How men assess women during sex

How men assess women during sex

Clean smell: This shows you are truly ready to roll. A turn-on!

Eye contact: Do your eyes roam through my body as I undress — or, better still, as we undress each other?

Do you look lovingly and deeply into my eyes, or are you avoiding eye contact with me? No need to look over your own body now, as you’ve done that all your life. My body is what should interest you. So, go on and savour it!

Your breath: If you are genuinely aroused, it’ll show in the heaviness of your breath and your voice will be deeper.

No need for pretence, as your arousal is a turn-on for me also. Get naughty by whispering those sweet nothings into my ears!

Body movement: Yea, don’t just lie down; get your body moving! Rub your chest against mine, employ your hands to explore my body… Do anything that makes the moment worth the engagement!

Make initiatives: Yes, you can set the ball rolling by loosening my shirt buttons, unbuckling my trousers and ‘helping’ me to slide down my pants.

Stroke my chest, ride me by climbing on top… These only show that you’re interested to get down with me.


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