(Episode 22) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Bola who had being indoors since after her release decided to check on her friend,Shola. Shola has being supportive despite her emotional trauma. She had always checked on her friend. Bola couldn’t be more grateful. They had become more siblings and not just friends.

Bola picked up her phone,

Bola: “Ore mi, You dey house?”she asked Shola,

Shola who was in tears answered,

Shola: “Yes!” tried hiding the tears.

Bola was worried,

Bola: “why are you crying?”

Shola: ‘nothing!”she sobbed.

Bola: “I’m coming right away!”

Bola dropped the call and quickly left the house and in no time she was at her friend’s place. She entered the house and saw Shola all curled up in bed,

Bola: “hah. Why are you ill?”she placed her hand on her friend’s cheek. She wasn’t really running temperature.

Shola started crying,

Shola: “ It’s Henry oo! It’s Henry!”Bola hugged her,

Bola: “is he acting up?”

Shola nodded,

Shola: “Yes! Yes! Yesterday I went to plead with him but he told me off and said he has moved on and he is seeing someone else!”

Bola: “Sorry, my dear!”she hugged closely.


Shola: “I want to die! I want to die!”

Bola: “Ah ah! Quit talking like this! Let God’s will be done! Just stop crying please!”

She wiped her tears,

Shola: “But I want him back. I know I messed up. I’m sorry!”

Bola: “Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him,”she calmed her down.


Henry was at the park when he received a call from his neighbor. After being defrauded of his money and phone. Tope had given him a Nokia torch light phone that had rubber bands all around it. It looked like an object for the museum-old and dejected. He had to put it on the speaker before he could hear the person on the other end,.

Neighbor: “where are you?” the neighbor sounded agitated,

Henry: “I dey work!”

Neighbour: “Ah, there is fire on the mountain ooo!”

Henry was startled,

Henry: “what’s wrong?”

Neighbour: “ Some boys came to the house and raided your things! Thugs! Led by an old man with glasses! They swept your house! Everything!”

Henry knew that that was Prof,

Henry: “Oh my God! I am dead!”

The neighbor continued,

Nieghbour: “The man said you were lucky not to be home that we would have been mourning you by now. What did you do,eh? What have you gotten yourself into? He said he was on the lookout for you!”

Henry couldn’t take the news anymore he ended the call. What was he to do? He was confused. How would he hand over the car to Prof and not get killed? Was he to involve the police? He shook his head, someone like Prof would have his way somehow. Still in the middle of the confusion, he jumped into his car and drove,

Henry: “It’s better I go on with work. I might be lucky to make some money and maybe that would pacify Prof,”he said as he drove off, “ but why would Prof raid my house! For what na?”He hissed.

He worked for hours but he couldn’t even make up to a thousand naira. Business was generally slow that day,

Henry: “lemme go to the airport. Sometimes one or two shuttle pays very well!”

He had been there on many occasions but most times  the road tax people made life unbearable for drivers especially those that do airport shuttle. On his way, a taxi flagged him down. He pounced on his breaks,

Driver: Öh, boy,owfa?”

Henry: “Fine oo! Wetin dey?”

Driver: “na my car just break down and I carry wan oyibo wey dey go Sheraton. E tok say e don  dey late for e meeting.”

Henry agreed to help out and the White man, who later, identified himself as  Rooney Walters, jumped into his car,

Rooney: “Please, I’d need you to drives as fast as you can! I’m late for a meeting! I’ll pay any amount”he said in his Brits accent.

Henry smiled it seemed God was finally smiling at him.

Henry pounced on the accelerator. They met traffic at Area One junction,

Rooney: “Shit! Is there any other route?”

Henry: “this is the major route,sir!”

Rooney: “Oh, Africa. What a hell of a country!”

Henry ignore his rant and quickly remembered that there’s a short cut; he maneuvered his way out of the traffic and they used the Area Ten and Eleven axis and less than thirty minutes they had gotten to their destination. The white man jumped out of the car thanking Henry and handed him five thousand naira,

“This is my card and Nigeria number. Call me. I love how you drive!”

He ran into the hotel. Henry was excited five thousand for just a drive. That was pretty unbelievable. Butterflies flew in his stomach. There was sure light at the end of the tunnel. As he drove off, he kept looking at the card and smiling. But five thousand wasn’t enough to get Prof off his back. He needed forty five thousand naira more.  After working for the day. He was able to make six thousand naira. He decided to retire for the day but he couldn’t go home. The only option he had was to sleep in the car so he decided to park the car close to a filling station and sleep there. He had become a refugee. Throughout the night, he couldn’t sleep comfortably, he was busy wrestling with mosquitoes who either came for his knees or cheek. They annoyed him but there’s nothing he could do.

As early as five in the morning. He woke up and decided to clean his car so he would start work for the day. As he pulled the rug of the back seat, he found a suite case. It was black and looked expensive. It was locked,

Henry with it on his legs asked himself,

Henry: “where did this come from?” he was confused.

He tried opening it but it was locked with codes. Quickly he remembered his secondary school tricks of breaking padlocks and other form of security locks. He took two wires and pricked the side of the box with it his heart flew when it made a tweaking noise. It opened suddenly Henry was sweating. He couldn’t believe his eyes. In an abrupt manner, he closed the suite case. It was Rooney’s. It was stashed with foreign money. It was British Pound Sterling where £1  is equal to N595 today,

“See pounds oo!”Henry yelled!

He flung it in the car and walked round the car in confusion talking to himself.

Dele and his men hand cuffed Bridget. As she tried to run from the house. She was forced into the rickety Police van. She kept screaming and yelling,

Bridget: “You can’t do this to me! I want to speak to my lawyer! This is unjust!”

They drove away.

Questions: Should Henry return the cash in the suite case or run away with it to settle Prof and restructure his Life? – be sincere! Do you think Bridget is the murderer or she is just a victim like Bola? What should Shola do? Should she forget about Henry?

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  1. Henry should return the money to the white man and bridget is a suspect cus y did she decide to leave the country at that time and shola should keep begging her guy Henry will come back bcus he really do luv her

  2. Second to comment…. First in history lol! Henry should return the briefcase, Bridget is the murderer & Shops should just hold on Henry would come back.

  3. Henry will get favoured…
    First lady would be released probably get married to Bola or Lady Fel..
    Henry nd Shola would get back together….

    • henry will return d cash nd rooney will appreciate him. Bridget is guilty nd shola shouldnt 4get abt henry……he will 4giv ha

  4. Henry should return the cash. God will help him through that man.Shola should hold on a bit. Henry might come back to shola

  5. Henry should call Rooney first……Bridget hands are not clean. henry abeg u Don suffer Shola enough….hear her plea.

  6. Henry shld return d money… He will surely b rewarded…. Bridget is d killed…. Henry has to forgive shola…. He is just doing initial gragra…

  7. Henry should return the money and explain things to the man,maybe he can help him out. shola should try and forget Henry. As for Bridget,she is guilty

  8. Abeg ooo Henry should return it to mr Roney ..I guess its just a medium for his blessings.shola shud try again..if Bridget is not d culprit,den y did she try running away..she’s so d culprit

  9. I will advice Henry to take bag the briefcase to the owner, he might be favored, he never can tell. I think Bridget might a victim then shola should move and be prayerful, she and Henry might meet in future…

  10. Henry should return the briefcase to the foreigner who would obviously reward him.Bridget is d murderer.Henry and Shola would get back together

  11. Henry should return d money, he might get a bigger offer frm d white man that cn change his life 4 gud… I am sure Bridget killed chairman

  12. He should return d money maybe from there he would find favour and as for Bridget she wouldn’t run away if she is not guilty.Shola should still try and beg Henry,am sure he will forgive her

  13. I think henry should return d brief case to d white man
    I think Bridget is a criminal too
    as for shola, she should go back and plead once more to henry

  14. Henry shuld return d briefcase cos he mighty b lucky getting a gud job it is better getting a gud job than having a tin dat won’t last 4 long

  15. Henry should try and return the box , by doing that he will v favoured by the white man who will later help him.
    I think Bridget is the murderer or one of chairman’s political partner.
    Shola needs to be patient with Henry am sure that as soon as Henry solve Prof’s problem he will go back to Shola. He just need sometimes.

  16. Henry is a noble man and he will return the money. Again, Shola and Henry will reconcile. Bridget could be the murderer

  17. Of course with d card given to him, henry will return d suit case, and his life will turn around for good, (good citizens, nigeria good people, great nation)lol. So bridget u killed chairman out of jealousy. D law don catch u. Henry would surely forgive shola.

  18. henry should return the money cos there’s where his lifting up starts.Bridget is the killer.And henry will. forgive shola and they. will get back together.

  19. Henry should return the money and by His Grace the oyibo man will help him. Bridget is the murderer,Shola should give Henry some time to fix him self up.

  20. Henry should return the money,its going to be a turning point in his life,Bridget is guilty and will face the wrath of the law,shola should hold on,Henry’s coming right back to her.

  21. Henry should return the money cos if he doesn’t, the oyinbo man might be on look out for him.na another wahala be that.the man might help him out if he returns it.with that he’ll be able to settle prof.Bridget is not suffering for bola cos she is the murderer herself.and shola on the other hand should not give up on Henry

  22. Wow!!! What an interesting episode. Henry should return the suitcase who knows Rooney will reward him handsomely. Shola shouldn’t give up on Henry, their relationship will still work. Bridget is very much guilty. Let’s wait and see the end of it.

  23. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…………….. Henry shld return d money ooooooooooo………… Somehow i believe bridget is d culprit…………….. I believe shola and henry w get back together…………….

  24. Henry shld return d money who knw God might u d help of d white woman to smile at him. As for Bridget, I tink she has hands in chairman death. Henry and shola will eventually get back together.

  25. Bridget is the culprit,let her pay for the crime she committed.Henry do the right thing and return the money. Shola be sure Henry doesn’t want u anymore before u move on.

  26. he should return the suitcase n get compensated,Bridget is as guilty as charged. shola should continue pleading with henry,he will definitely forgive her

  27. Henry should return the money……….. Nieghbour: “The man said you were lucky not to be home
    that we would have been mourning you by now. What did
    you do,eh? What have you gotten yourself into? He said he
    was on the lookout for you!”

  28. Henry shud return d money since he knows d owner and he surely wil b greatly rewarded, briget killed chief if not y is she running? shola shud b patient w henry, hes stil gona forgiv her and they wil live happily eva afta

    • Henry pls return the money, Bridget u are wicked, u rob your friend of her joy, women becareful, if you didn’t killed chairman why are you running away, hmmmm

  29. Henry should return the cash in the suite case to the white man. Bridget is just a victim like Bola, but why is she running away? Her conscience is pricking her. Shola should forget about Henry for now and moves on with her life.

  30. Henry should return d money, he might get a bigger offer frm d white man that cn change his life 4 gud…

  31. Henry should return the money, who knows Rooney might give him something bigger than that, yes Bridget is d murderer, shola should leave Henry for now he his still hurt, he will come around later

  32. Henry should return the money and am sure he-ll get a special reward for that to pay prof. Sincerely speaking…it’s Bridget that killed Chairman and she’ll pay dearly for that. She’s not a victim like Bola. Shola should just hold on because Henry will come back to her later on that’s certain.

  33. bridget is d criminal. Henry should return the briefcase at least he had the man’s card and he will surely be favoured. Maybe because of the mess he found himself with prof. is the reason for rejecting shola so he should forgive her and take her back.

  34. Henry should return the briefcase, the white man will reward him handsomely…… Bridget is the killer, I knew from the onset…… Shola should keep trying , Henry will for give her and it will be a happy ending….

  35. Henry shud return d briefcase, Rooney is his helper oo.. shola shud keeep calm her boo wud b back, Bridget confess sharply

  36. Henry should return the case and might get a better blessing through the returns.
    Shola and Henry will finally make up

  37. Hmmmm,nice episode. To be sincere in this situation,he shuld jus follow his heart and I know he has a good heart. On my own suggestion,he shuld return d suitcase to d white man since his card is alrdy wit him. The white man is nice to him frm d start(he paid him good money 4 his service,even gave him his card shuld in case. Even thou d man didn’t forget his suitcase,if henry call him explain his situation and he is a graduate…he might be of help one way or the other). Bridget should be d culprit on chairman case and shola should jus focus on her buiz 4 her bt can still kip henry in his heart cus am sure he will surely cum back 4 his love in a big time.

  38. Henry shuld return the money I believe by so doing God will bless him more and for Bridget she’s a suspect, and Shola shuld be patient Henry wuld definitely come back to her

  39. Finally Bridget has been caught, biko Henry will return the money because he no get mind and as for Shola and Henry na matter of time them go settle

  40. Henry return the cash..BETTER opportunities are coming for you Dont worry and plss forgive shola.. Madam bridget what was your intention for killing chairman na? ..

  41. Henry should return d briefcase 2 Rooney,Bridget is d murderer,& Shola shouldn’t give up hope, she & Henry will still get back.

  42. Henry will return the money & things will work out good for him,Bridget is d killer days y she is running away,Shola should nt loose hope.

  43. Henry should return d cash.D white man will reward him handsomely. Bridget is d culprit.As for Shola ,she should keep begging… henry will eventually forgive her.

  44. Hmmm Henry just call the number, u will definitely find favour from the man, shola pls don’t kill urself oo, only God Knows d person dat is responsible for the death of chief.

  45. Haaaa! Henry abeg o return somebody’s money o and save your life, the man Rooney will be very happy with you and will reward you handsomely. Happy Sunday Adelove and crew God bless you all

  46. Henry should return the money,a bigger reward awaits him.this is just a test of honesty.Bridget should be because I don’t see any reason for her running if she is innocent
    Shola be patient ok,just give Henry time
    He will come around

  47. Hmmmn…. Henry should return the money to the white man and he could meet fortune with the kindness…. Bridget is the murdere coz she planning on leaving the country…. Bola should be prayerful and keep having faith, i know for sure that Henry will come back to her

  48. Henry should return the money who knows God might use the white man to help him….Bridget is clearly see that she is the killer… Shola Henry is coming back

  49. Henry should return the money,am sure the owner will reward him well. Bridget is the killer. Shola should still wait for henry.

  50. Henry please return it he will reward u handsomely…..Bridget u go rot dia and I believe that after Bola must pleaded with Henry he must change his mind and forgive shola….*shortest episode though,very lovely*


  52. I think Bridget is the one that killed chairman, Henry should return the money, God may establish him through the man. Shola should stay calm Henry will come back for her.

  53. Henry should return d cash in d brief case to d white man(Rooney) thatz d wisest thing to do. Bridget has a hand in chairman’s death what’s why she tried running out of the country. Shola shud put herself to get, henry will come back to her. Kudos to adelove and team. I enjoy reading ur stories than watching telemundo….lol

  54. Henry should return the suit case to the owner, he will be rewarded more than when he stole the money. I still believed Bridget kill chairman.

  55. henry should return d money Rooney might reward him as for Bridget go and rot in jail shola pls be patience henry will come back for you kudos to Ade love

  56. Henry should better look for Rooney & give him his money, who knows he may decide to change his life 4 gud…. honesty pays most.
    I said it earlier dat Bridget would be brought in, as she has been d 1 who masterminded Chairman’s death…..
    Shola should still give d last trial, cos Henry would reconsider their relationship.

  57. Henry should return the money cause that will pave way for him to get a lucrative job from that white man or he can even take him along to abroad. Why running away if she doesn’t have skeletons in her cupboard,even if she’s not the real culprit, Bridget will definitely have a case to answer. Shola, hold on your man is coming back! adelove you’re the best!!! next episode please.

  58. Henry should return d suitcase ASAP….d reward he will get is better Dan running all his life. I think Bridget is d murderer or an accomplice. As for Shola,she should move on. What is meant to be must be. If Henry is meant for her,he will surely return to her.

  59. henry should return the money and I’m sure the white man will reward him handsomely enough to establish him and shola should not give up on Henry,he is acting up because he is still upset. Bridget has a hand in the killing

  60. Indeed God has answered Henry’s prayer but he should return that suit case. Bridget and First lady knows what happen to chief. Shola should not forget about Henry.

  61. No, henry should return the money back to the white man…

    Yes I think Bridget killed chief or why was she planning to run???

    Shola should still hold on for Henry…

  62. mehnn…If Henry return that money I don’t think he can make it in life again, but I guess he will try to return it. d white man may help him to b rich…Bridget was d killer but shola shld try and go back to Henry and apologize again….can’t wait to read d final episode joor

  63. Henry should return the money to the owner, think Bridgett is guilty of the offence, Shola should not give up on her love.

  64. Henry should return the cash in the suite case since he has rooneys number…. Bridget is surely the murder if not she won’t have planed to flee from the contry…. remember clear conscience fears no accusation…. Shola should keep pleading with Him cause both of them really loves each other

  65. Henry should return it, he has already found favor with Mr rooney, so he’ll be more grateful than he was wen he gave him the 5k… Bridget is responsible for chairman’s death.. Shola should hold on to Henry, cos its obvious she really loves him.

  66. Afternoon wonderful ALC&Fs,
    Awesome work………..

    By every means Henry should please return the cash – national & personal integrity are worthy values we should start to develop and preserve in our country and world, money aint everything. Better opportunities would present themselves for him to sort himself out – that is my sincere take.

    Bridget stands out as a sure suspect but why she would do it beats me…….maybe she just couldn’t hold herself and then has she killed before-wow!

    Meanwhile Shola should pray and be patient, we all have self integrity and I think she has been quite sincere with Henry sofar………she cannot continue to plead and appear so cheap. Godwilling Henry would come around.

    Waiting up……


  67. Henry should return the brief case i believe God is about to bless him Bridget is the murderer and Shola should not give up on Henry he will soon forgive her

  68. Henry will call Rooney and give him the money and he will help his miserable life entirely and for Bridget she is guilty,Shola should keep on with Henry he will surely comes back for her

  69. Henry are better return that briefcase to the white man, afterall the man gave him his card. Besides henry is not a sharp guy to even keep the briefcase sef. smh

  70. Henry would return the briefcase then his life would transform through rooney.shola should keep pleading with henry they have been thru a lot together I think chairman was killed by some opponent not bridget o

  71. Henry should not even think of walking away with the money, he should return it to Mr Rooney. Doing that may possibly become a turning point to him. Shola should try to exercise patient a little more, Henry might come back for her. Bridget is the murderer, if not why running away.

  72. Henry should return d briefcase, Bridget is murderer of chairman, if not y is she trying to flee, shola shouldn’t give up, final episode pls cnt wait to see how it ends

  73. henry should return it to Rooney because rooney might help him and achieve a better thing more than what he has found,at this juncture Bridget might just be another victim like first lady,shola should not just forget about henry she should give more trial by getting his man back

  74. all of us de shout make Henry return the money…..put ursef in his shoes…..will it be that easy for u?…….am not saying he should keep the money or shouldn’t return it……but e no easy….. after all he’s bin thru….ma dear Henry abeg try return the money abeg…….no matter how hard the temptation is…….Bridget u heartless sha…….face the music biko…….

  75. The story of a man, is not a simple one, I think henry should return the money, Bridget is the murderer even though she didn’t do it wit her hands, Shola should not give up on Henry, I believe God is changing his story for good

  76. Henry should return the money cause he will be rewarded.bridget is not innocent cause she has hand in chairman’s death.bola should let Henry be e will go back looking for her.

  77. Henry should return the suit case and am very sure that the man will reward him. Bridget know about the murderer. Shola should try again am very sure that Henry will forgive him.

  78. Henry should return d money to Rooney,who knoww, he can do more Dan DAT for him..n as for Bridget I think she is d culprit… shola should leave Henry alone for d time being,if they r meant to b,they will surly find a way to get to each other again!!

  79. Yes henry should return the cash in the suite case, he never knew what awaits him. beside it always good to do good. Yes Bridget is the murderer. And shola should not forget Henry, he will still come around.

  80. Hmmm… This is an intriguing story indeed… Henry will return the moment to the white man, he’ll surely change your level.. Bridget definitely is the killer, Henry will take Shola back

  81. Best for him is to return it, the man will bless him. Shola should take it to God in prayer. For Bridget I don’t know

  82. Henry should return d cash back 2 d man cos he doesn’t know if BABA GOD wants 2 use dat moni 2 bless him,Bridget is d MURDERER PERIOD.

  83. Henry should return the cash and that will be a heavy breakthrough for him. Bridget is d culprit. Shola should give Henry space, he will cum back for her.

  84. Henry has many times proven to be honest man. Hence, he will return as I would if I am in his shoes. The man might end up rewarding his kindness with a better job that will take him out of his misery. As for Bridget, she is GUILTY. That I have known from the time he was murdered. She was so jealous of First Lady why faking friendship. This is the time for the First Lady to know who she truly is…back stabbing husband snatcher. Shola should not give up on Henry. He will come to forgive her in no long time if she will persevere. And I also think Bola shoul let Shola and Henry know her role in his release. It doesn’t harm anyone.

  85. Shola should forget abt Henry cos the trust is already broken and even if they get back it won’t really be the same again.

  86. Henry should return the case to Roney ,who know he get a better job for him.I believe Bridget has a hand in John’s death.Shola should try again.

  87. Henry should return the money to Rooney and also give Shola a second chance,as for Bridget she is very far from been innocent.

  88. Henry should return the box,the eward he will get will be more than what is inside the box. Shola should move on with her life,if Henry is truly for her he will definitely come back to her

  89. Henry Shuld Return D Money, He Shuld Nt Think Of Wat Is On Grand Nw He Shuld Forcuse Abt Tomorrow Bcus D White Man Wil Be Using Police To Sarch 4 Him And Dat Wil Be Case Worst U Shuld Be A Hornest Man. As 4 Shola She Shuld Plz Stil Gv Him Some Time Maybe Bcus Of Wat His Facing Dats Y He Stil Angry. Brigeth Is D One Dat Kill Chairman, If Nt Y Is She Ranning Away

  90. Henry would return the money and bridget would be exposed as the criminal… first lady would be released and shola would be forgiven by henry…

  91. It is henry turn to be lunch to d world.he suld return d money and roney will compesate him and for shola henry stil love her she suld wait for him to get himself cos she dnt knw wat henry is passing tru for bridget and her friend dey wil stil end up killing each other

  92. To be sincere, I think he should return the briefcase. Honesty really pays. Things would be in his favour. Bridget should be questioned. She isn’t a victim of circumstance like Bola. Shola has tried getting Henry back buh he’s just adamant. She should try one more time; otherwise, move on.

  93. pls this story is killing me….. henry should not run away with the money he should return it to the owner shola don’t stop begging Henry….. Bridget is the criminal… pls final episode sharp sharp…..

  94. Henry should return the cash & i know the white man must compensate him. I know that God really wants to bless Henry through the white man. His luck don shine. E go hammer well well from now on. Bridget is the murderer not a victim of circumstance. If i were Shola,i will go & beg Henry for the last time & make up my mind to move on if he doesn’t want to forgive me.
    Adelove kudos to you guys. You guys are the best. No dull moment with you.

  95. Its better For henry to return d money than keeping it bcos of his integrity & if Bridget is not guilty why is she try run

  96. Henry should return the money to the Oyinbo man, God might help him through this. Bridget is the killer. Shola should move on with her life.

  97. Its not easy ooo…for henry to return d money…concerning d situation he is…but he shld return d money…who knows fortune might find him….honesty pays…nd he shld accept his woman back…as for Bridget…Wat will she gain in killing d chairman…he has been gud to her so far…anyway adelove…love ur stories…suspense filled…leg crossed for d concluding part!

  98. Henry should return the money and that will be the begining of his break through, shola should forget henry and move on with her life, since he is not willing to listen to her, i doubt if bridget was working with first lady

  99. henry should return the money because he never can tell where his blessing will come. shola should prayer and beg henry he will forgive her. bridget is hand is not clean .

  100. As a law abiding citizen of our dear nation that henry is, he should contact Rooney through the complimentary card he has with him. Rooney will greatly reward him perhaps, he will get a job offer that will last throughout his life time.
    Bridget is the murderer if not she won’t be on the run. Shola should relax since she has truely repent of her mistakes ,Henry will come back for her with time.

  101. Henry should return the money I believe something good will come out of it. Bridget???uhmmm.. Shola should try more in begging Henry

  102. Henry shud return d money, he will b compensated by d white man. I think Bridget murdered chief. as for Shola, she shud not fret, Henry will return to her bcos he loves her

  103. Henry Should Return The Money To The Owner.Bridget Is A Prime Suspect If Not Why Is She Running Away As For Sola Henry Will Come Back But She Continue Begging Him.

  104. Henry should return the money back to the owner. Bridget murdered Chairman and should be punished. Shola should continue begging Henry for forgiveness

  105. chai! I have missed a lot couldn’t not comment from episode 9 but gat to comment on dis
    if henry should return dat suite case his matter will be from grass to grace and as for chairman’s dead I still cross my finger until d culprit is brought to book
    happy Sunday to u all

  106. Henry should not try to play smart, he better call the white man and handover his money, God can bless him through that man to earn a good job, as for Shola she need to go back and plead with Henry since she truly love Henry

  107. We don’t know where our help will come from…henry should return the brief case …is Bridget really d murderer can’t say.

  108. Bridget is the killer. If I were Henry I will take prof’s money and pay him and then return the remaining to Rooney and explain to him. As for Shola, life goes on jare.

  109. Henry return the money to avoid more problems and like I said before Bridget is the murderer….. Shola just move on, Henry will come begging on his knees

  110. Henry should just be honest and return the brief case because that act of honesty will yield a whole lot for him, while Sola should allow fate decide, ahe should allow God’s will as her friend advised, Bridget should be tortured very well,She did kill the chairman

  111. Henry shld just act like Adekunle Gold @pick up’… Thank God d police av gotten d murderer….. Shola shld not just 4get abuh Henry just like dat, he was just pulling her legs.

  112. Henry should PLEASE returned the box.
    Bridget is the one that killed Chairman.
    Shola won’t give up on Henry cos She loves him.

  113. thumbs up Adelove! but how did dele have a tip on Bridget as one of chairman girl friends because there was no evidence…

  114. Henry will return the money to Rooney, Bridget is d culprit and Shola will not forget Henry blc she truely loves him.

  115. Henry should return d money and God will smile at him,by using the white man
    Bridget is d murderer
    Shola shouldn’t forget him Like that,I believed with d love between them and with the help of Bola,things will turn back normal

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