Nationwide protest: Bovi, Funke Adesiyan oppose 2face

Nationwide protest: Bovi, Funke Adesiyan opposes 2face

Social media was busy during the week when African Queen crooner, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2face called on his fans to come out as one for a nationwide protest against the government on February 5, 2017.

2baba had posted a statement on his Instagram page titled, First Massive Nationwide Protests, where he said, “A call for good governance.
A call for urgent explanation into the reckless economic downturn nationwide.
A call for nationwide protests as we say: No to the executive; No to the legislature; No to the judiciary…you have all failed us.
We the people are tired. We can no longer continue with all of you. All your excuses and mistakes are not funny. We do not wish to continue with a system and government that is not working but afflicting the people. We the people of this country not living under the privileges of government allowances and remuneration have now accepted to take the bull by the horn to come out and protest this obnoxious and baseless policies and excuses of the government of the day…”

However busty actress and politician, Funke Adesiyan disagreed with 2face when she took to her own Instagram page to write, “When people ask me why I joined politics, I tell them from the truest of my heart that it is because I got tired of how things were being done in my country. It’s not enough for us to protest, it’s more important for us, youths of this beloved nation, to get involved in governance. You could try many times before you achieve it.”

In a similar vein, popular comedian, Bovi Ugboma, also said that he would not be joining the protest which is already gathering momentum among entertainers. One of his followers on Twitter, Charles with the profile name, @slimmy2005, tweeted at him, “Despite all the support you get from the masses, you all kept quiet. If you don’t join the protest, we will boycott your shows. You are a greedy entertainer and it is time for Nigerians to see that there is nothing productive in your influence”

Bovi quickly responded, “I am not joining the protest, and stop saying ‘we’ and ‘us.’ You don’t belong…my life is not governed by your opinions of me. I’m enjoying your tweets though. I’m thrilled when unintelligent people write well.”

Another follower, Collins A. Difa, also wrote, “Selfish Bovi, prepare to go into extinction,” to which Bovi replied, “Selfless Collins, my extinction is better than your existence.”

Apparently angered by his nonchalance, another follower, Vivian Charles blurted, “It is very obvious you are a pig and we are not surprised.”



  1. Guys and fellas a house divided among itself cannot stand. If you will stand with 2baba please do if you won’t then please don’t but lets not be selfish about our collective stance.

  2. All this glory-seeking entertainers. What do they hope to achieve from the protest if not to make themselves more popular.
    They’re all like the politicians who fight for their own interest alone

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