Buhari’s latest picture draws comments on social media

Buhari’s latest picture draws comments on social media

Nigerians have continued to comment on the new latest pictures of President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State.

Buhari who is currently on a 10-day working leave in London, UK.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the new picture, which was posted on Friday night, showed the president in a relaxed mood with some of his visitors, including Gov. Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun.

Others in the picture are some members of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The picture, according to NAN, shows Buhari live in London, contrary to malicious rumours by some Nigerians in the social media that he was either dead or ‘under intensive care’.

Some of the comments captured by NAN over the sudden emergence of the picture include: “Despite all attempts to debunk the rumours, the wicked mischief makers have continued to spread their falsehood about President Buhari.

“Here he is, in fulfilment of their death wish under intensive care.”

Mr Kingsley Nwaeze, a social commentator, condemned those spreading dangerous rumours about the president’s health conditions.

He said on his twitter post: “My dear don’t mind the fools. They are the enemies of this country and we shall overcome them. I stand with my President.

“Imagine the stupidity of some people to wish death for a president of their country. How callous?

“There are two things that you don’t mock anybody with.. Death and old age…Nobody can stop them from happening…you become old and eventually die! May God safeguard and protect PMB now and always.’’

Mr Usman Mohammed Ismail in his post said: “Have you heard about the guy that wrote R.I.P on Buhari’s Photo on twitter?

“The Guy was arrested and taken to court and the Judge asked him what he meant by R.I.P? The Guys says he meant REMAIN IN POWER’’.

NAN reports that Buhari, who left Nigeria on Jan. 19, is scheduled to return home on Feb. 6. (NAN)




  1. Of course corrupt people,their relations & benefactors who are enemies of Nigeria will obviously wish PMB dead bcos they jolly well know that as long as he remains the presido of Nigeria, peace will be very scare in their lives but my happiness is that,as always, they have failed bcos PMB will continue to be their nemesis as long as they continue to put their filty fingers in our collective Till. God bless my beloved PMB, God bless Nigeria & patriotic Nigerians!

  2. It is a matter of one week from now, PMB will either appear for Nigerians to see or his critics will look for another reason to justify their claims.

  3. Ed you’re actually wrong.
    I never and will never support any malicious rumour, but the real people agitating for his removal are doing it based on the untold hardship they’re going through.
    Imagine prices of things in the market being hiked by over 300 percent, yet income remains stagnant and in some areas are being reduced.
    But I have one believe. If God never wanted his excellency to rule, no matter the level of rigging he wouldn’t win. God will use him to achieve His plans for Nigeria

  4. Let’s forget He is president but human being are callous and wicked, why wish your fellow human being dead, if it’s not yet his time, there’s nothing anybody can do about it… so people relax. IT IS WELL WITH NIGERIANS

  5. Hmmmm…. every soul shall taste death. Even those wishing him dead, won’t they die? Some of them will even die before him

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