See Today’s Foreign Exchange Rate

See Today's Foreign Exchange Rate

The disparity of the foreign exchange rate at the currency market has conitued unabated.

While the interbank rate reflects governments rate, the parallel market shows a sharp contrast selling as high as N498 to the Dollar.



  1. These variations do not come by the mere choice of the relevant authorities but by strict fiscal controls and deep economic growths. What can our country really pride itself on over the past years order than mere fruitless meeting sessions coupled with continuous probings. The Naira I am afraid can only continue to plunge until we all roll up our sleeves and get to real work.

  2. Please do not bring God into this matter. Nigeria is a useless corrupted country. Why are you all surprised that it’s falling apart. Until we get rid of the disease of corruption, the country will not prosper. I was recently in that useless country, everywhere you go, everyone expect you to bribe them for them to do their civic duty. How can you conduct business in such environment? And while attempting to traveling out of Nigeria, those useless custom officers setup almost 10 checking station to rob you of whatever you have left before you can get on your flight, to the point that they make sure you almost miss your flight unless you give them money. I came to that useless country with the intention of setting up groundwork to start a manufacturing company, but with all the roadblocks that i was made to go through, tell me who in their right mind will want to invest their hard earned money in such broken system. I predict worsening condition in Nigeria until the whole country change their ways. It’s not just your leaders that are thieves, the whole country has been infected with corruption. NIGERIA IS DOOMED, YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET. GOODLUCK

    • @Wale, as a real Nigerian, your speech is very painful. Unfortunately, it is very painful not because you were wrong, because you were right in everything you have said. People are not interested in working; all they want is the fastest way to fleece you of your hard-earned resources. This corruption spans across civil servants, artisans and manual labourers. It pains me when I hear people harass Govt, meanwhile the atrocities they all commit within their tiny confines are terrible. The moment a commercial bike or cab gets the slightest hint you aren’t sure of your way, you are doomed!Traditional institutions are all corrupted, and it is common news now to see traditional rulers asking for their ‘children’ who are undergoing trial for corrupt practices to be left alone. The most bothersome at the moment is that we have a developing generation that has sadly never witnessed things being done the normal way; what they have seen all their lives is the normality in offering and taking bribes, scooping all you can from Govt coffers, and other sharp practices. I’m however optimistic that somehow sometimes soon, we will get it right. Gradually, but surely we will. Don’t loose hope my Brother.

    • @Wale and Tosin, you guys are making sense because you live abroad. Other Yoruba guys living in Nigeria are as useless as Fulani herdsmen,. They don’t know nothing except to fight for their useless leaders who impoverished them.

  3. Nothing good to tell people about Nigeria. I want to renounce my nationality and deny being a nigerian anywhere i go. I am happy living abroad, anytime i sleep and dream of nigeria, i wake up and cancel it immediately

    • @Wale and Tosin, you guys are making sense because you live abroad. Other Yoruba guys living in Nigeria are as useless as Fulani herdsmen,. They don’t know nothing except to fight for their leaders who impoverished them

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