Big Brother Naija gains popularity amidst criticism

Big Brother Naija gains popularity amidst criticism

The popular reality television show, Big Brother naija gains momentum despite controversy.

When Multichoice Nigeria, organisers’ of the popular reality television show, Big Brother, announced that the Nigerian version of the show was coming back on air after a ten-year hiatus, Nigerians went crazy and began to count down to the beginning of the show.

However, their ecstatic feeling quickly faded and was replaced with anger and disappointment when it was announced that the show would be hosted in South Africa. Before long, Nigeria twitter exploded with Nigerians airing their anger and asking the organisers if Nigeria was not big enough to host the Big Brother show.

The organisers’ reason for hosting the show in South Africa was that they had a fully equipped house in South Africa which is used for the Big Brother Show.

Their statement read, “We have a fully equipped house in South Africa, which is used for the big Brother Shows. This means that we are able to achieve high production values whilst meeting tight timelines and ensuring the show comes to our viewers on time as planned and with the same globally renowned quality. The house has played host to Big Brother countries including: the general Big Brother Africa, Mozambique, Angola and now Nigeria.”

Evidently their explanation did not go down well with Nigerians as the government has swung into action. The Federal Government has directed the National Broadcasting Commission to investigate the circumstances surrounding the on-going television show and determine if Multichoice has breached any NBC code by hosting the event in South Africa.

Despite the brouhaha that came with South Africa hosting the show, the opening ceremony was a beautiful success and as usual, Saturday Beats was on the ground to cover the event. Here are some behind the scene snippets.

The Big Brother House

The Big Brother House is actually beautiful, little wonder virtually all the contestants were stunned as soon as they got into the house. Interestingly, the ‘ house’ is actually a studio which comprised of a lounge, living room, kitchen, bedrooms and all the other compartments of the house.

Ebuka in IK

So many people are used to seeing IK, who has been the regular host of Big Brother Africa. But it might be understandable why On Air Persoanlity, Ebuka, is the host of BBN, having been a contestant in BBN 10 years ago. So many people tried comparing him with IK during the opening ceremony. Ebuka didn’t disappoint his fans but some others felt he was so “stiff” as a host. By the way, his dressing was on point as he looked real good in the outfits he wore to host the show.

The performers

Yemi Alade may be a star and she is known as a great dancer. But her performance at the BBN opening wasn’t fantastic. Her first performance was entirely boring save for her dance steps. She tried to improve her act a bit during the second performance with her hit song, ‘Johnny.’ However, it would have been better if the audience had listened to her CD that the DJ was blasting as the sound from the disc overshadowed her voice.

But Flavour was on point both times he came on the stage. With his sexy looks and incredible erotic dance steps, the ladies in particular shouted for more and more of him and his performance.

The contestants

The first housemate Uriel, was already feeling like a star just as soon as she got into the house. Her American accent did not appear to sway the audience some of who felt she was doing her best to be noticed. She quickly grabbed a banana just as she entered the house which has got her some snide comments on and offline.

Next contestant to walk into the house was Kemen, a fitness trainer. What he lacked in height he obviously gained in stature. He disclosed that he became a fitness trainer after he lost his job and hopes to win the N25m prize money.

Coco Ice is another housemate. She claimed she is a rap artiste and she hopes to rap her way to become a millionaire.

Bally came next looking good in his black Agbada.. The 9-5 worker said that his actual passion was to be a disc jockey which is something he does by the side. He was the first housemate to admit he is in a relationship.

Marvis, a graduate of Madonna University, stepped out in red looking ravishing. She claimed to have left a relationship early in the year and has 19 siblings of which she is the 11th in the family. Also a 9-5 worker, she said that she was unsure if she would continue to work if she wins the prize money.

Thintalltony walked into the house in all majestic splendour. The young man who is about 6ft 5inches impressed people with his height and his looks and it seems he counts on that to win him the prize money. Unknown to many, the young man actually danced on stage in 2006 during BB Nigeria.

Gifty, who claimed to be a Nollywood actress came in next and admitted that she has a crush on Van Vicker. Like others, she hopes to win the prize money and already has plans for it. Top on the list she said is to buy a house for her mother.

Soma, a music producer and artiste is also hoping to be the last man standing. He said he was in a relationship but was quick to add that he was still open to find love in the house while adding that the game is all about the money.

Bisola was a popular face among the housemates as she had once been a contestant on MTN Project Fame. The mother of one hopes to win and she said that her child is with her mother. She said that her daughter asked her to go and come back richer but that before leaving, she begged her mother not to let her daughter watch the show so she could be “free”.

Twenty-five year old Miyonse is a chef and his strategy is simple. He plans to charm the ladies with his culinary skill and he calls his strategy ‘washput’.

TBOSS who has seven tattoos and eight piercings is from Edo State. Her strategy is to be herself and she is sure it would work out for her.

Last contestant is Efe who would have stripped on stage but for Ebuka who stopped him. The Warri boy has his eye on the prize and is very determined to win.

Unknown to the housemates, there would be no eviction on Sunday and two more housemates would join in.

Six days after the reality television show started, Nigerians seem to have simmered down and are beginning to enjoy the show as they are already having their favourites. For the 12 housemates in the house, it would be 11 weeks of fun, mixed feelings and a battle to win N25m as their journey to fame has just begun.


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