(Episode 5) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Pamela’s mum: “Oh God! Somebody help me please, Odinaka lets go home ehn? Why are you just standing there like a statue? Mama Okey please why are her eyes dilated like that? Can no one tell me what happened to my daughter?” Odinaka stood there unmoving, unresponsive.

Mama Okey: “Okechekwu, tell her what happened” she said facing her son who had a palm tree climbing rope strung across his shoulders.

Okechukwu: “Ma, help me hold this first, let me carry her home, I will tell you what happened to her there. Look at how people have surrounded us here”. He passed the rope to his mum and lifted Odinaka to his shoulders. It was just like carrying a dead body.

Okechukwu: “Okay” he said as soon as he had laid her on the bed in the girls’ room.

Pamela’s mum: “Okay what? Please hurry and tell me what happened to my daughter biko” she said while scrutinizing all of Odinaka’s body desperately.

Okechukwu: “She came to call me to help you harvest a palm fruit, on our way here, she just screamed and became quiet. I really don’t know what the issue with her is. I just pray she will be fine” he explained worriedly.

Pamela’s mum: “She just screamed? Just like that? Kai, who did I offend that has refused to forgive me? Who is that person who has decided to ruin my joy and hope?” she tied and untied her wrapper dancing to the tune of grief.

Mama Okechukwu: “Relax nne Pamela, if you injure yourself who will be here to take care of this children? Please take it easy. Okey, go and call doctor Ndu immediately.

Okechukwu: Okay, I’d be right back” he said and dashed out of the room.

Thirty minutes later, Okechukwu and Doctor Ndubuisi came hurriedly into the room. The doctor was a younger in his mid-twenties who recently set up a private university in the village immediately after his housemanship in the university of Ilorin teaching hospital. He was attracted to the young girl but wanted her to be focused with her studies so he did not bother telling her about his feelings. But he went to the house once in a while so he became a family friend and doctor to them. As soon as he heard it was Odinaka, he left the paperwork he was dealing with, grabbed his first aid box and his stethoscope and followed Okey without a second thought.

Pamela’s mum: “welcome doctor, see her here, hurry come and take a look at your friend” she said dabbing her eyes with the edge of her wrapper.

Dr. Ndubuisi: “Do not worry mama, it’s going to be fine.  I’m here now”. He checked Odinaka’s dilated pupil and shook his head. Checked her heartbeat and other vital signs and was relieved to know she was still somewhere in there.

Okechukwu: “So doctor, what do you think is wrong with her?”

Ndubuisi: “I can’t tell for sure yet but it’s unlike something I’ve witnessed before. I will come back with some drugs soon to keep her heart in check while I do some research on this illness. I will be back soon” he said and hurried out of the room.

Pamela’s mum: “Hmmmmmm… God have mercy on me. Odinaka my child, don’t worry, I will not allow you to die” she reassured her daughter lovingly


Two hours later, Dr. Ndubuisi came back looking even more distraught than ever.

Pamela’s mum: “Doctor, so what’s the cause of Ody’s illness? And why are you looking so gloomy?”

Dr. Ndubuisi: “I haven’t. It’s like a sickness out of the blues. It does not exist anywhere in the books. I have even placed some calls to my professors in school but even they came up with no explanation as to the cause of this illness or even its name but one of them did promise to call a doctor friend of his in the US.”

Pamela’s mum: “Are you trying to tell me this sickness is diabolical?”

Dr. Ndubuisi: “I haven’t said that ma but that can also be the issue. I don’t know what exactly to do than to give her anti biotics and that will not be enough”.

Pamela’s mum: “who do I run to now? I don’t even know any native doctor, I don’t know anyone who knows one. Doctor what do I do?”

Dr. Ndubuisi: “Don’t worry ma, I will do my best as regards this issue. I know the God we serve will make a way for us”.

Pamela’s mum: “He should make that way fast, He took my husband away from me now he’s about to take my daughter away too. Please help me tell Him to make that way fast”.

Dr. Ndubuisi: “I will be going back to my work now ma. Please do take care of Ody, if you notice just a slight change in her please call me”. He said and left before Pamela’s mum could utter another word.


Ndubuisi went back to his hospital downcast and distraught. What pained him the most was that he could do nothing to help the girl he loved medically. He felt useless for the first time in his entire life.

Dr. Ndubuisi: “What can I do to save this girl? Should I talk to my dad about it maybe he’d be able to help? Should I fly her abroad? What if they are unable to find a cure and she dies there? No way! I should not even be thinking about death at all”. He kept thinking to himself. He was startled out of his musings by a loud vibration of his phone in his shirt’s breast pocket and said “hello…”

Pamela’s mum’s voice: “Doctor…start coming now now now, I don’t know what’s happening to Odinaka ooo. Please hurry up; my daughter is not herself anymore o” her voice echoed over the phones speaker.

Dr. Ndubuisi: “I’d be there soon and please…” Pamela’s mum had already disconnected the call before he could finish what he was saying. He sprinted to their house like a mad man chasing nothing praying for God’s help and wisdom to tackle the problem.

Question: What can you say about this episode?


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  1. This is obviously becoming more complicated. whatever it is, is out to render the girls useless and make their mother unhappy widow.

  2. dis sickness is getting out of hand. how i wish d Doctor is able to solve it, i think it’s a curse from d family lineage! what a pity!

  3. Na wao, that evil tormenting the family really mean business.
    But just as doctor Ndu said, the God of Heaven will make a way for the family in order to prove to the evil powers that He’s Omnipotent.

  4. GdAM ALFC&Fs,

    This episode like others is action loaded……this family depicts the average home in many rural communities under some demonic oppression, but God reigns.


  5. Since doctor couldn’t find what the problem I am that means is spiritual and meanwhile the episode is too short… tnx

  6. Good morning guys, dis one is nt an Ordinary ailment. There’s something to it who knws it might b a curse wheda one of dem has offended someone and d person lay a curse on dem.

  7. This episode simply tells us the sickness is spiritual and modern medicine can not be used to care it…. It’s either they visit a herbalist or go to church for prayers
    May God heal her tho because from the looks of things she might be the future of the family
    Good morning everyone

  8. Since odinaka’s sickness is not medically related then its spiritual…… Her mother should seek for a pastor who would help her, she needs God in that her family real bad….

  9. D case is obviously more spiritual dan physical…. Dey need to resort to spiritual solution,Pamela’s mum get on Ur kneels and start praying o. Nice one. Nxt pls.

  10. only a native Doctor can find d solutions of what’s going on in d family…. and Pamela mum shld try to b very close with Almighty God and keep praying Wit some fasting in other to conquer d devil

  11. Since doctor didn’t see anything medically I think its spiritually dy shld go 2 church an pray I believe God is unquestionable

  12. That family hv generation course,and they need serious spiritual deliverance, since Dr cannot predict what is the course of Ody sickness, it means evils hand are involved,see Pamela too has her own problems.

  13. Adelove, this episode is very short, pls make the next one longer. Please oo that girl should not die. God please help her.

  14. The family is under the influence of demonic manipulation cause by Umunnadi. May God deliver the poor widow.

  15. I think there is a cursed laid on the children. It might be from birth(wereva their mother seek them from) or by family tides/neighbors(which shuld b out of jealousy to d family). I think odi is behaving lyk a water spirit person.

  16. Hmmm!!!
    they need spiritual from the right source not diabolical means ooo.
    this could be as a result of Ikenna raping his wife.
    it’s well ooo

  17. I’m still trying to figure this story but so far so good, I think this story has to do with a covenant between Pamela family and some gods. These gods are definitely seeking to take something from her family.

  18. The family is under spiritual attack and someone that knows them is behind it. I pray that their Mother seek the face of God and not a herbalist.

  19. GOD help her ooooooo…… Pamela’s mum’s voice: “Doctor…start coming now now now, I
    don’t know what’s happening to Odinaka ooo. Please hurry up;
    my daughter is not herself anymore o” her voice echoed over the
    phones speaker.

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