Apostle Suleiman Storms DSS Office Accompanied By Two Governors

Apostle Suleiman Storms DSS Office Accompanied By Two Governors

Apostle Johnson Suleman, general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, yesterday arrived at the headquarters of the Department of State Services (DSS).

A source told newsmen that he arrived at the office of the agency at 7:45 pm Monday, in the company of two governors, who did not want to be named.

The DSS had invited Suleman to its office over an alleged inciting sermon he delivered in his church.

A fortnight ago, the preacher told his congregation that he had ordered his security aides to kill herdsmen who come around the premises because he learnt they were after him.

And last Wednesday, DSS operatives invaded Suleman’s hotel room in Ekiti state with the intention of arresting him.

But Ayodele Fayose, governor of the state, came to his rescue.

After its failed attempt to arrest the preacher, the DSS then asked him to report to its office in Abuja at 10am on Monday.

However, Suleman arrived at the DSS office long after the scheduled time.

Reports gathered revealed that Lawal Daura, director-general of the DSS, would be interrogating the preacher himself.



  1. Am very sure that the like of Suleman have been used for money laundering for some state governor like fayose that’s why they are fighting to make sure they don’t arrest them the guy should die in bars I don’t care they are all thieves in the name of religion

    • You are some of gullible Nigerians that this present Government has deceived. When innocent people are killed by Fulani blood tasty men and you sit in the comfort of your home talking nonsense

      • Thank you for that comment some people say nonsense because it hasn’t happened to them or someone close to them, maybe they need to feel d pain before they understand.nonsense

    • It is people like you who condone this incessant and senseless killings by herdsmen. Maybe wen they kill someone close to you. How many herdsmen have been captured and tried???? For how long will this nonsense killing go on? Do you have any the number of lives that have been wasted by these herdsmen. Are you aware that there are some you don’t hear about?? Its about time people start speaking against it

  2. Sometimes I wonder if devil have transformed into human beings.because no right minded person will accuss a man of God and also support the killing of his fellow human being. Such fellow is nothing but a vampire. All Christians should as a matter or urgency start defending themselves because it is evidently clear that some vampire are after them

  3. Daisy do you leave on naija. Surprised at what you saying. Maybe you don’t know what’s happening in many parts of the country. Even in Delta state these bastards they call herdsmen rape our mothers and sisters and kill our fathers in farms. Try and google the story of the southern Kaduna killings. Maybe when you read you won’t talk like this. These people have an agenda. Let me remind you the Bible says my people perish because they lack knowledge. Pls try to get informed before you make comments.

  4. All this Nigerians has been bland folded by region. I am sure the so call youths are evening thinking. So sad

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