!”

He raised his head and peered into her eyes,

Henry: “ Are you sure,babes?”

She nodded, jumped up,

Shola: “Lemme go and get food ready!”

Henry sat up on the bed dragging himself out of the bed was a problem and he needed to go and take his bath. As he garner strength to go and get set for the day’s hustle. A Whatsap message dropped on Shola’s phone. He hardly preyed into her phone but he decided to and when he slide open. It was a message from the name XTRANGER ,

“Morning babe”the message read.

His heart missed a beat

He scrolled up as more messages dropped  and he started reading;

Xtranger: “Heyie Chocolatey!”

Shola: “Heylo, handsome. Welcome! How long are you gonna be off shores?”

Xtranger: “Three weeks!”

Shola: “Ah, I better enjoy the moment while you’re here oo!”

Xtranger: “Lol. So was I missed?”

Shola: “ Umh, what do you think?” she sent a wink emoji,

Xtranger: “ I dunno. You tell me!”

Shola: “You were missed a lottle,”she sent a tongue-out emoji.

Xtranger: “A lottle?”

Shola: “Yes,baby!”


Henry felt his finger go numb. Was he imagining things or that was actually true? He heaved and went on,

Xtranger: “You and your choice of words eh? Lol.”

Shola: “Lol!”

Xtranger: “Come to Port Harcourt let’s see now. I really wanna see your face. Come and enjoy the big cassava!”

Shola sent a face covering emoji,

Shola: “Please, you know am I a good girl right?”

Xtranger: “we are saying the same thing! Lol”

Shola: “How big?”

Xtranger: “too make you moan with glee!”

Shola: “Now you want to make me so wet!”

Henry swiped his hands over the phone to close it. He had read too much. His heart was beating fast.  Shola entered holding a tray with breakfast on it. He swallowed spit countless times. He was trying to swallow his anger, obviously- it was choking him.

Should he confront her or let it slide? He thought. He acted very cold towards,

Shola: “Baby, what’s wrong?”

Henry swallowed his spit as he swallowed the food in his mouth,

Henry: “Ehm, what?” he had lost appetite, totally.

He feigned a phone call and lied that Prof wanted to see him but the truth was that he wanted to leave her presence before he choked life out of her- her sighed was perturbing. He couldn’t believe Shola would ever do that to him. Which was he to handle, the threat or a cheating girlfriend?

He took the car keys and left- her avoided her pecking him. He couldn’t pretend- he was mad at her.


It was confirmed that Chairman was dead and Bola was taken as the prime suspect. She was in the custody of DSS as she was questioned,

Bola: “sir, I don’t know anything about Chief John’s death. I’m innocent!”

Officer: “But he was discovered dead in your apartment.”

Her lips were quivering as tears trickled down the swollen face. She had been beaten. It was just the pains of the beating that had grasped her but the Chairman’s death.

“Now the question is why did you kill him?” he stood over her resting his hand on the small table in between them.

Bola: “Officer, I swear. I know nothing about his death. Why would I kill him?Chairman was a good man. Why would I kill a man who has being good to me?”

Officer: “why won’t you kill him? When you argued with him that he wasn’t giving you attention as he was supposed to?” she shook her head, “Did you have that argument on the night he died?”

Bola was crying,

Bola: “I didn’t kill him, I swear! We had just had sex after then,”she sobbed, “I…i… went into the bathroom and when I came back . I met him died on the bed. Someone had come in to kill him. I don’t know who but it isn’t me.”

Officer: “His wife said you killed him!” Bola couldn’t say a word she was in tears the officer walked around the small room, “was it true that you had demanded for a certain amount of money and he refused to give you?” he walked behind her. She didn’t say anything she was crying and he held her by the hair and pulled her- she screamed, “answer me when I ask you a question! Do you think I am here to joke!” the fury officer looked into her eyes.

They were both sweating. Bola shook her head.

He screamed a name: “Danjuma! Come and take her away!”Bola was crying as the junior officer came and took into a guard room.

Since she was brought into custody that was the routine- she would be brought out for questioning after being beaten. And always asked the same questions. Although the night Chairman died they had forgotten to bolt the door when they entered. The crazy sex took their attentions away. She was sure that it was chairman’s wife that killed her husband. Who else would have that intention?


Henry had an awful day. Everything annoyed him for that day. He was going to end the relationship, he nodded. Why would she cheat on him? That was the lingering question on his mind.

Should Henry confront Shola or he should break up with her? Would Chairman’s wife be discovered as the killer?”

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  1. Henry should confront shola,breaking up wit her isn’t d next….as 4 chairman deth, d truth will be reveal someone..just dey pity bola…first to comment, gud morning Adelove.

  2. Us better for Henry to face Shola and ask her, am sure First wuld be discovered later that she was the one who killed her husband

  3. How did de person said dey had argument before he was killed get to know?? Real killer will be catched. Henry should forgive shola if she apologize. Next….

  4. Chairman is dead lol. The wife will not be discovered. Henry will separate from Shola and the first lady will try to seduce Hery back. She will surely succeed using money to entice him

  5. Happy weekend ALC&Fs,
    Twisty twists………..

    Yep, Henry should get to talking about his recent doubts in their relationship in the light of recent discoveries….you never can tell for sure.

    Chairman’s wife does not come under the radar for me as a suspect.

    Have fun , everyone..


  6. Henry should ask Shola, it may just be an innocent chat as is always done.
    The real killer would be discovered.
    If it isn’t Bridget, then she’ll finally expose the first lady

  7. No he shouldn’t break up with Shola without confrontation, he shouldn’t confront her and hear from her on what to say… about First Lady, the truth will be reveal someday…

  8. The best option is to confront Shola. it might just happen that she and the other guy were just online friend and from that text I don’t think they ever met. it’s like they were just sharing dirty jokes. Truth about Chairman death will eventually come out but for now, Bola is in it for it!

  9. It is better to comfort her than assume…

    if she killed him she’ll be identified as the killer soon

  10. somebody should give me just one reason why henry should pardon shola. This is d same girl dat almost killed her self on hearing dat henry is dead. If it is real love why should she cheat on him. Am always very careful when it comes to lady’s issue.

  11. Hmmm… It is well oo. . But I think Shola is not cheating on Henry, confrontation won’t be the best solution here for Henry but a little dialogue will settle the case…

  12. Henry should sit Shola and ask her questions and not accuse her. I suspect it’s a setup by first lady.Bola is in serious trouble and firstlady wont be discovered on time

  13. Henry should confront her n find out first. first lady will be discovered as the one who kill chairman .. thanks good morning adf

  14. He shud confront her.. Break up is never an option most tyms in a relationship.. first lady will b discovered bt not so soon.

  15. chai….is not easy for a man to caught his wife cheating on him, but Henry from Abuja to Port Harcourt is a long distance dnt u think is a fake relationship? may b she haven’t met him bfor but just chatting with him to get his money, Henry pls dnt break up with her jst 4gv her and give her a second Chance……is going to take long to discover first Lady as d killer

  16. Henry shld confront her to sort tinz out….. 4 Chairman’s wife, unless a witness wit concrete evidence shows up…. Mrnin Family…..

  17. Its getting twisted, henry shld confront shola, she might hv a convincing answer to prove her innocence. For first lady, i bliv the law will catch up with her. Someone would hv seen her who wld come as bola’s messiah.

  18. henry should confront her before taking any action and as for the first lady……she might not ve killed him but she sure has a hand in his death……good morning

  19. Shola! Shola! Shola! How many times I’ve I called you? Why now? Henry was very good guy to you now -what is your problem? Henry should better tell her his mind. Would be very difficult for them to trace First Lady but at last she’ll be caught

  20. Henry should confront shola because what he read from her phone might not be the true position of things, for first lady she will still be discovered

  21. What a wicked world…. So Shola is cheating on Henry with all the love she display to him mmmm…….. Henry sat up on the bed dragging himself out of the bed was
    a problem and he needed to go and take his bath. As he
    garner strength to go and get set for the day’s hustle. A
    Whatsap message dropped on Shola’s phone. He hardly
    preyed into her phone but he decided to and when he slide
    open. It was a message from the name XTRANGER ,

  22. Is better henry confronts Shola before breaking up with her,so as to find out d truth. As for d chairman’s wife,d truth can only be hodden for a while but not forever….she will surely be found out soon. But Bola is in for big trouble o.

  23. This is getting serious oh. Bola, this is serious problem for you, na only God fit bring you out. Henry should confront Shola.

  24. Henry should confront shola instead of nursing hatred and anger.first Lady is certainly behind her hubby’s death

  25. Henry calm down. Confront shola directly to know d real deal,don’t do anytin out of anger 4 now. She might b innocent and her phone is used by her friend or jus a casual fun chat to her. Very soon,d polce will get d real culprit of chairman n it mightjus b firstlady or her friend bridget.

  26. hmmm first lady is crazy, she will be discovered as the killer the truth will definitely surface. Henry should confront shola before taking any rash decision he will regret later.

  27. Henry need to sort out prof’s threat before his girlfriend, then he should confront her. As for Bola, only her innocent can rescue her.
    Morning adelove!

  28. two wrong dont make a right, henry should better confrot shola to hear from the horse mouth before taking any action. For sure first lady will face her own ponishment very soon.

  29. Breaking up with Shola is not the best option for him, as for the murder(first lady) of chairman it will take time but must be brought to book

  30. Its better for henry to confront shola, its possible she is not sleeping with the guy yet, for first lady i dont think she killed her husband sha

  31. Breaking up is not the best thing henry, y dnt u sit her dwn nd ask her about wot u saw on her fone. I fink dat ll be the best for u both. Firstlady if u re the killer, i pray nemesis catch up wif u very fast so dat the innocent bola can be freed.

  32. It is better he ask her mayb som1 do use her phone to chat wit a strange bt he betta ask her. As for bola i pity her. Chairman’s death will b discovered bt it will be long like 2-3 episedo

  33. Shola is in trouble if Henry’s mind didn’t appease with what he saw in her phone. In the other end, with chairman’s death, it’s an opportunity for first lady to go back to Henry to deceive him with money and have him back as this was her plans ever since and Henry may cooperate being her husband less now and he is in desperate financial need to settle his problem with Prof and coupled with his thought on quitting with Shole whom he alleged cheating on him…. too bad for both lovebirds….. But the truth on chairman’s death will prevail later.

  34. Henry needs to confront Shola before taking any decision buh ladies are devil sha, Henry got maltreated because he was protecting his relationship. Na wa for Girls oh, Money & D**k is just what they think
    Bola is paying for her sin of committing fornication but the truth will definitely be out
    I’m suspecting Bridget as the killer or Chief John’s opponent in politics & not the wife

  35. Why would he leave based on a chat. He hasn’t confirmed yet. He’Ll get over his anger and confront her period as for first lady she will definitely be caught

  36. Henry should confront her with his discovery and hear what she has to say before taking a drastic step and as for bola, the truth will be out soon

  37. Morning To U Adelove And Frnzz, Henry, Shuld Ask Her, He Shuld Nt Jst Say He Want To Break Up Like Dat, Wel As 4 F.lady She Will Surly Be Find Out Bt Bola Wuld Av Pass Tru Alot. Did Chairman Av A Child At All

  38. He should confront her so she would know why he left her if he eventually did….. And I dont think chairman’s wife killed him…. I think it Bridget….. But either way time shall tell….

  39. If he confronts her, she will always find a way to defend herself. Just watch and monitor for a while, then you can decide. Chiefs wife will surely make a mistake that will expose her or better still she’ll confide in her friend Bridget who will in turn expose her.

  40. Henry doesn’t need to break up with her but he should confront her about what he saw in her phone. Nothing is hidden foreverso I believed First lady will be apprehended as the murderer later on.

  41. Henry should confront shola instead of quiting the relationship they’ve been through alot together, as for the first lady the truth will come out. Hmmm poor bola.

  42. No trace at all, hmmm bola is in for much ooooo, I just pray chief’s wife will be caught. henry should not even make dat mistake, let him confront shola, and hear from her first before taking action.

  43. Henry should confront Shola and not breakup with her just like that.
    As for first lady, nemesis will surely catche up with her.Her cup has filed up.

  44. Henry should confront Shola, at least to hear her own side of the story and it might be Beatrice who killed Chairman, but whoever the killer is, he or she will be found out, Good morning family.

  45. Henry should confront Shola first and hear what she have to say after that he can decide on what to do. At the end everything will be out and first lady will be arrested

  46. confronting shola is the best because what he found out might not be exactly how it looks like. chairman’s killer ll surely be apprehended

  47. I never thought Shola could do dat to Henry. Buh all d same, Henry should confront her 1st, by her explanation, Henry will knw if to break up wiv her is d best… I really pity Bola buh as tym goes on, d truth will be revealed.

  48. Henry should confront shola. Instead of just breaking up ffrom her. I believe the killer of chairman will surely be known.

  49. Henry should confront Shola first before he take a decision. First Lady can be the brain behind chairman death, but she is not the one that carry out the mission. Good morning Adelove and happy weekend.

  50. Henry should just forgive shola,by the way most times when the man isnt providing in the relationship,the lady gets the financial help outside… so mk henry no vex… nd as for bola,pele na the millions wey u collect punishment u dey tk so… first lady enjoy while it last cos u will b exposed soon

  51. The truth is Sola was not the owner of the conversation but at times we are careless by allowing people to use her phone. Therefore, Henry needs to talk it over or loose a good lady for real. As for Bola, the truth would definitely comes out but it is a difficult issue. Some women can be heartless.

  52. Henry has to confront her before take any action maybe they don’t even know each other and every soon first lady with pay for her crime

  53. henry should just ask her because it might just be a mix up because she might not be cheating on him and for police to get to the root of who kill chief they will surely do a rigorous work but I believe the killer will soon be caught

  54. henry should confront shola because it might not be wat he thinks.shola truly loves him. first lady added rash n she will pay for it.am also suspecting dat Bridget saw first.lady oh.bola will eat beating well before she will be bailed.

  55. henry should confronted shola bola I pity you first lady is behind the death of chief…. kudos to you guy next pls

  56. henry should comfort shola about it, it might not be wat he is thinking CU’s sometime we like getting dirty with our male fiends. chairman’s wife might not b d killer CU’s she is a lady how will she b able to over power a grown up man but she surly av hands in her husband death.

  57. Henry should confront Shola instead of breaking up with her.Its only a matter of time before first lady is found out as the murderer

  58. Henry should confront shola to hear her side of the chat,maybe its just a silly joke they crack when chatting instead of a break up,chairman wife will be discovered as the killer after further investigation,the truth will be revealed.

  59. Yes Henry should confront her instead of breaking up with her.Yes with time chairman’s wife will be discovered as the killer.

  60. Henry should ask Shola first because break up with her is very bad idea , One day the truth must come out about first lady

  61. I believe the killer would be identified later, it might not be first lady, Henry should not break up but he should pretend that nothing happened and allow the truth to unveil itself or get more evidence

  62. Assumption breeds frustration and frustration is the mother of all anger. Its good he confront Sola for clarification.

  63. Henry should confront shola. i think first lady friend would go to the police station to tell them that is first lady that killed chief from there,first lady will be arrested

  64. Henry should confront Shola so as to clear his mind. Chairman’s wife killed him because she promised to deal with him.

  65. First lady will reveal to her friend Bridget that she killed her husband and Bridget will use that to implicate her. Henry should confront Shola.but I think this Shola girl like sex too much that’s why she is cheating on him

  66. Henry should confront shola because if he breaks up the relationship,how would shola know her crime. Chairman’s wife must be exposed one day.

  67. chairman’s wife will be discovered as the killer
    I think henry should confront his girlfriend before breaking the relationship

  68. Henry should first confront shola to hear the real truth rather than make a blind decision. I should a clue will lead to cheif’s killer and she will be exposed.

  69. Henry should tell Shola even if he wants to break up with her. It might not b chairman’s wife dat killed him, Shola might b d culprit

  70. Henry should confront shola, that is what he should have done in the first place. And yes Chairman wife would later be discovered as the killer.

  71. Chairman’s wife will stupidly tell Bridget nt knowing dat she z in luv with him and she will rat her out to d police

  72. Henry should definitely confront Shola; perhaps one of her friends must have made use of her phone to chat with the Xtranger guy. Yels! First lady would be discovered soon

  73. Henry should wait and her from Shola’s mouth before making decision and chairman wife will surly be caught.

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