Lionel Messi announces wedding date with partner, Antonella Rocuzzo

Lionel Messi announces wedding date with partner, Antonella Rocuzzo

Football legend, Leo Messi has finally decided to get married to his long-term girlfriend after the duo had two kids.

Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo’s wedding now has a date and a locations. After it became known they would get married in 2017, the details have now emerged.

According to ‘Primicias Ya’, the couple have began work on what could be the wedding of the year. The first details have been defined and, according to the reports, the public is now aware of when and where the colourful wedding ceremony will hold.

The date will be Jun. 24, which coincides with Messi’s birthday. The Argentine international wants a day as important as his wedding to coincide with his 30th birthday.

Knowing the date and the location, now it just remains to be known where it will be celebrated, both in terms of the actual wedding and the party afterwards.

According to ‘Primicias Ya’, the first part will be at La Catedral in Rosario, with the second part taking place at Arroyo Seco, where Messi often stays when in his home town.

It will be a huge event, with 700 people invited, including footballers from all over the world, journalists and, of course, the friends and family of Leo and Antonella, who are already parents to Thiago and Mateo.



  1. Congrats Messi. That’s how it should be. I don’t understand how grownup players will continue to refer to ladies who bear children for them as girlfriends! Even so players from a country such as ours, Nigeria, with peculiar marital culture.

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