(Episode 7) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

…just too powerful for me. I don’t think I can handle this case at all. I’d suggest you take her to someone higher in rank than me. Or even to a higher power because she does not have much time anymore. Please do something fast” the native doctor advised, turned his back to him and walked away. Chief Ojobo thought hard about what to do or what to tell Pamela’s mum, he just stood there lost in thought not daring to go inside to break the sad news to her.


Pamela remained on bed for three days, nursing her emotional wound even after the physical ones had healed. Her constant companion was The Voice. She used what happened that Saturday night as an excuse to stay on and fantasize about the mysterious Voice in her head. Ikenna had gone to work as usual since he had tried severally to talk and cajole her out of the bed without success.

That afternoon, around 12 p.m., she thought she saw a shadow perch on the edge of the bed beside her. She was so frightened that she started quivering until he spoke and she realized it was her mysterious Voice.

The Voice: “Shhhhhhh! don’t be frightened, it’s me”.

Pamela: “Oh thanks goodness you are here at last! Where have you been? I’ve waited endlessly for you today”. She said, close to tears.

The Voice: “I’m here now, no need to worry anymore. Did you do the things I thought you to do to make you feel better?”

Pamela: “No, shall I do them now?”

The Voice: “Of course! I want to watch you do them” he said smiling mischievously.

She dashed out to the kitchen, searching frantically for the blunt knife they used. Aisha, the youth corps member living there looked at her suspiciously but waved her fears aside. Thinking it was none of her business anyway. Pamela sat down on the bed and showed the knife to her formless companion who nodded to her to go ahead. She held the knife tightly and cut herself deep just above her left wrist. She grimaced with pain but when she saw the blood gushing out, she relaxed and enjoyed the feel of it dripping down her palms.

Pamela: “I’ve done it, and I feel so good” she smiled.

The Voice: “I love the look of you when you do that too. Now I shall give you a gift to make you forget the feel of that man’s touch” it said seductively, made her lie back, and started wriggling on her body. He touched her face, her boobs and she moaned with pleasure. That noon, instead of asking her to touch herself, he made love to her over and over again then disappeared when it knew it was time for her husband to return from work.

Before Ikenna returned, Pamela had cleaned herself up, nursed the wound on her hand and worn a long sleeve gown to conceal it. She wiped clean the floor where the blood had dripped onto and laid back on the bed contented and happy.

Ikenna: “I am back” he announced unhappily thinking he would get no reaction from his wife as usual.

Pamela: “Welcome back Mr. How was work today?” She asked standing up from the bed.

Ikenna: “Oh wow someone is back! I seem to be the luckiest and happiest man on earth today” he took two steps to where she stood and hugged her warmly. “Welcome back my love, I hope you’ve finally forgiven me?” he asked looking into her eyes.

Pamela: “Yes I have but I have a condition”. They sat down.

Ikenna: “Okay, let me hear it”.

Pamela: “You will not make love to me for the time being till I say so”.

Ikenna: “What? What kind of talk is that? You shouldn’t even be insinuating that let alone blurting it out so blatantly. Are you out of your mind?” he raved.

Pamela: “Sure, I’m not out of my mind, I just need some time to heal. I didn’t say we won’t make love but just give me some time to heal emotionally. What you did to me almost killed me, you know that. Now even the thought of sex makes me depressed” she said cunningly.

Ikenna: “Okay, give me some time to think about it”.

Pamela: “What is there to think about? I need your reply now please and your corporation except you don’t want this house to be peaceful. If you agree, I will start cooking for you regularly and probably find something to do too to augment your peanut of an income. So my dear, what do you say?”

Ikenna: “Okay! Okay! I’m agreeing because of the peace I need in this house but you know it’s not going to be easy right? Don’t blame me if this boomerangs on you. Don’t blame me if you are unable to bear the repercussions of this decision of yours?” he warned.

Pamela: “Of course Mr. I will not blame you at all” she said happily without giving a thought to his warnings.

Ikenna: “And stop calling me Mr. call me something else other than that”.

Pamela: “Uhn… Okay sir! Hope sir is okay by you?” she giggled.

Ikenna: “Funny!” he could not help but smile back at her.

Mama Nkech: “I heard about your daughter…how is she now? Hope she is now responding to treatment? She asked Pamela’s mum at the orie afor market when she saw her at the meat sellers’ stand.

Pamela’s mum: “I thank God for his mercies and grace. If not for the early intervention of the pastor who prayed fervently for her, she could have lost her life. And to think of it, I hated that pastor Chuks before now for his rantings on the street and the way he prays.

Mama Nkechi: “Ehn ehn! That is good news, I am happy for you. May we never witness such a thing again in our lifetime?  Hmmmmm”

Pamela’s mum: “Amen ooo” she replied clasping her hands together.

Mama Nkechi: “But what exactly was wrong with her? I heard it was demonic possession?” she whispered.

Pamela’s mum: “And who on earth told you that? Why am I even answering you in the first place? You must have used juju on me” she fumed.

Mama Nkechi: “Of course not, don’t talk like that now. Was just concerned, that’s all. Besides there’s something I need to tell you very urgently. If you want, I will come by your house to discuss it with you”.

Pamela’s mum: “Okay, I just hope it will be worth my while. I have to go now. See you later”.

Mama Nkechi: “Sure see you later…mtchew she thinks she’s all that just because her daughter is in Lagos. Onye ala”.

As Pamela’s mum walked home that day, she remembered what Pastor Chuks had told her after Odinaka had been restored to health:

Pastor Chuks: “Madam, how often do you pray?”

Pamela’s Mum: “I don’t know how to pray, I can only say few words before I sleep off so I don’t usually bother myself.”

Pastor Chuks: “Then you must develop the habit of praying now. One thing I can tell you is that there is fire on the mountain but this time around, running will not help, you must quench that fire with your prayers.”

Pamela’s Mum: “What are you talking about? But Odinaka is well now, what other fire can there be on the mountain?”

Pastor Chuks: “You have another child besides these two?”

Pamela’s Mum: “Yes and she is in Lagos” she said smiling

Pastor Chuks: “Pray very hard for her. You must pray very hard for her.”

Pamela’s Mum: “Okay I will do that” she replied as he stood up to leave. “Thank you very much Pastor. We are indebted to you”.

Pastor Chuks: “Thank God not me, I am just a vessel He used to restore your daughter to health.” He said smiling.

Few hours later, Mama Nkechi and Pamela’s mum sat in front of the house discussing.

Pamela’s mum: “So you wanted to discuss something important with me, I am all ears now”.

Mama Nkechi: “It’s about your daughter Pamela…”

Pamela’s mum: “What about her?” she said sitting up.

Mama Nkechi: “Well…

Question: What is mama Nkechi going to tell her? should Ikenna have agreed to her condition or term?

… Stay tuned for Episode 8 (You don’t want to miss this!)

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  1. mama nkechi want to tell her about Pamela’s childlessness. ikenna should think twice o.had it been he listened to that man on white.situation wouldn’t have gotten to this extent

  2. Derez really fire on d mountain…..who is dat spirit monitoring Pamela? d spirit is ready to destroy her….mama pamela should just try and pray very well.

  3. Hmmmm. I think what mama nkechi wanted to say abou pam is her inability to call home she is pregnant,so out of jealous n wickedness. She may suggest a solution on that*na guess I guess so o*lol. Its normal as ikenna agreed to pam term since he doesn’t knw d secret behind it and mostly he seek 4 peace to reighn and pam should b a dutiful wife as she claimed she is going to b now.

  4. I think its abt her childlessness n probably she got the news about Ikenna’s mother wanting him to marry another wife… Ikenna shud not av agreed. He just succumb to the Devils wish unknowingly

  5. She wants to tell her maybe for Pamela’s who haven’t gotten pregnant. Ikenna won’t have done that but he has no choice as of then.

  6. Evening ALC&Fs,

    It’s possible Ma Nkechi is going to update Ma Pam about developments from Lagos with regards to Pamela – she doesn’t seem to be a good neighbor.

    As for Ikenna he has not showed that he is spiritually mature, he should have been seeking help instead of taking advantage of the wife’s lewdness -HE BETTER HEEDS THE WARNING.


  7. Mama nkechi wants to discuse the fact that pamela is still yet to give birth and ikenna should not have agreed to pamela’s decision

  8. The condition is too much for him to abide by. However, to avoid unnecessary arguments and chaos in the family Ikenna should just give her the benefit of doubt just for the time being.
    On the side of Pamela mother, she don’t have to relent in praying or take it for granted at all. Beside, she should be wary of mama Nkechi. She’s evil and jealous. She should not consent to whatever thing mama Nkechi has to tell her. This’ the most critical period of her life, and as such she ought to be careful.

  9. this Pamela girl is possessed, imagine, shadow/voice having sex with her, hmmm evil spirit at work, I tink Mama Nkechi want to remind her about her daughters childlessness

  10. Hmmm! The truth must certainly prevail and unravel sooner or latter.It’s obvious something mysterious(diabolical)is hunting the family success and it’s closely.Pamela’s aunt that lured her into marrying Ikenna hands aren’t pure.

  11. Mama Nkechi wants to tell her about Pamela’s childlessness, it’s good Pamela’s Mum have known God but she needs to do more.Pamela is possessed by Ndishi.Only God will save their family from the impending danger.

  12. The suspense na die! Jeez. I guess Mama Nkechi wants to gather about Pamela from her mother by pretending to be in a deep conversation with the mum

  13. definitely she wants to discuss Pamela’s inability to get pregnant since she got married. guess she wants to that in a mocking way.

  14. Mama nkechi is not a ghud neighbour, probably she wants to discuss Pamela unable to conceive wt her mother also she will advise mama Pamela wrongly.

  15. Mama Nkechi is probably going to talk about Pamela’s inability to conceive….As for Ikenna,he had to agree if he really wanted d so called peace in his home. Nice. Next pls.

  16. Only God knows what mama Nkechi wants to tell her about Pamela. Ikenna shouldn’t have agreed to her condition

  17. Mama Nkechi wants to remind her about Pamela’s inability to concieve. Ikenna soccumbed to his wife’s condition. Only God can save the marriage and the rest of Pamela’s household. Ride on Adelove and crew

  18. I have said it earlier that Pamela mother shld b very close to God with prayers that’s d only way to conquer d devil…..as for mama nkechi, Pamela mother shld not heed to her words bcos she’s one of her enemy, pple like that ar enemy of progress

  19. she wil probably tell her abt Pamela’s childlessness. I kenna should think twice o.had it been he listened to that man on white.situation wouldn’t have gotten to this extent.

  20. Mama Nkechi wants to discuss about pamela barreeness, Ikenna made a big mistake by taking d decision without thinking twice

  21. Mama nkechi will want to ask her why pamela hasnt been able to call home to say she is pregnant….. Or to call home since she got married…… Ikenna should learn how to pray and mama pamela should also learn how to pray too bcos prayer is the only way out here…..

  22. Heavenly father,have mercy on your children. ..the family is under serious attack by evil forces…yes only prayers indeed can solve the problem

  23. She will tell her about Pamela’s condition of childless and for Ikenna he has already agree to her condition pray it does turn out to be something else

  24. Mama Nkechi want to discuss about Pamela not being pregnant since she got married. Ikenna had no option to accept his wife proposal because he is not even aware of what is going on in his family.

  25. Mama Nkechi wants to tell her about pamela’s infertility. I feel Ikenna did the right thing if only he will use that time to pray for his wife & family.

  26. She did not have any good offer and Ikenna shouldn’t have agreed with her term and condition because the out come will not good.

  27. She wants to discuss Pamela’s childlessness with mama Pamela. Ikenna shouldn’t have agreed to her conditions cus things will only get worst.

  28. She will ask her how come no news have been heard about Pamela giving birth, that pemela mum she bring Pamela back to the village so solution can be sorth for. Ikenna should not have agreed to her, he should fine out was wrong with her refusing him.

  29. Mama Nkechi wants to tell her of their plan to send her packing. Ikenna shouldn’t have agreed to her suggestions.

  30. there is fire on the mountain is not run run but to quench the fire… the story is getting interesting
    …. next ooooo

  31. Thank God Odi is ok, i knew it was by God’s mercy that she will be well. As for Mama Nkechi she wants to sow a bad seed in Pamela’s mum mind but i hope it doesn’t work. Ikenna should not agree to such arrangement rather he should seek for counsel why his wife is suggesting that and should do that fast.

  32. I know that Mama Nkechi is jelous of Mama Pamela becos Pamela is married someone in Lagos, so she thought that the man she married is rich, and she now wants to know if pamela is sending things to her family and see how she will tap from it.

  33. agreeging to dat wsan’t bad bthe should av tryd knw wats goin on. as fr mama nkechi she has nutin reasonable to say, she is jst been jelous.

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