(Episode 21) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

(Episode 21) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Bridget sat waiting for First Lady. She had come to visit her in jail. She wasn’t allowed in as visitor but trust Bridget she knew how to pull strings- the right ones.

Bridget wore a sullen face as First Lady appeared,

Bridget: “Oh,Oh! See what they have done to your face,” First Lady was sobbing as they hugged,

First Lady: “This people are demons. I see. This place is hell on earth,”she said as she sat.

Bridget: “Why would they do this to you,eh? This is unacceptable!” they held hands and placed it on the table,

First Lady heaved,

First Lady: “How are you?”

Bridget: Ï have being restless cos of you!” they looked at each other, she touched First Lady’s cheeks, “I know you aren’t happy here.”

First Lady: “I can possibly be!”

Bridget: “Have you contacted the lawyers.”

First Lady: “They are working tirelessly to see that I am out of here. That bitch implicated me.”

Bridget: “So they let her go?”

She nodded angrily,

First Lady: “Yes!”

Bridget: ”There’s no justice in this country!”

First Lady shrugged, “I can’t believe a murderer would be roaming freely on the streets. And here I am!”

Bridget: “This is pathetic! What evidence are they using against you?”

First Lady: “That I drove after him that night!”

Bridget: “You did?”

First Lady gaped at her,

First Lady: “You don’t think I killed him. Do you?”

Bridget: “No, not at all. I’m just wondering, you know you never mentioned it.”

First Lady heaved,

First Lady: “I didn’t kill John. Couldn’t have. I followed him that night yes but just to know the girl he was saying. To confirm your suspicion!”

Bridget nodded,

Bridget: “I remember that I insinuated that he might be cheating on you.”

First Lady: “He was and she had to kill him. My plan was to go the next day and beat the hell out of him not knowing she had more evil plans.”

An officer came and alerted them that their time was up,

Bridget: “I’ll come to see you, my friend! You’ll be free soon.”

First Lady nodded as they bade fare well to each other.

Henry woke up with a very nagging headache. He was woken by a bad dream. In the dream Prof appeared to him in a black hood and pulled a trigger on him,

Prof: “This is for messing with me!”

He spat on the body and left.

Henry was sweating and still recovering from the shock when he heard a knock on his door. He jerked up,

Henry: “Could that be prof?”he thought.

He became restless. Out of the blue, his stomach started rumbling. Was it due to the fear or he had sudden fallen ill? Nauseous feeling grasped him and at the same time cold rocked his body. The knock blared again.

Henry: “Help me, O’God!” he did the sign of the cross as he went to the door.

As he opened it, it was Shola. She was about leaving after knocking with no response,

Shola had a sullen face,

Shola: “Good morning dear!”

Henry nodded,

Henry: “good morning!”

Shola: “Can I at least come in?” she stared at him. After some minutes of silence, he flung the door open as she entered. He stood looking at her as she looked at him to,

“Are you still mad at me?”

Henry looked away as she knelt down, he moved away.

“Baby I’m sorry. Mike is his name but we had never seen before. I don’t wanna make any excuses for my misbehavior. But I never had intentions of seeing him,”

He smirked at her,


Henry: “And now she comes with a lie. Shola I don’t want you to mix things up. I have moved on. I’m not interested please. I can’t trust you again!”

Shola: “Please, Hen….”

Henry didn’t allow her finish,

Henry: “Just leave please!”

Shola: “So you aren’t going to hear me out?”

Henry: “what’s the new thing you want to tell me,eh? Just leave!”

She heaved, cleaned her knees and left with tears in her eyes,

“I am seeing someone else,”he said to her as she stepped outside.

She almost missed her steps. It was hard to believe that Henry had started seeing someone just some weeks later.

Dele said to the female detective,

Dele: “There’s one more arrest we need to finally close this murder case!”

Female Detective: “I thought the suspect is in our net already?”

Dele he nodded,

Dele: “She couldn’t have done it alone! Let’s not waste time. Get some men let’s go a-fishing!”

He carried his pistol and hung it on his waist as they left.


She dashed into her room, “I am not spending a minute into this house. Why would that useless detective not allow this case die. That place was an eyesore. I can’t imagine myself staying in that dirty place. I thought, they had caught the murderer already!”

She packed her raiment’s in a bag. She flung her bag opened and brought out the UK visa. She was leaving for the airport,

“UK here I come!” she smiled and ran out.

Was Henry right in treating Shola that way? Do you think First Lady had a helping hand in murdering Chairman? Who was  the suspect trying to flee the country?

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  1. I don’t think that first lady killed her husband but Bridget did. Henry will definitely go back to shola,he is just hurt and confused at the moment.

    • bridget is d one trying to run away cuz she is guilty of d crime……….nd as fr henry..he is just trying 2 torture shola a little b4 accepting ha bk

  2. Henry should pls forgive shola.it might be Bridget that is behind chairman’s death and is trying to flee.but why would she kill him?

  3. Bridget is the suspect and henry is not right treating shola that way.yes shola did wrong but he should consider d fact that shola has been there for him all this while

  4. complicating issue well first lady might not b responsible bt she was glad he died! Henry shld remember d sufferings Shola went tru 4 him while he was detained!! dats real luv!!

  5. Henry is right in treating shola that way but he should give her a chance, First Lady wasn’t the one that mustered chairman rather is Bridget and she’s trying to flee out off the country…,

  6. Henry is just trying to ve manly forgetting that he’s over doing it. If shola leaves na u go find her. too much pride. as for the murderer…..Bridget after collecting ten million and finding out chief is seeing another person……is capable of doing something else……but let me just keep ma fingers crossed and wait…..good morning all

  7. Henry will regret his action in the long run.
    I hope Shola won’t be seeing someone else. I suspect she’s pregnant.
    One can’t easily tell who the accomplice is

  8. Bridget murdered chairman, and First lady is not the accomplice but Henry fucked up, he shouldn’t have treated shola the way he did

  9. Nop, I can’t believe henry will do like that to Shola tz nt right…

    Bridget is the one trying to flee the country

    I don’t think first lady has a hand on her Busby’s death

  10. Henry is undeniable missing shola, so why is he forming over anger. I just hope what he told her won’t break their relationship for good this time. Bridget must have killed the chairman but unknown to the first lady, hummmm! I love the unraveling of this murder case. kudos guys

  11. A Blessed Sunday AM ALC&Fs,

    Henry is overreacting to Shola right now and that leads nowhere – that’s rash. No everyone owns up to a slip and it takes well bred manners and virtue to do that.His treatment is overtly wrong, now.

    I guess we will just have to wait for it, but it’s illogical under the circumstances to think that Lady Fel had an accomplice in her late husband’s murder.

    This most likely fugitive is Bridget even though it makes no sense yet………a woman’s envy is capable of the most unimaginable things.

    Catch ya!


  12. Now i think Henry is over reacting. At least for the fact that she admitted to her fault, he shud av at least hear her out.. I don’t think first has anything to do with her husband’s death… Bridget is the lady trying to run away n like i said before, she is responsible for it. I believe that was y she asked chairman for that huge amount of money on the night he was killed. Cos she had plans for him.

  13. Henry is a human being to get angry but he’ll come around and forgive Shola, as its going now, dont think firstlady killed her husband, think the one packing load is Bridgett. Good morning.

  14. Dis is serious if d killer of chairman is not Bola or first lady that means is Bridget. But as for henry, he should try to forgive shola

  15. Henry did not treat Shola well, he should forgive her and take her back. Shola will be the one to save him from professor.
    Bridget is the murderer, how she did it, how she did it is still a mystery to us. Adelove full of suspense.

  16. Bridget isn’t innocent in d case too, together with d aidies of First Lady…
    Henry should have at least hear Shola out, nt to talk of Even lying to her dat he has been seen a new lover……..
    Bridget & her aidies too will be brought in sooner

  17. Brigdet is trying to runaway and I think She has a hand in Chief’s death and First Lady may be innocent after all. Henry is over reacting and it isn’t fair on Shola.Adelove please conclude this story oo.

  18. What’s wrong with Henry? Guy,forgive shola na…at least,she stood by u wen u needed a hand. Well,the suspect trynna run away is Bridget. First lady is not the culprit.

  19. Bridget was d suspect dat want to flee out and Dele and his group will arrest her at d airport den first lady is going to be released. Henry will still forgive shola

  20. henry should atleast forgive shola…….bridget is d killer of chairman not firstlady….full of suspense…..

  21. Henry should forgive shola and give second Chance no one is perfect,Bridget is suspect that want to flee our of the country she is the killer….

  22. Henry shouldn’t v done that to shola o,atleast 4 her still cuming to him to make amendments and pleading him is more than enough. What else shoulkd she do? I hope henry is not making some mistakes 4 sending shola away o. As 4 first lady,I fink she don’t know d murderer not to talk of helping the murderer. Bridget should b d suspect trying to fled out of d country bt anybody should it b,his/her cup is full alrdy.

  23. Bridget is the prime suspect who killed chairman while 1st lady was just a coincidence. Guys knw how to deal with lady with dat words say I don move on all bkus dey wan show say I b man here. Apy Sunday guys

  24. Henry is overreacting, he should forgive her before he regret it. The true killer of chief is no other person than Bridget who is about to flee the country.

  25. Bridget did not first lady. But how did this happened ? Henry should overlook this issue about Shola and move on with her. We all are bound to mistake.

  26. I dont want to assume, cos adelove is capable of twisting stories, all of u r saying Bridget, dont b surprise, adelove wld shock all of u….. Henry shld hv listen to shola, atleast for listening sake. But i dont even understand shola, at first she said she met xchanger once, now she is claiming not to hv met him. Contunu

  27. Uhmmmmm………. I don’t blame Henry for not have forgiven her yet, no man or woman would see his/her partner cheating on them and forgive so easily – its usually a heavy burden to bear especially when you so much trust her-. Bri baby sha, why would she want to leave for yankee if she truly has no hand in his death. Can’t wait for d next episode anyways

  28. Henry is not supposed to treat shops dat way…first lady does not have anything to do wit chief death …bridget is the one trying to flee from her crime

  29. Henry pls take it easy with shola,we understand u re hurt nd yet confused about the situation …I don’t think first lady killed her husband… D mistery Lady is yet 2 b unveil .

  30. Henry have over react, pls forgive Shola and move on. First Lady had no helping in murdering chairman. Bridget is the suspect trying to flee the country, but they are going to catch her because police are on there way to her house. Happy Sunday adelove.

  31. Henry should for give shola so she can help him out with prof. before he kill him ooooo…. First lady did not have any helping hand, I have said it times without numbers that the main suspect is Bridget…… I knew from the onset that she is the one that killed the chief but she has no where to run to, her cos is over filled already….

  32. Henry was wrong treating Shola that way,he should have at least gave her a listening ear. Bridget is the one trying to run out of the country.

  33. Henry should have a 2nd tot and forgive Shola
    Bridget killed chairman and she’s trying to flee outta the country……..I don’t think this story is ending soon Coz this 1 that Henry is still battling with making it in life.

  34. It is Bridget dat is behind chairman’s killing,and alxo I don’t support henry treating shola DAT way cos she has already begged him enof.

  35. I said it, it is definitely Bridget. her phone was on whn d argument was going on btwn d chairman nd wife,she heard he was leaving d house so she followed him nd killed him out of jealousy.

  36. Henry should forgive nd forget joor,first lady has a helping hand in d murder of chairman in d person of Bridget devil.the suspect is Mrs Bridget devil. Gudmorning Adelove

  37. ofcus he is rite for treating shola like DAT,for sometime it can be devastating for u to find out DAT d love of ur lifevis cheating on u, but Henry should reconsider n accept her back but watch her with open eye,,n as for chairlady it one of her friends DAT help her to carryout d mission n she is d one about to elope to London..Adelove next episode pis!!!

  38. Henry is wrong by sending Shola away, hope it will not be too late for him.
    Bridget is the prime suspect now, if not why is she running away.

  39. Morning adelove , Bridget is chairman real killer as for henry to err is Human and to forgive is divine u are not treating shola right

  40. I think Bridget is d suspect trying to flee, Henry is not treating shola right, I hope it won’t b too late for him wen he decides to forgive her

  41. henry shouldn’t av gone that far in forgiving her. and as for d murderer,I av a strong conviction that it’s Bridget

  42. henry got it wrong this time he should forgive shola, first lady had a hand in that murder, the suspect is Bridget.

  43. I have said it earlier and I am saying it again Bridget murdered the chairman and not his wife.
    I think Henry should have listened to Shola and also forgive her. We all make mistakes. And I have a feeling she is pregnant for him. About the money/phone he gave to those guys, he should consider it lost.

  44. Bridget is the one fleeing to UK and I know shola made a mistake but she doesn’t deserve d treatment she is getting from henry

  45. Hmmmm….. what a suspense! ….. Henry shouldn’t have treated Shola that way, at least she realized her mistakes even by tracing his new location to plead with him, I think she deserves a 2nd chance….. Henry pls listen to Shola and go back to her before it’s too late. I think Bridget is the murderer to Mr. Chairman who is now trying fled away…… Thank you Adelove for making my morning wonderfully well…. Kisses….

  46. henry should have give shola little chance to explain,first lady never murdered chairman and the person that want to flee country I guess should be prof

  47. Henry no try at all, he is not treating shola right at all, i believe first lady is not working alone but i cant say who

  48. But why did Bridget kill chairman?
    Henry is not wrong to treat her in any way,she should learn properly from her lessons as he had g through he’ll(refusing lady fel) just for her sake!! He shouldn’t have told her he was seeing someone yet as that will chase her away,and I am sure he doesn’t want that!

  49. Henry was wrong treating Shola that way. Afterall, she had helped him alot. First lady has no accomplice becus she’s innocent. Bridget is the culprit that’s y she wants to flee to UK. But she will be caught.

  50. Bridget killed chairman. it’s very clear but she will b arrested by Dele. Henry will forgive Shola and will accept her back .

  51. Happy Sunday everyone.
    Please Henry should forgive Shola though it’s not easy.
    Bridget is the suspect, it’s like she’s the one that killed chairman. It’s becoming more complicated.

  52. Bridget is fleeing the country,men they easily forget the good done for them during their low days.Henry is forgetting shola’s support and everything she has been doing for him.

  53. I think henry is wrong in treating shola the way he is doing
    I think first lady has hand in mudering chief. I think
    the suspect that is trying to fly of the country is Bridget

  54. Bridget killed chairman out of jealousy because chief wasn’t ready to leave first lady to marry her, though she hired someone for the job,she probably paid one of chief’s aide or driver (especially the one, chief told that he won’t be needing his services that night,that he(chief)needed to go out alone that night of his murder,cos am very sure Bridget doesn’t have the strength/power to kill chief.

  55. Henry forgive Shola na. I just love detective Dele, he knows that chairlady is innocent but wants to use her as a bait. Happy Sunday Ade love

  56. Henry is confused by all the issues in His life and he’s been taking wrong decisions on all issues as if they are doing him. The money chief transferred to Bridget will implicate her.

  57. Henry did wrong treating Shola in such a way…and the First lady isn’t the one who killed Chairman but Bridget and she’s the one trying to run away to UK.

  58. First lady did not kill her husband but Bridget did. Henry is not treating Shola well. He should remember that Shola was there for him and she is now sorry for what she did, he should forgive her and allow bygone be bygone.

  59. So Bridget is the culprit after all, wow world with its mystery.. As for Henry, what he need now is turning to God for help not Shola, am not even sure if Shola really love him because from the indication it is the random sex they engaged in that got her attracted to him & that’s what she is missing but it is the root of Henry misfortune. So as I said before let them get the right thing done & stop opening the door of their lives for devil.

  60. Henry is not right in treating Shola the way he did.
    first lady doesn’t have a hand in Chief’s death.
    Bridget is the suspect trying to escape.

  61. Henry is overreacting to shola we are all human dat can make mistake and shola ave agreed dat she knw wat she did is wrong.
    As for first lady she so stupid to alliw Bridget to manipulate her brain now she is about to fly out.lets wait and see what wil happen to her.

  62. Bridget trying to run out of d country…henry enough of those swag of urs…take ur woman back nd forgive her….maybe first lady has a helping hand in d death of chairman….nice one adelove

  63. Henry wasn’t right in the way he treated Shola. He should have given her a second chance. Bridget is the suspect trying to run away. She helped first lady in murdering chairman.

  64. Henry wasn’t right in the way he treated Shola. He should have given her a second chance. Bridget is the suspect trying to run away. She helped first lady in murdering chairman. Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner. Bridget’s evil deeds & advice have found her out.

  65. Even though he was hurt, Henry is not right treating Shola DT way,d babe don try na….If at @ all d first lady murdered d chairman she couldn’t have done it alone. I think d suspect trying to fleebis Bridget. Next pls.

  66. Henry and Shola had to get back nd he need to return back d money to d owner
    as for Bridget nd first lady dey have meet their Waterloo

  67. Henry is now taking this whole thing too serious, he should just try and forgive Shola. I think First is innocent, the real culprit is Bridget

  68. Henry is not right,he should give her a second chance . First lady didn’t murder chairman,Bridget did & she is the one trying to run away. Everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner. Bridget’s deeds & evil advice has found her out. I wish her luck in her escape.

  69. Henry was not right in treating shola that way. No I don’t think First has a helping hand. And Bridget is the suspect.

  70. Henry should have a rethink; he could be taking this too far. First lady had a helping hand and that was Bridget; the culprit. Leaving for the UK, when your so called best friend is in jail? What a world!

  71. This is getting more complicated. I think Bridget is the murderer that is about to flee the country. Henry shouldn’t have behaved that way to Shola.

  72. Sowi, I gat no Sub, so I cldnt make d comment b4. What Henry is doing to Shola is not good. 1st lady is innocent nd Bridget is d prime suspect.

  73. Henry was only doing that to know Shola’s intention.
    First lady was innocent.
    Bridgett was the one trying to flee out of the country.

  74. I don’t Knw what’s wrong with this Henry sef,instead of him to welcome her and allowed her help his situation (hisses) he’s worsening d matter by saying he’s seeing another,
    Bridget is d one trying to run away ooo

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