FMC Keffi breaks silence over missing kidney

FMC Keffi breaks silence over missing kidney

The Federal Medical Centre (FMC ), Keffi has denied reports in some media that the centre collected the kidney of one of its patient, describing it as the handiwork of rabble-rouser.

The Medical Director of the centre Dr. Joshua Giyan, stated this on Friday in a press conference in Lafia, the capital of Nasarawa State.

He explained that, “the patient came here in 2010, critically ill and the doctors battled to save his life, they removed 1kg pussy tumour on the left side of his abdomen that was suspected to be cancer but test failed to confirm that. He was nursed and discharged after about a month.”

“He returned six years later for treatment of another ailment, at which time his left kidney was discovered to be missing. Adequate analysis and information at this state was the needful as one of the key drivers of patient satisfaction, which he did not get.

“Without proper education, he jumped into the conclusion that his kidney had been stolen. The only plausible reason to remove a kidney would be for transplant. To do this, the recipient and donor would have to be matched through high tech testing. The patient wouldn’t have qualified as a donor anyway. The transplant would also follow a delicate path that we don’t have to  trouble ourselves here since we don’t even do it in our centre,” he further explained.

The Medical Director,  clarified that, under the prevailing health condition of the patient at the time, as described by the surgeon, the tumor had grown to a proportion that distorted the anatomy of the abdominal organs with puss all over his interior.

He stated that, in contentious cases like this, it would be better for an independent professionally qualified arbiter to look into the matter so that the patient can properly be educated since the patient has lost confidence in the centre.

Dr. Giyan said the rumours emanating from the centre of late, is the handiwork of some staff of the hospital who are hell bent on dragging its name in the mud due to their inability to secure personal favours from management of the centre.



  1. there is no kinds of story we will not hear in this country, since kidney transplant is not been done here Nigeria, how come about the missing kidney.

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