You are part of Nigerians problem, Fans blast Olamide

You are part of Nigerians problem, Fan blast Olamide

A fan, with the name, Make_way11, posted on the wall of Olamide with the title @Baddosneh this is an open letter to you:

“I know you will never support 2face protest on Feb 5, because you have collect money from Buhari and corrupt politicians. You are part of Nigerian problems; you are part of the people that put Nigerians in this APC change mess. Why can’t you copy the likes of Fela Kuti, Ebenezar Obey and the rest that use their music to fight for Nigerians?

“All you know is to collect money from corrupt politicians and campaign for them; you don’t care if your fans are suffering. You need to leave this your greedy attitude and start doing what will make people remember you after your death.

Another fan calling the latter’s attention to all musicians being the same got this reply: “2baba never campaigned or collected from anyone since he became famous. Have you heard the song Politics na Big Business P.B.B. It was released before 2015 election; Femi Kuti and Sound Sultan were on it.”

According to the artiste, the protest is a call for good governance and an urgent explanation for the economic downturn nationwide.



  1. Don’t mind Olamide, would you blame him? His fan buys his music and put money in his pockets. He didn’t know the hardship many of his fans are suffering.

  2. So after 2baba & gang collected blood and stolen money from their friend, Jonathan through Dasuki-the-sharer, they now want to come and disturb our peace with a meaningless protest. Of course u don’t expect clean Nigerians like Olamide to be part of the charade!

    • Indeed this Ed guy must be made of stuff from planet Jupiter! He is the only one that sees what the rest can’t. Why should we not think there is something in the present mess you are profiting from. Pls use your head well b4 posting comments that represent you and your likes. YOU DON’T LOVE PMB MORE THAN MANY OPPONENTS OF HIS GOVERNANCE STYLE THAT INCLUDES HIS DARLING WIFE!

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