Just in: Fayose stops DSS attempt to arrest, Apostle Suleiman in Ekiti

Just in: Fayose stops DSS attempt to arrest, Apostle Suleiman in Ekiti

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, early this morning, Wednesday, stopped an alleged attempt by officials of the Department of State Services (DSS) from arresting General overseer of The Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleiman  who is in Ado Ekiti for a crusade.

The DSS officials were reported to have surrounded the preacher’s hotel, waiting for him to arrive there from the day’s programme, which was attended by Fayose.

Sulaiman was alleged to have preached against alleged plots to Islamise Nigeria and had told members of his church in Auchi, Edo State to fight back should they be attack by herdsmen, who he alleged of targeting Christians for decimation.

He allegedly told his followers to fight if they remain unprotected from the marauders and kill them should they enter their church.

The Pastor had been in Ado Ekiti for a two-day crusade and was allegedly trailed after paying a courtesy visit to the governor at the Government House.

The state agents were said to have attempted to forcefully take the preacher from his hotel room in the Adebayo area of the state capital, but were resisted by the security men at the hotel, who insisted on knowing their mission.

The Pastor was alerted and he called on Governor Fayose who personally led a rescue mission to prevent the DSS operatives from taking the preacher away.

Fayose took the Pastor with him from the hotel for safety and was said to have engaged the security operatives in a verbal altercation on the propriety of their mission.

Narrating his ordeal after being rescued at 2:00 am on Wednesday, Apostle Sulaiman said: “I came to Ado Ekiti for a crusade. But I had a premonition that I was being trailed after I preached that Christians should retaliate any attack or killings by the Fulani herdsmen. These Fulani headmen have turned many Christians to orphans and widowers but the time has come to protect ourselves.

“I received several calls from hidden numbers trying to locate where I was and I had warned my security not to allow any Fulani man to come near me. So when the men of DSS came in the middle of the night, I knew their mission and I had to call the Governor because if they arrest me, they will set this country on fire.”

Governor Fayose, who expressed surprise and dismay over the development, said he expected the security operatives to have invited him “if they have any issue with him instead of arresting him in the dead of the night after a powerful and spirit-filled crusade in my state.

The Governor said: “I personally attended his crusade and I think it is wrong for a man of God who is armless and could be invited if they have any issue against him before arresting him. Are Christians and Muslims under different dispensation of the rule of law? That’s why I went there to rescue him. Let them kill two of us together. But when they saw my vehicles and the crowd, they fled.

“But we have information that instructions came from DSS in Abuja that the Pastor should be arrested. We are not in a fascist state, Federal Government must learn to respect the rights of Nigerians and freedom of expression.”

Governor Fayose noted that it was unbecoming of the Federal Government to be harassing the clergymen in the country noting that the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, was harassed and forced to resign shortly after he visited him in Ado Ekiti.

He said, “This is unacceptable, we are in a democracy and Nigerians should warn the Presidency against putting this country on fire because religion is an emotional thing.”

The governor also warned security operatives against intimidation and arrest of men of God in the interest of peace and religious harmony in the country. The constitution guarantees freedom of worship.”



  1. Shame on DSS. What happened to freedom of speech? Trying to make a show out of everything is pure ignorance and lack of professionalism.

  2. Is this man Governor sane at All?

    Is the pastor a man of GOD or a servant of Devil?

    Is it not written in the Bible that JESUS CHRIST admonish us to love our neighbours as ourselves? We even read that anywhere JESUS went he was doing good. That he fixed the ear one of his disciples chopped off when he was being prosecuted, praying GOD for forgiveness for HIS persecutors “as HE knew they did not know what they were doing”

    We even read in the book of Job also that “Job prayed for his brethren and that it was good for Him”?

    What sought of a Christian leader, let alone pastor and church finder, would preach killing but forgiveness? May GOD forgive you sir.

    What sought of governor as a chief security officer of a state would pride in preventing security officials in performing their official duty all in the name of applauding a ‘demon possessed pastor” that is inflaming the political arena of a peaceful nation instead of interfacing for the citizens in prayer and with fasting?

    Brother Ayodele Fayose, nothing lasts for ever even including your second tenure at defeating incumbent governors

    Reframe, watch and pray, seek you no repose yet. GOD will also pardon you and give you new lease of Life.

  3. This is surprising oh.very serious matter.i didnt take it serious before but guess Apostle suleiman looked for fire or trouble.

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