Presidency cabals preventing CAN from meeting Buhari, YOWICAN alleges

Presidency cabals preventing CAN from meeting Buhari, YOWICAN alleges

The Christian Association of Nigeria, yesterday, has claimed that several attempts by its President, Dr. Supo Ayokunle, to see President Muhammadu Buhari were “frustrated by some cabals in the Presidency.”

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja, the President of the Youth Wing of CAN, Daniel Kadzai, said while association had been standing up for the defence of Christianity, “the government’s disposition to some of the issues affecting Christians are not encouraging.”

According to him, the leadership of CAN “has been denied audience with the President to brainstorm on how best to solve some challenges in the country.”

He said the Presidency had restricted CAN to media alone by shutting the door of meaningful consultation against its leaders.

Kadzai stated, “The Ayokunle-led leadership is poised to ensure that all Christians worship without fear or intimidation throughout the country. The man (Ayokunle) just took over the mantle of leadership and he met crisis on the ground. He is up and doing to stabilise the system to be able to address the common problems we are facing as a body.

“He has made several attempts to see the President of this country to table some challenges that have been bedevilling the nation and the challenges facing the Christendom. Unfortunately, the Federal Government of Nigeria is not willing to see the CAN President because of one reason or the others.”

The YOWICAN president wondered why Ayokunle would struggle to see the President of Nigeria for the peaceful coexistence in the country even in a democratic setting.

“CAN is not in contention with anybody. CAN is focusing on ensuring the liberty and freedom for its members to worship across the country. If CAN is coming out in the media to take a position on an issue, we are not addressing the media to incite our members, but only addressing the media to voice out the challenges facing our members throughout the country,” Kadzai stated.

He explained that he had gone to all places where attacks were carried out on Christian communities to obtain first-hand information, lamenting that the government was lackadaisical in its approach.

He stated that some of the attacks were complicated as Christians were being killed under the guise of ethnicity and politics.



  1. “Christians were being killed under the guise of ethnicity and politics” but we choose to act because of faith instead of the facts of the issue. That is complication at it’s worst, but unfortunately we all are guilty !! It is high time we treat criminals and crime as what they are and not based on where they come from or which faith they belong. And if PMB will want to claim busy schedule, why not appoint the VP to meet with CAN at least and let’s know the stand of the FG on this matter.

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