(Episode 18) Chronicle of a Royal Prince and the Devil Incarnate

Indimi: “Yes I have the real will, which is authentic, and with this letter we can prove that the other is fake. Besides, the authentic will was made years ago, when he was hale and hearty, even though your mother had died. The fake one was made when he was paralyzed and ridden to the bed” he said and went to the coffee maker to make coffee.

Leke: “How soon can we start, we need to oust her before she liquidates and takes off” I said anxiously.

Indimi: “Just let me do my job, you just go ahead and rest”

Leke: “Do you have a photocopier, I want to take back the original copy of that letter” I said firmly.

Indimi: “You don’t trust me, your father trusted me” he said looking at me intently.

Leke: “Don’t take it personal, I don’t trust anyone” I said with a sly smile.

Indimi: “Of course, you have been through a lot” he replied with grace. My phone rang and I saw it was a number not stored on my phone, I pressed the receive button cautiously.

Leke: “Hello”

Linda: “Hello Adeleke, I got your number from Prisca. I was thinking of an idea; why don’t we do a sit down show, have you tell the world your story. Did you know Nora has been released, though her aide is been charged for manslaughter, but we know her connections. Let’s make it too hot for them to sweep under the carpet” she said.

Leke: “It is a great idea Linda, so where do I meet you?”

Linda: “Actually your girlfriend suggested it, and she also offered her house”

Leke: “Prisca?”

Linda: “No, Banke” Wow, Banke was surprising me at every turn, even though I had not dealt her a fair hand in the past.

Banke’s house, or rather Kunmi’s house was a rented three bedroom apartment, we used the sitting room for the sit down show. Banke decided to give us our privacy; she went   shopping with her friends. The camera guys set up the camera and the mini microphones were stuck to our clothes. Action!

Linda: “This is your favorite sit down show by your one and only Linda. Today, we have the man or rather the boy…”

Leke: “I am a man, I might be just sixteen, but I have gone through life and I have had to survive by my own strength, if that doesn’t make me a man, I don’t know what will” I replied her.

Linda: “Oh, great. Adeleke is the man that has the buzz of the media for the past few days, and the story of the Aboderines has come back to light since that video that came out first on Adelove.com, which featured Nora. In the video, we heard a voice prompting her, was that you?”

Leke: “Yes, that was me. I stumbled on her, she was using drugs, and she was high. I saw an opportunity and I grabbed it. She was hallucinating and I had to prompt her to tell the truth. Seeking justice for my mother was all the motivation I needed” I said, trying to change the facts, I could not tell them that I had drugged her.

Linda: “You were in the mental home for ten years, how was it like?”

Leke: “It was terrible especially because I knew adults had connived to put me there. My father knew that I did not attack Mary, my nanny, he also knew I was not on any medications as regards my mental health as Nora had said, but he still kept quiet and watched me get locked away in a house full of loonies. I could have gone crazy, but the memories of my mother kept me sane”

We stood up and went into Kunmi’s state-of-the-art kitchen, where I talked about my decision to take up an alias especially when I found out my father was dead, how I realized I had no one to protect me but myself. The interview took an hour, and when I was done, I could not wait to find out what was going on. I checked my phone and found out, it was on the news already; Nora had been sued for falsification of my father’s last will and testament. The hearing was slated for tomorrow.

Leke: “I have to go now”

Linda: “Alright, you looked great on camera, the public will love you and they will not rest till justice is served” she replied.

That night, Banke came over and invited me for dinner at Bukka Hut, it was somewhere I had never been and it was nice. We had a bowl of spaghetti and roast beef. We laughed and I began to enjoy Banke’s company like I never did before. What changed, I kept asking myself. After dinner, we hung at the Quilox bar where she rocked me on the dance floor.

I was having a nice evening, but the weight of my problems never left me. I kept thinking of what tomorrow would be, I knew Nora wouldn’t relinquish the assets on a silver platter, I was scared that I could lose my life.

Banke: “What is that worry frown? Relax bae, I saw the news, the hearing is tomorrow, that’s why I brought you here to relax. Enjoy the night, tomorrow, you can slay dragons” she kissed me by the side of my mouth.

Leke: “Yes, you are right” I replied and we danced all night. It was 2am when we made for home.

Banke: “You should spend the night in my house, Kunmi is with her boyfriend” she quipped. I was about replying when I heard the pop sound, and before I knew it, the rear window of the car had broken.

Leke: “Put your head down now!” I said, I regretted immediately, allowing her drive.

Banke: “Oh my God, what is going on ,Leke?” she asked nervously.

Leke: “Isn’t it obvious, we are being attacked” I said, with a bit of fear in my voice. We drove in the midst of gun shots; the interior of the car was filled with broken glass and gun pellets. I was scared that anytime the bullets will damage our tyres and then it would be all over for us.

Leke: “Take the next turn, it will give us time to lose them, and be out of the line of fire” I said, the sweat beads creasing my brow were begin to drop, I was scared out of my mind. Banke swerved at the next turn, and that was when I heard the sound before I felt the pain. A bullet hit the passenger side and went through my side.

Banke: “Adeleke!” I heard her scream, even as it seemed like it was coming from far. Was this the end? Would my mother ever get justice for her death? Had I failed them? I turned to look at Banke, her face was horror stricken, she was crying, and a tear dropped out of my eye. I tried to stay awake, but couldn’t, my eyes closed of its own will, and it went dark, like the curtain had fallen, and the play was over. I could no longer hear any sound, or feel any pain, I was fallen fast, through a maze, and it felt like I would hit the bottomless pit.

Meanwhile, Prisca had come to the house to look for me, she had tried staying away but couldn’t, she loved me and she was ready to forgive everything. When she came and didn’t see me, she got worried.

Prisca: “Why am I worrying? He is fine, he probably just went out” she tried quelling her fear. As a last resort, she called Banke, it rang and rang but she was not picking up.

Mary also felt weird, and had a compulsion to call me. She picked up her phone, but realized she had no call credits. She rushed out to the woman selling petty things in the shack in front of her compound.

Mary: “Iya Dupe, abeg give me airtime 100 naira own, I go give you tomorrow, I get urgent call to make”

Iya Dupe: “Make sure say you give me, no be abeg I dey use buy am oh” she replied and gave Mary the airtime she needed. Mary recharged her phone and began to call my number, but the operator kept telling her it was unreachable at the moment.

Question: Is Adeleke dead? If he dies what will become of Nora?

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  1. Leke cannot die at this very important point. C’mon Adelove you have better stuff to offer than Naija home video. Episode 19 abeg I no fit shout!

  2. Adeleke is not dead cos he is the one telling us about himself here. Adelove you want to twist our Head…. Nice one to you guys

  3. Leke will not die. If he dies, who will be the royal prince. Please Leke cannot die. He will live to tell the world his story

  4. Adeleke just lost consciousness because of the bullet wound but am sure he’ll be revived by the doctors if BANKE take her down on time.

  5. wow thank God d comment box is showing now after missing to episodes to drop my comments here……hmmmm I guess d bullet hit Leke but not @ d place whre he could die, he will still rise up after d treatment doctor will gv him, Leke can’t die now if he do this story is meaningless

  6. Leke wil not die,he must fight for his mother n his father death,he must posses what is rightfully belong to him from Nora.

  7. Adeleke can not die!
    But I have a question, what about his maternal grandparents?
    @ least, he should still remember them!

  8. If Adeleke was dead, this would av been the final episode. N i know adelove don’t end their stories like our nollywood movies, lolz… He’ll definitely bounce back to life, as for Nora, she’ll pay for all her wrong doings just the way Adeleke wish it to be served to her.

  9. Nora has complicated issues for herself by trying to kill Leke.Well it wouldn’t be her first time of killing someone but Leke will survive this,he is a fighter nothing will happen to him.

  10. Leke himself is the one telling the story so he will surely survive the gun shot, Banke will drive hi. To safety since she was out to help the one person she has come to love irrespective of the past

  11. Leke himself is the one telling the story so he will surely survive the gun shot, Banke will drive him to safety since she was out to help the one person she has come to love irrespective of the past

  12. leke is not dead…n Nora will pay for her crimes like seriously.n wat kind of a man will want to marry DAT kind of woman if not gold digger.h

  13. God bless you adelove, I can’t but to read the story… Adeleke can’t die, he is the lead actor and who will bring Justice

  14. Adeleke didn’t die, bt only fainted. it’s a matter of time b4 he’s resuscitated. thank God Mary’s call was timely. He will survive d attack eventually, Nora would be sentenced eventually…….

  15. The boy is just too amateur! He knows the danger at hand and yet live a wild life like a spoilt brat. he could die for all I care! it doesn’t change a thing

  16. If Leke is dead who is telling the story? Banke will take him to the hospital….. Nora will be sentences to life for man slaughter

  17. OMG!I am so emotional right now,i have never read a story that made me weep but this story did.Adeleke will die:his mother spirit in heaven let him die.please this story too bam to b wasted like this Ejor turn it to a movie and I know it will b success.

  18. That was the main reason I suggested he stay low. And work from his under cover for d mean tine, Look now wat has happened. Well his just a young mind. He won’t die, even if he tries to give up d ghost, his parents would sent him back, lol. GOD help him, bcos Nora must go down. He’ll survive.

  19. No Adeleke is not dead. If he dies there will be no story to tell. Banke will take him to d hospital n alert d police n others.

  20. wow…just imagining how Banke would react to the suppose death of Adeleke..lol relax everyone he won’t die As for Nora am sure jail awaits her but pple like her is better of dead o

  21. Its wrong of Leke going to club and parties,he should av stayed low. He will not die.I said it that Nora will fight back but she will not succeed.leke will win the case and Nora will pay dearly for all her bad deeds.Leke may marry Banks ooo

  22. Its wrong of Leke going to club and parties,he should av stayed low. He will not die.I said it that Nora will fight back but she will not succeed.leke will win the case and Nora will pay dearly for all her bad deeds.Leke may marry Banke ooo

  23. Adeleke will not die. He has gone through a lot than to die in vain. D bullet will surely injure him but am sure not to the point of death. His mother will not even watch him die lik dat.

  24. Adeleke wont die the culprits will be caught and they will confess that Nora hired them also the vidoe of Linda will make Leke to become a media sweet heart nora just used her hand to destroy herself
    kudos Adelove and crew this simply is fantastic

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