(Episode 17) Chronicle of a Royal Prince and the Devil Incarnate

I slowly dropped to the floor and bawled my eyes out; I did not mind that there were two ladies in my apartment gaping at me fall apart. The more I cried, the more the anger filled my heart; I thought it was going to explode out of me like a volcanic eruption.

Leke: “You Nora, Yooou” I groaned and roared like an angry lion. The ladies shifted away from me, they could feel the angry vibes I was letting off.

Banke: “Baby, be calm and think of the way forward” she said as she walked tentatively towards me, she put her hand on me and raised me up. I readily accepted the hug she offered, I needed someone to show me care and love at that moment, and she was there. It was a pivotal moment because, It changed my feelings towards her; I began to see her beautiful soul despite all the mistakes we have both made.

Leke: “Thank you Banke” I said and hugged her back.

Linda: “It is getting really late and I should go, I have your contact, so I will set up a meeting tomorrow. Just be strong, you are almost there” she said, I smiled at her in return.

For the first time since I started seeing Banke, we had a shower together, we didn’t do anything, but we were content just being close to each other. After bathing, we went to bed in each othe’s armsr, and for the very first time since mother died, I saw her in my dreams, she was smiling at me. I was trying to go meet her, but she was moving away till she faded. I got up abruptly, and woke Banke in the process.

Banke: “Honey, what is it?”

Leke: “I had a dream, I saw my mother, she was smiling at me” I said with a faraway look in my eyes.

Banke: “She is probably happy with you, for the progress you have made. Justice will prevail, soon” she said.

Leke: “You are probably right” I said and laid back on the bed, she laid beside me too, I could see the worry in her eyes. They said age is just a number, she was already twenty, I was almost 17. But I was beginning to envision a future with her, or maybe because I was just grateful to her for being there when I fell apart. In any case, I knew I owed an apology.

Leke: “I am sorry for everything I did, I was wrong in dating your friend Prisca, I was wrong using you just to achieve my goals. I am sorry for hurting you. Will you ever forgive me?”

Banke: “I forgave you long ago, I am here am I not. But you bad sha, kiddo” she said and smacked my butt.

Leke: “Oh no, you didn’t just call me kiddo” I said, my eyes wide open in fake surprise.

Banke: “yes I did, what can you do?” she said between chuckles.  I took a pillow and flung it at her; she took hers and flung it at me, before long we were in a romantic pillow fight. I had to show her I was the man, and the muscles she was seeing were not blocks of fat, so I turned her to her back and pinned her hands to her head. She wriggled her hips to get me off, but I was firm. We gazed at each other with smiles on our faces, and then I bent down to kiss her. Not the usual fast and furious kisses that we were used to, but a slow, rhythmic kiss. Her eyes filled up with unshed tears, as she looked up at me.

Banke: “I never stopped loving you” she said. I wiped the tears that were threatening to fall, and laid beside her.

Leke: “Lets sleep, we have a long day tomorrow” I said and cradled her head on my broad muscular chest. Soon, she was snoring lightly, but sleep was far away from my eyes.

The next morning, Banke had her bath and hurried out, she told me her sister was burning up her phones with calls, she had to know she was alright. I took a shower and dressed up in a starched TM shirt. I was going to meet the barrister that father had recommended and I was ready to impress.

I was in the lobby of the magnificent Indimi and Indimi law firm when my phone buzzed, I wanted to ignore it, but when I saw it was Banke, I received it. She told me to tune into any television channel that something was airing live in all channels. I hung up and went to the receptionist at her polished mahogany desk.

Receptionist: “Hello, welcome to Indimi and Indimi law firm, how can I help you today?” she asked in British accent. It matched her fair skin and beautiful face.

Leke: “I am Adeleke Aboderine, I have an appointment with Indimi jnr. But for now, there is something airing on Nigerian television that I have to watch. If you would please oblige me” I said turning on my charming smile.

Receptionist: “Of course, go right ahead” she said and handed over the remote to me. I scrolled through the cable channels to our indigenous MNC. What I saw was unbelievable.

There in front of Balon Oil, people were camped outside with placards asking Nora to be prosecuted for her crimes against a six years old me. It was also the same situation in front of the Fola fashion house, when Nora arrived in her tinted Range rover; the people began to throw stones and anything they could lay their hands on, at the window. She was boxed in, and her driver could not reverse, then one of her aides came out and made the mistake of shooting a small handgun into the air, hoping to disperse the crowd. It had the reverse reaction; the people began to pelt him with stones, he lost control and pulled the trigger into the midst of the crowd.

It hit a woman, and she fell to the ground, the crowd began to use sticks and stones on the glass of the car until it broke, and they tried to open the door. Some other had begun to bring old tires and matchsticks; they were going to burn down the cars with its occupants. My heart began to pound, I did not want Nora to die, not before she made restitutions, and gave me back all that belonged to my family, I wanted her to go to jail for her crimes against my family. Dying like a victim was not among my plans for her.

But the police came at the nick of time and with their tear gas dispersed the crowd, they took Nora and her aides in their van to their police station. I heaved a sigh of relief, not only had a disaster been averted, but also, the police were now involved in the case. I turned to the receptionist and asked to be led to the barrister’s office.

Receptionist: “Take the elevator to the 7th floor, the office is the only one on that floor” she said using long and lean well manicured fingers to point to the direction of the elevators.

On the 7th floor, I walked into an open space which was decorated with state-of-the-art decoration; a paralegal sized me up, he was obviously ascertaining if I could afford the barrister.

Paralegal: “What do you want?” he asked sternly.

Leke: “I am here to see Barrister Indimi jnr, my late father sent me, he handled his affairs” I said looking down on him, how dare he look down on me?

Paralegal: “Your name?” he asked nonchalantly, obviously not impressed by my narrative.

Leke: “Adeleke Aboderine” I said.

Paralegal: “You are that boy who has been all over the news, mehn respect” he said and gave a mock salute. He took the intercom and spoke into it. I saw the steel door that was closed, open of its own accord and I was ushered into an office that was beyond description. A man, dark in complexion was sitting behind the big curved polished ivory table. He stood up and extended his hands, which I shook confidently.

Indimi: “It is a pleasure to see you, I had often wondered what would become of all Bamidele properties, I am sure he left a note for you, that is why you are here” I gave him the letter I had received from Iya Biliki. He put on his reading glasses and began to peruse the letter.

Indimi: “Wow this is huge; he never confided in me about the financial crimes, I would have helped before it got to this stage. Nevertheless, it is better late, than never. First we have to sue her for presenting a will that was signed under duress. I have the real will”

Leke: “You have another will?” I asked in surprise.

Question: Will Leke win the case against Nora? What about the documents she has, will she release them in revenge?

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  1. Wow!!!!
    Am so happy with the turns of the event.
    Leke will definitely win the case, the original Will, will help a whole lot. The one signed at duress will hold no water. Nora doesn’t a have a case to present, she will pay for all her evil doings.
    Nice one Adelove

  2. This is becoming more interesting, truth will definitely prevail thou, there maybe some delay in it… Next episode please..

  3. good morning to all adelove lovers….I know justice will prevail and he will surely get back all dat has been taken away from him…I want dat wicked Nora to suffer for her misdeeds

  4. Yes, Leke will win but with so much stress , as for d documents Nora has no choice that to release them.
    Morning ALF.

  5. Leke will win after all she doesn’t have the original will which means hers is counterfeit so justice must take its cause

  6. Adeleke will win the case against Nora. The barrister has the original will of the aboderin’s. Victory all the way leke

  7. Wow!, Nora is done for!. Leke will sure get all his right back and Nora will get punished for all her crime!, all thanks to Iya Biliki.

  8. Leke will surely win d case, it’s now obvious dat she manipulated everything to her favor. even d judge will see d reality of her crime, mostly now dat d general public had been involved. Also d fact dat Barr.Indimmi is a vast & an experienced legal practitioner, dat will make d case easily won……

  9. I love this stories.nora should pay for her sins.u can just come and destroy a whole family just for ur own selfish reasons.always remember there is God. Adeleke shuld try go school after everything and start life again.As for Banke i pray.dere relationship works.Adelove kuddos.

  10. Leke will definitely win the case with the help of the Lawyer, he has enough evidence to recover all his father’s properties. I just can’t wait to know how Nora will end up.This is a blockbuster. Adelove and crew , carry go.

  11. Yes. Leke will win the fight against Nora thou he has to do all with smartness and boldness. Nora won’t easily drop d documents with her but after several torture and persecution. ALC I really missed episode 15$16 yesterday. It really pains me alot that it shown all over me in d house. My bold 5 BB be fell from me to d floor on d tiles,d screen went blank that I won’t be able to receive, call or read messages. It was as if my world has crushed cus I can’t do without a phone for other social networking. Using my big sister phone, will try to repair asap by I hope and wish to follow dis story bumper to bumper.

  12. Leke has already win even though Nora did not release those fake will, she is definitely gonna pay for her callous behaviour.

  13. of course Leke wil win
    after d guy has been tru
    but Nora still has a lot to reveal n she won’t do dat wout force

  14. Leke will have his father property back and even if Nora speak out there is nothing on that case again. Because the offender have already die.

  15. wow at last I can comment again ,leke will win the case with help of barrister iddimi and with the document and information in his disposal victory will surely be his,Nora will not have any alternative than to release those documents because court will compel to do so

  16. I believe Adeleke will win the case and even if Nora present anything for revenge, it will back fire to her because she will also implicate herself the more

  17. nora will be release and she will want to fight leke but leke will surely win next pls this story is getting hotter step by step

  18. Yes Leke will win the case against Nora. As for the documents in her custody, she has no choice, she is the criminal/murderer, the documents must be release whether she wants it or not.


    Who stole my comment from the listing…

    Mid Morning Love AKC&Fs,

    I wonder why my first comment is suddenly at large from the listing….techno error perhaps…aarrrggghh

    Well said it alredy Leke will finally win the case against the evil stepmom, Nora… he is close now but must be very careful.
    Even if Mama Nora presents her documents in court it would stand because dead men tell no tales beside the real guilty one is the very Nora herself and with the help of a good advocate she will be as good as nailed.

    Wow, can’t believe this…


  20. Winter has come for Nora. Late her pray it doesn’t bring death.

    Leke will win even if Nora make public his father’s financial crimes. All Adeleke documents she has will be forced out of her custudy if she doesn’t release them voluntarily.

    Thanks, AL. This story is very educating and inspiring.

  21. Leke will surly win even if she release the document she has a a revenge,it won’t change anything bcos a murderer is a murderer and she will face d law

  22. Leke will definitely win the case with the evidence in his hands and the original copy of his father’s will with the lawyer

  23. Leke will definitely win d case. Nora even if she wants to present d documents she have, is fighting a lost battle. Nice. Next pls.

  24. Leke will surely win, n Nora will pay for her crimes, she might release the documents but the father is dead

  25. Yes will Leke will win d case against Nora. D documents she has against his father will not hold water again bcos all d things she has done to d family.

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