Nationwide Outrage As Katsina State University Recognizes Only Muslim Students (Photo)

Nationwide Outrage As Nigerian University Recognizes Only Muslim Students (Photo)

An internal memo released by the management of Katsina State University has caused nationwide uproar on social media.


The reason for the uproar? The institution recognized Muslim Students Society Of Nigeria (MSSN) as the ONLY religious association allowed to operate in the university.

While some people on social media have tried to rationalize and justify the decision of the institution, others are asking what happened to Section 38 of the Nigerian Constitution.

A lawyer, Samuel C. Chukwu Esq. took to his Facebook page to express his views on the memo. “The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion is a Constitutional one and should be upheld, as guaranteed by Section 38 of our Constitution. The only exception to that rule is any secret sect or cult” he wrote.

“Why should only MSSN be singled out in a government-owned institution? (I have nothing against the group though, but there are other religious groups in the school).

“Secondly, there is a right to FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION based on religion (Section 42 of the 1999 Constitution).

“If this was a sincere misunderstanding, then it should be corrected. However, if it is deliberately intended, let the architects of this memo be reminded that there is no National Religion in Nigeria.”

He called on the Catholic, Protestant and other allied groups in the school to do what they can to speak against this anomaly, before it becomes gangrenous.

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  1. This is just a sign of end time.
    A clear form of intimidation of Christians. My suggestion is since it’s a state institution all Christians should withdraw and look for another institution to continue their program.
    This in my opinion is just the beginning , the next step will be the open victimising of christians.
    They may never graduate or may meet with accidents that will lead to their death.
    So we should learn to read the writing on the wall.
    I’m sure the government will not listen to any plea from Christian bodies.

  2. So what is Buhari and his teaming advisers saying about this. This is very important since this is the state origin of Mr president. The truth about some people view regarding the intent of the leaders to islamise nigeria is coming out clearly.

  3. I agree with you Lewis; let the wise read the handwriting on the wall. I believe the real reason for that memo is item (ii).

  4. This is indeed very disturbing. The sheer gut in putting this in writing either indicates the determination to quash other religions (intolerance) or lack of common sense on the part of the University Admin in handling sensitive issue like religion. Either of the two is bad and the School authority should be probed and cleanse and every and any officer behind this should face the necessary music. We have too many issues to combat already as a nation. We shouldn’t allow some nit-wit elements to create additional and unnecessary problems for us in the name of religion. To what end is this memo? What known contribution has being a MSSN or NIFES CU made to our corporate national growth? Why then use irrelevant but sensitive matter to disrupt the peace of the nation. Shame on you Dr. S. Sanni Kankara!!! You should be ashamed of yourself and your cohorts.

  5. The memo wasn’t clear enough because the school later replied that they only recognize Mssn for Muslims and no other group should be formed. Why is everything always blown out of proportion? I wish to hear from the students from that school for a sincere response.

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