I regret campaigning for Buhari, says Fawehinmi

I regret campaigning for Buhari, says Fawehinmi

An accountant and staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 general elections, Feyi Fawehinmi , says supporting Buhari was a big mistake.‎

According to Fawehinmi, he said “Calling for the President’s resignation won’t be a bad idea.

“It is the honourable thing for him to do. He is clearly not up to the job; that is the fundamental problem with this government.”

Fawehinmi told newsmen that he feels sorry for those he convinced to cast their votes for Buhari, adding that he disliked former President Goodluck Jonathan a lot.

He added, “I feel like I told people I was a mechanic and then they asked for my opinion on a car they wanted to buy.

“Without opening the engine, I simply told them to buy the car based on how the body looked. I can’t speak for anyone else but the lesson for me is that no matter how much you dislike someone and want to get rid of them– and I really disliked Goodluck Jonathan’s government – it is important to always be sceptical even for your own side.

“We did not question Buhari hard enough. We should have pressed him harder to force him to make clear commitments and adopt clear positions we wanted before the elections.

“Something like taking six months to appoint ministers was such an irritating and costly waste of time.

“And it came as a surprise to even his supporters. But we all gave him the benefit of the doubt. We allowed him to get away with too much too easily.”




  1. Everybody is disappointed but you can’t blame the old man for the problem of Nigeria. The government has been stolen from his hand and he can only effect little changes…

  2. He is not a disappointment, he may have made his own honest mistakes like selecting his ministers late but even that, may not be blamed solely on him because his party was formed by about five political associations with diverse interests which the President must accommodate. I believe PMB & his govt.will pick up in 2017 having gone through its teething period.

  3. Someone should help tell him that he is yet start the real regretting yet?!

    For the main and major regret is coming your way and the way of all that allowed blind hatred to foist this ‘disaster’ on Nigerians!

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